Child Safety Cabinet Latches 8 Pack Quick Easy Install No Tools Drilling or Measuring Universal Baby Proofing Locks

Stops toddler without damaging cabinets
Great item. Sticks well and stops my toddler from getting into the kitchen cabinets.

Way better than the magnetic kind!
The title says it. So much better than magnetic option. No chance of the older kids forgetting to put the key back. No time wasted trying to put the key in the perfect spot. Sorry I didn’t get them sooner!

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aden + anais burpy bib 2 pack, twinkle

Color isnt correct, but the product is great!
I LOVE these burp cloth/bibs! I used them with my own child and had ordered these for a baby shower gift. I ordered the Little Lamb print and it looks purple in the picture but it is pink when it arrives. A little disappointed because the purple looked so cute but either way they are still a great product. Just be aware that the pictures shown might not actually be what arrives.

It’s LOVE!
A+A never disappoints! These burpys are super soft with a very cute minimalist design! Will most def but more! They get softer with every wash!!

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Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller A000066

Great for use as a PWM output- very cheap as …
Works perfectly; is genuine! Great for use as a PWM output- very cheap as well! Looking forward to buying many more.

Frustrating fun
If you get into this it can be addicting, but not expensive. Everything in this kit can be replaced for $20 down to $2 but it’s actually pretty rugged and can take a lot of abuse and/or mistakes. The one thing I learned the hard way was that the power supplied by the USB from your computer is enough to power the UNO board and a few (a bunch but they dim as you add) LEDs but not enough for even the motor that came in the kit. It will run but with no speed or power. It says that you can use up to 20vdc external power but be aware that voltage is passed on to your breadboard. I bought and used a 12vdc power supply that didn’t harm the board, made the motor buzz like crazy, but fried the LCD. I have since bought but not used yet a 4 pk power controller for just $11.50 and a replacement LCD for$5.70. The external 12vdc supply was just $8.00 and I’ve also bought and used a temperature humidity chip for $8.60 for a 4 pk and an RTC (real time clock) for $6.25. I suggest you buy all of these if you order either kit. If you are wondering how advanced this is the sky is the limit. If you can load a computer program and transfer files you can be blinking LEDs the same day you get the controller and you can be writing to the LCD almost as quick. Be advised that the schematic on page 116 shows the pin layout of the LCD 1-16 top to bottom but the illustration is real life 1-16 bottom to top. That caused some frustration. The code that you write to make your sketches is very exacting. Capitalization, punctuation, and spelling is critical. You must write everything EXACTLY as it should be or it won’t even try to run your program. If you’re easily frustrated and not very exacting you might consider a different hobby. To do more than basic stuff you’re going to have to learn a lot of code and it’s not in English as we know it but if you are willing to learn that you can build way more than just clocks, calendars and weather stations.

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Dell Power Companion 6 Cell 18000 mAh (WCKF2)

Now includes the dongle for 2015 XPS 13
I bought this for my XPS 13 (9350, 2015 model). To my surprise, the battery did come with the required dongle; you do not have to purchase an additional dongle for the 2015 versions of the XPS 13 and XPS 15. Unfortunately, I assumed that I would need an additional dongle and purchased data-hook=”product-link-linked” class=”a-link-normal” =”/Lucco-Dc-Power-Dongle-Supply-Converter-Charger-Adapter-Cable-for-Dell-Vostro-5460-V5460-and-for-Hp-M4-Pavilion-15-e029tx-Xps12-13-Ultrabook-Laptop/dp/B00PRXBLXU/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_rvw_txt?ie=UTF8″>Lucco Dc Power Dongle Supply Converter Charger Adapter Cable for Dell Vostro 5460 V5460 and for Hp M4 Pavilion 15-e029tx Xps12 13 Ultrabook Laptop. (On a side note, I have found this dongle quite handy since it allows me to use my older dell power supplies with my new laptop.) The battery is not able to charge dell laptops that requires a high wattage. When I tried charging an older XPS 15 (approximately 2 years old), the battery is not able to charge the laptop. However, it is able to run the laptop. The laptop simply reduces its power settings to match the wattage output of the battery.

… 13 (2015 edition with Skylake CPUs) and it works great. It comes with the power connector that plugs …
I got this for my XPS 13 (2015 edition with Skylake CPUs) and it works great. It comes with the power connector that plugs into your device to charge, but it does not come with the cables required to charge the power companion itself. You must charge the power companion with the cables that came with your device. There was a BIOS update available, but I didn’t need to update the XPS 13 for the power companion to work. The power companion charges my laptop perfectly. I haven’t done any tests to determine how many extra hours I can get, but it lasts long enough that I’m happy with this product. It is also capable of charging cell phones and tablets at the same time. It’s a large, but it weighs less than a pound so I don’t really notice it in my backpack. I highly recommend this product.

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2Pcs Lexus Replacement Key Fob Shell Case Cover Smart Keyless Entry Remote Blank Key for Lexus ES GS GX IS LS LX RX SC FCC ID: HYQ1512V HYQ12BBT

Superb Quality
As good as the original in my opinion. Along with the case and blank key, also included were 5 screws (which is one extra), a Duracell CR2032 battery, and a new RFID chip which I did not use. I transferred the motherboard and RFID chip from the old key fob to the new one and it works perfectly.

buttons no longer worked on old fob. Simply replaced shell with this one, and buttons worked again.

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Performance Tool 0-200 PSI Air Gauge for Air Tank Accessory W10055

Looks like the round ends were formed by a little china …
Looks like the round ends were formed by a little china man with a ball peen hammer. But it works great.

Garbage, they saved 2 cents by using plastic
These valves look good, but the fill valve has a cheap plastic wheel (round red wheel on schraeder connection) strips constanty, I can’t find a replacement for this valve, now gone through third one, all because they switched to this piece of cheap plastic. The last two never made it through first fill, broke when I tried to open before even filling tank!

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Michelin 9514 Rear Windshield Wiper Blade – New and Improved, 14" (Pack of 1)

Top notch blades
Finally!!! A wiper blade that lasts longer than one season. I cannot stand streaks or noisy wipers: no problem with these blades…. I will never buy another brand again.

Great replacement blades
Looked up a youtube video on how to replace wipers and I was able to do it myself in about 5 minutes. WAY less expensive and time-consuming than taking it to the mechanic.

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Bluetooth Headphones, New Trent Bluetooth 4.1 Sport HD Stereo Headset In-ear Earbuds Earphones with Flexible Ear Hooks (Black + Silver)

I’ve never had a pair of Headphones that were Bluetooth and I have to say I am very happy I bought them
I bought these Bluetooth Headphones to use on our Vacation, I’ve never had a pair of Headphones that were Bluetooth and I have to say I am very happy I bought them. I have a problem with Headphones in general, they always fall out of my ears even with the smallest size ear piece that goes in to your ear as well as always yanking them out of my ears due to the cords hanging. These Headphones fit perfect and the sound is fantastic, I would highly recommend this product.

Total junk
The quality of the sound was fine when it was working, but it was broken when I was using it for the second time. It just turned off while I was walking on the treadmill and it never turned back on.

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Dell Inspiron i3455-3240WHT 23.8 Inch All in One (AMD A6, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, White Bezel with SIlver Easel)

This is a great
I researched computers for days. They were all Dell because that’s the brand I’ve trusted for years. One thing I wanted, even though they’re not making computers with them anymore, is a cd/dvd drive; this one has it. It took only minutes to set up, which is a plus. The monitor shows such clear pictures and the volume is "wow". Don’t let the price fool you. This is a great computer

Instant computer wizard.
Another fantastic Dell Computer, "all in one", very easy to set up and ready to go. This is my third Dell of this type and excellent value for money. I expect my next new computer will be another Dell.

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Smart Caregiver Two Call Buttons & Wireless Caregiver Pager

… been using this for over three months it is wonderful. He can not speak loud enough to get …
My father has been using this for over three months it is wonderful. He can not speak loud enough to get help and this works wonderful. It has two modes, the doorbell mode is what most will use, it is a loud pleasant sounding doorbell and caregivers can be alerted that help is needed. My father wears it around his neck all the time. This has been an absolute life saver for my father and his caregivers (Guardian Angels – Great Great People). Several of his caregivers have also order more for other clients.

The only suggestion i would have is one of the rings is like the doorbell so the dogs start barking
My husband is disabled and needs help. This unit has worked flawlessly. He has a call button in the bathroom and one by his bed. I can hear it anywhere in the house as well as on the deck. The only suggestion i would have is one of the rings is like the doorbell so the dogs start barking. The only other ring is a buzz which works but it is not as loud. I would recommend it.

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