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I’m very happy with this bulb it puts out perfect amount of …
I’m very happy with this bulb it puts out perfect amount of heat and isn’t too hot so I can lay it right on the screen lid of my lizards tank.
This thing is perfect for heating my hedgehog’s cage
This thing is perfect for heating my hedgehog’s cage. We bought a basic brooder lamp at a country feed store and placed this CME in rather than a typical heat bulb, because they also emit light and hedgies are nocturnal. It’s working great – our set up is that the hedgehog’s cage (a very large sterilite bin) is resting on a coffee table. We plugged the heat lamp in with an extension cord and threaded it through a hook in the ceiling, just the kind you might use for a potted plant. It’s super easy to get the right temperature – we just raise or lower the heating apparatus as needed and because it’s hanging in the air like a pendant light, it’s a very even heating. Temp variation barely exists throughout the whole cage. It’s also been plugged in day and night with no issues at all. Great solution for my little spiky girl.
Been running for 11 months, and still going
I have been running this bulb non-stop (24-7) for nearly a year now to provide a basking spot for my boa, and it is still going. What else needs to be said! At a fraction of the in-store price, it is a great buy.
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OlaSprout Bendable Baby Training Spoon Teether 2pk

These spoons are amazing! Scrape everything up
These spoons are amazing! Scrape everything up, and since this girl is teething she will gnaw on these when she takes a spoonful.

These spoons are the greatest! My little guy hates having food fed to …
These spoons are the greatest! My little guy hates having food fed to him on a spoon but doesn’t have the motor skills to use a regular spoon without gagging himself of jabbing himself in the eye. These spoons allow him to safely practice using spoons and feeding himself. They also make great tethers, and my little guy is often more into chewing on things than actually eating solids, and these are great at keeping him occupied at the table even if he’s not eating. He loves them and I love that they are made of silicone instead of plastic.

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My only complain is the tape rolls are smaller than …
My only complain is the tape rolls are smaller than expected. Each roll won’t last real long if you have a need to use a lot of tape. I wrapped a bottle in the yellow and it’s more than half gone.
Good Tape
Not as pleased with this tape as I thought I’d be. It is harder to peel off the roll than the Duck brand, but much easier than the 3M brand that I tried last year. It tears / shreds less than the 3M, but will shred / tear some in the cold weather. Overall, it is a good tape, useful for most of my purposes.
like I was in miniville
Misrepresented. These are mini rolls. like I was in miniville. They are not the standard size roll of electrical tape. I hate them.
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Easy to clean and she loves playing with them
Exactly what i wanted for my baby. Easy to clean and she loves playing with them. Perfect size rings for her little hands.
Great toy, no problem with blue ring!
I bought this at age 3 months for my baby (I had one when growing up – so I wanted him to have one too!) It’s been such a joy seeing her play with it over the last year. She started to use the small rings as a chew toy and a rattle (the top red ring), but then she started to learn to stack them, throw them and learn colors. I love how the top ring (the red one) has beads in it and makes a sound. It’s something so simple – but there is something to keep learning at every stage and really helps with motor development. She’s now 14 months and still loves playing with it. This is a must have for any child! It truly grows with them! Update – I’ve read all one-star review, about the blue paint – we didn’t have such problem. Our toy is a good quality.
Wonderful Low Costing Infant Toy
This is a insane classic for infants. We gave this to our son for Christmas and he has played with it every second since then. We would recommend this low costing toy it will help your baby with his motor skills.
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Would like for the yarn of the blanket to be softer …
Would like for the yarn of the blanket to be softer because it is a bit rough on the skin. The construction is cute. Price is okay. Just would like it to be softer.
Machine Washable
This product CAN be washed in the washer! I placed it in the washer inside a mesh bag and it worked out. Make sure you wash it before use for sure because it comes sealed and smells bad. But once washed it’s great.
It is cute and she loved it but with just 3 weeks and very light usage it’s already unraveling
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THESE ARE AWESOME. Where I live it rains a lot so having rubber mats is a must. These were cheap and easy to install. They also do not move around much which is great.
Good quality rubber but doesn’t fit Honda Fit well
The 3-piece rubber floor mats do not fit my Honda Fit well as the mats are too short in the front, and for the back the middle part is too long making the side mats going way over on the sides. I still use them since I don’t want to return. I think for the price they beat the clear plastic ones I used to buy to protect the real car floor mats. I wanted especially the back seat one that is one piece so that the middle part will be protected. These rubber floor mats are thick and heavy, so they don’t move around. The price is good, too.
Practical for catching sand from the beach and the melting snow in Chicago conditions
Well for 20 bucks it’s a good buy — if the rear mats fit!! They don’t stick as plasticky as your local Walmart tire dept. They look good, in the front of my Chevy Trax 2016, but do NOT FIT REAR. You can easily align them and cut. I really wish the rear mats would fit — they are way too wide for my Trax.
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Heavy duty
I needed a longer hose to wash the dog. So far this doesn’t show signs of deteriorating and works as advertised!
I can finally rinse between my legs without trying to use my hands to cup water and splash in between LOL
Love this thing. Its excellent quality fits well to standard american plumbing fixtures and DOES NOT LEAK.
Good Value
I purchased this to replace the existing hose in my shower with one long enough to wash the dog with. It’s very lightweight and flexible. It feels as though its more cheaply made than the one I replaced but so far I haven’t experienced in issues with it’s functionality. It was much cheaper to buy a longer hose and use the existing shower head than buy a separate system you add on to wash the dog. I think its a good value. I will update if I experience any issues with its functionality.
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The filter seems useless. I search on the internet and there is …
The filter seems useless. I search on the internet and there is no scientific technology in this kind of "filter". I hope the seller can provide the related literature about the function of the filter.
it is great for a night stand which is where we have …
I received the humidifier yesterday 1/8/17 and have only used it for one night so that is why I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 at this point. I will review it after I have used it for a bit. I will say the unit is small, it is great for a night stand which is where we have it. It is SUPER quite and you have the option of having the LED light on, it can scroll through several colors, or you can keep it on one, or turn it off. So far so good, I didn’t wake up all dried out from the forced hot air heat.
I love my new humidifier so much
I love my new humidifier so much, I bought another one. It works great and at night I love watching the colors change.
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Doesn’t read as fast as it’s supposed to but very accurate.
Good price for a good thermometer. A little disappointed it doesn’t truly seem to be as "instant" as they say but ok for the price and it was very accurate in my testing.
Not accurate
I bought this for our son to use on Thanksgiving. Turkey was done…butterball pop up indicator popped and this thermometer only read 153 degrees. It is about 12-15 degrees low. Would not recommend.
Love this little guy – it works perfect for all …
Love this little guy – it works perfect for all meats that I cook, I use it all of the time!
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Will be buying some more soon!
Great price, fast shipping, good quality! We use sweet almond oil in place of bitter almond oil when we make sugar scrubs (especially the ones intended for use on your face)!! We will definitely be ordering again!!
On my second bottle and very happy with how it works as an all over moisturizer
On my second bottle and very happy with how it works as an all over moisturizer, especially right after a shower. It is unscented, very light, absorbs nicely, and a little bit goes a long way. Thank you Molivera for your tips such as combining almond oil with shea butter and a few drops of an essential oil. I love shea butter for dry hands and feet, and look forward to combining it with the almond oil.
Amazing product
Love this product so much. I have now replaced my night cream for this natural oil. My skin feels so much smoother and refreshed. Some days I use it in the day time after washing my face and it doesn’t leave me looking oily at all. This almond oil is one of my top favorite products now!
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