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I’m gave this a one star because I had to …
I’m gave this a one star because I had to other wise it would not get a strat Hooked this product up per instructions and as soon as I tried on the switch the wires caught on fire will not be this brand again
Needs more wire!! Still great though.
Great product had to add more wire to reach the rear bumper of my truck but still great!
Quality product!
Great product that met all my needs. Installation instructions were easy to follow and product installed easily.
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Graco Transitions Step Stool – Durable Construction – Non-Slip Surface and Feet – Lightweight – 200 Pound Capacity – Gray – 8 Inches Tall x 12 Inches Wide

Lightweight and Handy
Toddler daughter loves it. It’s not as heavy as the pretty wooden one she had, but I’m not injuring myself left and right from running into it. She can carry it wherever she wants and I don’t have to worry about her.

nice and sturdy, perfect for helping little ones to reach
Perfect size for the bathroom and for little humans to reach higher places

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Baby Buddy Baby’s 1st Toothbrush Teether—Innovative 6-Stage Oral Care System Grows With Your Child—Stage 4 for Babies/Toddlers—Kids Love Them, Clear

By his smile I can tell it feels good on his gums
My baby loves sucking on these toothbrush. By his smile I can tell it feels good on his gums.

My daughter loves this. We had one, but …
My daughter loves this. We had one, but lost it. I had to buy a replacement one for her. It’s soft and not a hard plastic.

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Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Grey with Yellow Trim

No arms or hands can escape!
I’m taking one star off because it’s not easy to get a sleeping baby into this without waking them up. But if your biggest complaint is that your infant keeps working their hands and arms out of their swaddle then this takes care of that issue – no doubt about it! If my infant is in a dead sleep, then feel comfortable transferring them to this swaddle but if I need something quick and easy then I use the Swaddleme swaddles with the velcro tabs. Those don’t work as well but they also don’t require me to maneuver them too much. This swaddle works really well and the cotton is nice and soft. If it’s a hot day and you don’t have any air conditioning, your child will sweat like crazy in this. During the winter months this will do just fine.

Calms Fussy Babies
I’ve had 2 colicky babies, and these miracle blankets have been awesome in calming my little guys. My 5 week old will be fussing uncontrollably, but stops almost instantly when I tame his wild arms in the swaddle. He went from waking every 40 minutes at night to sleeping for 3-4 hours. These really work for my high-maintenance babies.

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Great value
These are thinner material than I had hoped but they served the purpose. Great value for the money.
Affordable and looked nice
Affordable round white tablecloths. Were exactly what I needed. They are thin, but still looked nice on the tables.
Substitute for Previously Purchased cloths a Huge Disappointment
I previously purchased these tables cloths for use with our round tables at church. They worked beautifully (EXQUISITE by Crown). I reordered this product and was sent a SUBSTITUTE….the bag just says Heavy Duty Plastic Tablecover. These cloths are terrible. I took one out and it its very thin and the bottom edge was frayed …..I am so disappointed because I was planning to use these this weekend for a church activity. Very poor quality.
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A fine work horse
This scanner has been working very well since the purchase. It’s not too heavy, so I can carry it back and forth from my work and my home. It scans things very well, but one has to make sure the margins are set snugly to make sure the images do not get slanted. I hope it continues to work well even 2-3 years from now.
best scanner for a business
we have been using these at our office for a couple of years. they never sem to breakdown. good software package.
Bought few of them
I am working for medical offices (medium and small) and this is a perfect scanner. Almost a year and not one issue, super quick, TWAIN drivers, very small on the desk, all love it
See detail on Fujitsu-fi-6130Z-Sheet-Fed-Discontinued-Manufacturer


I’m so disappointed in these labels! It’s a great idea, and I was eager to use them on my jams and jellies. But now I notice the the labels on jars canned just a few months ago are looking bad. The ink (from normal pens) has faded and the label looks old. It does not look as good as the non-dissolvable labels, which is a shame for jars that I intend to use as gifts or for sale.
Very handy!
I loved how these just dissolve in water when I washed the lid I put them on. It didn’t take any effort at all to wash them off. Very handy!!
Love ’em
Lemme tell ya, I work my freezer! I live with an Aquarius who forgets by day two what’s in the fridge. So, whenever I make a big pot of soup, half of it goes into the 1-quart plastic containers, labeled with these and voila!! A month later, gee, honey, I made your favorite soup! aren’t I just the best?! And the labels wash right off. Just be sure your hands are dry and the labels are dry or the labels don’t come off the paper strip easily. This is my third batch…love em.
See detail on Ball-Dissolvable-Labels-Jarden-Brands


Works great for me
Covered my size 8.5 women sneakers no problem with room left for bigger sizes. I’ve been able to use the same pair 3 times so far.
We own an Air Conditioning Co. in Hawaii. …
We own an Air Conditioning Co. in Hawaii. In most homes you remove your shoes when entering some ones home so these work very well when the guys have to go in and out on an install. They put them on when they enter, off when they exit. One pair will usually last the whole day.
Thanks! Perfect for my needs!
Shoe covers easily fit over my size 9 shoes; (Crocs, athletic shoes, thick soled lace up oxfords, rain boots, gardening slip-ons). Have been re-using the same pair for a week and they are still holding up well. So much easier than changing/removing shoes as I move from outdoor/garage activities to my indoor hardwood floors and carpet. During recent inclement weather, I wore them over extra thick/warm socks as I did housekeeping chores…stood up to slightly damp (not wet) floors well helping to keep my socks dry. Have a supply at my front and back doors, convenient for me and guests. Very happy with this purchase.
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Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillowcase – Pink Marble, 13 x 18

My son is 3 and has very bad Asthma. We went through many pillowcases and this …
My son is 3 and has very bad Asthma. We went through many pillowcases and this one seems to do the trick. It didn’t cure his Asthma but it did help him get a great night sleep and he appears to have less irritation. He also has proclaimed its his favorite pillow case ever.

Perfect for my 2 year old
This is a great product. My son loves his pillow and pillow case. It’s the perfect size for my 2 year old and is very soft and well made. I bought the pillow case with the cars and it has a real vintage look to it.

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Arrive nicely, beautiful flowers, high quality vase
Beautiful flowers arrived on time and in great shape. They are, in fact, overnighted from California to minimize any damage during shipping. Vase was much heavier and of better quality than many others I’ve ordered on here. I took one star off because flowers arrive in slightly different blooming stages. Roses were beautiful and lillies are just opening. This resulted in the final days being just the lillies, as the roses had already wilted. I did order during Valentine’s Day so I’m sure they were full of orders though. Overall, I would order them again.
Long Stem Rose/Oriental Lily Bunch with vase
A gift for my Mom for Valentines day. She loved the flowers, vase and arrangement.
Arrived frozen because of delivery
It was a below freezing day the flowers were delivered. When UPS knocked I retrieved the flowers he left on the front porch. When my wife opened them they were frozen. We cut them, as we always have, and placed them in water. All but two of the lilies wilted and died. All of the roses wilted and died. I have ordered these several times before without any problems. I believe UPS placed them on the truck the night before and they stayed in freezing temperatures throughout the night. I believe this wasn’t the vendors fault or Amazons. I would definitely order again but not if freezing temperatures are expected. These are usually a five star product.
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