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It didn’t have a phone number on it like most of the security signs you see
It didn’t have a phone number on it like most of the security signs you see. Also a bit smaller than I expected.
Great until it fades to white…
The print faded after a year. Couldn’t be read at all, sign was almost white when print all faded. Would not buy again.
Pretty cheap quality
Pretty cheap quality, flimsy, small… but they’re okay if you want to reinforce them. If you want something tough, look elsewhere
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Not accurate vs liquid standard tests kits!!
Not accurate at all in comparison to liquid – Its good for a quick lazy check.
Happy Hot Tubs
The colors of the tester are a bit different than the old ones we used to use. At first it was hard to tell where on the chart my sample strip was reading at probably because I was so used to using the other brand. But now I’m used to it and I can easily get a reading. It cool that it does chlorine and bromine, although for me the chlorine is just extra one because I use bromine for my hot tub. What I do like about this one more than the other is that the cap pops open and there’s a little hole through which you shake one out into your palm, instead of the other test trip bottle where you pop the whole thing open and you reach your finger inside to get one. This way there’s less chance of a wet finger contaminating all the unused test strips. In the photos if you’re wondering why my old bottle says chlorine it’s because I used to use chlorine for my hot tub, but I switched to bromine quite a while ago. Hope my review is helpful to you!
Good for daily use, close to accurate.
These are quality. I use them mostly for chlorine levels, and they mathc up Okay to Leslie readings. Some of the findings are higher on the strip than Leslie prints out, but for a dialy this is pretty good. I’m going to pick up a more accurate kit for weekly use and use these for my daily readings.
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… reviews on lash lengthening serums and boy am I happy with the results
I did my research-reading all sorts of reviews on lash lengthening serums and boy am I happy with the results. I use it twice a day- in the morning and before I go to bed being that I’m well into my 50s and short on lashes-some review mentioned it was good to use it twice a day if you’re older-who knows but i listened. The results in 3 weeks are outstanding. My lashes are so much fuller and they are longer. I have used other products and also for 3 years I went every two weeks to get lash extensions but finally just couldn’t rationalize the price $150 every month. So, I was really missing my long lashes-but this serum is terrific! It exceeded my expectations. Now, I no longer miss my lash extensions and so happy I dont even need them anymore!
Proof this one is the real product.
My hairdresser bought mine for me at a beauty supply. I didn’t want to ask again so I’ve searched the products on Amazon and your reviews. This us the one like mine. I noticed by enlarging the photos of the tube many say Eyelash &a Eyebrow. Mine doesn’t. This one doesn’t. So I purchased it for my friend. Everything about it is identical to mine. Don’t try to save a few dollars. Buy from GrandLash on Amazon. BTW- six weeks in and they are thick dark and long enough. I’m changing to the suggested maintenance if 3-4 days a week. Good luck ladies.
Grandlashe is a great product.
I usually use li lash. However, this product seems to work just as well and I can get it on Amazon. I heard about it from a friend.
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Best for Reading
Gift for my husband to read magazine and newspaper articles without having to move around a smaller magnifier. Very useful to have a lighted magnifier for our cloudy Seattle winter days. The 4 lights really do the job without having any of the lights shine in the reader’s eyes.
Small print crosswords are a breeze with the MagniPros
Bright LED lights and magnification are a big help: crossword puzzles, medicine bottles, food additive labels, even reading books. Lightweight, easy to use and focus -we’ve been using a regular magnifying glass that is heavy, must be held just so to focus, and it is useless in dim light. The MagniPros Handheld is a world apart from that. The protective case is another plus. I’d recommend it to anyone.
… were pleasantly surprised to find that this is as good, or better than the very expensive brand
We were pleasantly surprised to find that this is as good, or better than the very expensive brand. Wonderful product. You will not be disappointed.
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Great for need
Great for need. I use these to dry my hands after assisting my children in the potty. We have hand towels, but I prefer to use these for that chore. They do the job, but don’t dry my hands completely, takes two.
… in my local grocery stores and this is an easy way to stock up
I have had trouble located this product in my local grocery stores and this is an easy way to stock up. These hand towels are important when I have visitors or repairmen in my home.
Great absorbent towel
So happy to find these on Amazon! Great value for the packaged price. These towels are sturdy and absorbent, and they dry our hands perfectly. I like having them in the bathroom because it saves washing and making a mess with towels. One box lasted several weeks. I suppose they could have other uses, but they are rather small for cleaning and wiping other things.
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I love this poster
I love this poster, I actually bought it twice. First time I threw it away while moving but I missed it so got it again. Shipping was faster than the estimate. I think I got it within a week?
The packaging was simple yet sturdy and my daughter loved opening it on Christmas Day
Arrived on time and was exactly how it was pictured. The packaging was simple yet sturdy and my daughter loved opening it on Christmas Day.
Nice poster
This is a very nice looking poster. It looks exactly how I expected it to look, just like the picture. The quality of this poster is good especially at this price. I love the quote on it and the overall design of the poster. It looks great with my decor. I get compliments on it all the time.
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Highly recommended!
Lively worms. Large and healthy. Nicely packaged. A fraction of the price of pet stores.
Ducky is feasting!!!
Worms are all alive (except for 2-3 if that) and heathy! Like others I was hesitant to order worms off the internet. But these are SOOOOO much better than store bought ones and cheaper to boot! Only complaint was the box they came in was difficult to transfer to a permanent container and the worms chewed a hole in the gel package (unsure if ice pack or thirst quencher) and it leaked throughout the box. Waiting on an e-mail back to ensure worms will still be safe after eating the unknown gel contents. Would be nice if they sent a care sheet with the worms and informed what the gel pack is. Overall I will order again…just first time unknowns that caused the 4 star review.
Delivered by weight not accurate quantity. Worms arrived healthy …
Delivered by weight not accurate quantity. Worms arrived healthy and active but with no food so some worms had been canabilized. And yes I know the difference between a shed and a chewed up carcass.
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Love that it has a timer so I can fall …
Bought one for my bedroom and a few weeks later bought one for the basement. Love that it has a timer so I can fall asleep with it on without having it run all night.
Glad to be warm and safe
My husband’s home office is often chilly in our cold Colorado weather. He is comfortable now. Very easy to use, quiet, and allows him to easily control temp settings.
Decent heater, yet fans very dry air.
This is a fine little heater I’m sure, so my main problem may be unique to me or certain customers. It is fan based, and I live in a dry climate. So the fan pumps out very, very dry heat, and I found this to be very irritating to my throat and nasal passages. If you already live in a dry climate, this heater will potentially make things more uncomfortable, as it basically produces more very dry air pushing at you. I had total sinus blockage after the first night using this fan that lasted for several days. I switched to a radiator based heater and have not had any issue. So my issue was not with the product really but the kind of fan it is, which is a certain fan style, and may not be for everyone.
See detail on Lasko-755320-Ceramic-Digital-Display


Excellent watch. Recomended without second thoughts
Very comfortable with lots and lots of stuff to mess around. Would cover even the most demanding runner-geek. Quite precise on step & HR sensors (except that HR when you give it interval training loses precicion) Still the watch is VERY nice and fits even my tiny wrist very well. I would only change the rubber strap that i find hard to put on and off and maybe it’s price.
Pay attention to the basics
When we first set up the watch it was fully charged and the initial setup went smoothly with the Garmin software installing easily onto my Samsung Galaxy S7. The watch paired and synced with the phone. When I loaded watch faces we noticed that seconds would not reliably work on any watch face either analog or digital. The second hand would sometimes appear and run maybe 3-4 seconds and then go away on an analog face and on a digital face the seconds display would run a few seconds and then freeze at 00. A review of all the support pages and topics had no explanation for this so I must assume that it is a fault in the watch we received. Additionally, the display on the watch we received was way to dim – actually hard to read in normal room light. Much dimmer than my 4 year old digital sports watch – not enough contrast and brightness. In the youtube videos explaining the watch functions the display is much brighter and easy to read. Once again maybe just the one we received. This watch has a lot of capabilities that would be great but the basics described above severely harm its usefulness.
Great fitness watch
This watch is great. It does more than I’ll ever be able to use, but that’s kind of the fun of this watch. I love being able to get notifications while i run and I find my phone stays in my pocket a whole lot more now. I love being able to control my music from my wrist too, that was something I didn’t realize before I got the watch how much I’d enjoy that. The GPS is so accurate and fast and Garmin connect has been great as well. It’s expensive, but it seems like it’s worth it.
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No power save option
This was a highly rated monitor (by these ratings) and my only concern is that it does not have a power save mode. Hence, when the PC sleeps, it blinks no signal. The only way to stop that is to turn it off. Not a big deal, but really, in this day and age, no power save?
Very Pleased with my new Monitor
I purchased this as my first brand new Monitor, the previous one coming from eBay. I must say, this monitor is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Very crisp colors, beautiful resolution, and it comes with pretty much everything you would need to install it.
Great deal for the price, no complaints
Great quality screen with a variety of settings. The only minor thing is that this monitor does not pick up sound very well, so you’ll just need an external mic, which most people use anyways. Very good deal, would recommend.
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