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Bicycle Kids Child Front Baby Seat bike Carrier USA Standard with Handrail

A little bit difficult to install. I have to …
A little bit difficult to install. I have to bend the frame a bit to fit my bike, an entry level Cannondale mountain bike

Excellent bike seat
Excellent bike seat, the quality is good, the only thing I would have improved are the security belts, it could be more comfortable, but it is a excellent product! 1- advice for taller people I am 6 feet tall move the seat of your bike to the back, it is only a few inches but it will make a great difference on how your knees fell pedaling. 2- Instructions are horrible, but once you figure it out the seat it self is a 5 star! People always stop me asking where I bought it 🙂

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Twist action blocked by tank lid
This works by an automated twisting action of the chamber, which drops the food into the water. I have lids on all my aquariums to keep water from evaporating quickly and fish from jumping out, but the lids have gaps where my hang on back filters sit. My plan was to scoot the filter over and rest this feeder over the widened gap, giving the food access to drop while keeping fish protected from hopping to certain doom. But since the chamber portion is square, it couldn’t twist to drop food and just stalled out. If you don’t have a tank lid or are willing to lower the water level and take the lid off, this will work perfectly. Otherwise, this won’t work for your setup.
I recommend you do NOT buy.
The fish feeder we bought did not deliver consistent, repeatable quantities of food. Some times it over fed and some times little to no food came out. We were using food the manufacturer recommended. We bought this for going on vacation for 11 days and practiced with it the week before we left. I just couldn’t trust it, and I regret spending my money on it. I ended up getting a 14 day fish feeder pyramid that you just drop in the tank and the fish eat from it. We came back to a tank full of live, happy fish.
Love them
Great feeders. Durable, reliable. Runs for over a year on a set of batteries. I recently bought 4 more ( expanding the fish room) after shopping around the was the best deal going. Came back a month later and the price had jumped ~ $4/per. Someone else is sending me 10 more…
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Arrived as described the only complaint is it is noisy …
Arrived as described the only complaint is it is noisy when shutting and opening door, I will have to find a door that is not used as much I guess.
Decent compromise of function for space saving and accessibility
I live in South Beach. About the only thing that we have less use for than irons is socks. Nevertheless I do have some linen shorts and some other things that need some ironing. This is about perfect. I put some Velcro on the bottom legs to keep it from bouncing around every time I open or close the door. The ironing surface is actually larger than I expected. It may feel a bit flimsy but actually it is not. There is some spring action until you press down firmly and then it is a steady surface. My only gripe is that the hooks are overkill — too thick and they interfere with closing the door. Oh and about the iron holder … It is designed perfectly to send you to the emergency room after the hot iron crashes into your skull. The wound will be cauterized if that helps.
Unexpectedly awesome
Wow. This has made a huge difference. It works well for us. It cleared up the clutter space that the normal board takes and the hassle of pulling it in and out every time we wanted to use it.
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A Beautiful Devise
Great devise, works perfectly, exactly as described and REALLY looks so nice receiving many compliments the day it was used but that was just 1 day total. Right hand is missing the ring finger and pinkie being so attempting to put the watch on and take it off with the pin/hole configuration proved rather difficult. It also came undone several times, catching the "end" on a steering wheel it popped off and if not for the sliding rubber holding it together, which I found difficult too, to slide it down as far as it’ll go – it would have fallen off at any time. Could have just been my hand though; no way to tell. Would recommend it to anyone for it’s functions but the watch band was a deal breaker. Amazon was very helpful with the return of the item, even offering free 2 day shipping to purchase WEEFUNs "upgraded" watch display recorder to replace it which I absolutely love. Spend the extra 6 bucks and get the watch version is my advise. Aso, both products have very generous battery life that surprised even me. The thing is, if you’re downloading files, then its charging at the same time too. Noteworthy to mention it has a very common plug in, using the same cord that charges my phone, camera, etc. WEEFUN has been immensely helpful, so has Amazon, and I couldn’t be more happy with the services provided. This, is why I continue to shop at Amazon, thanks too to customer replies to my questions!!
Doesn’t always record and rubs off black stains on wrist
When this records the sound is clear – but it doesn’t always start recording when you turn it on. Add to that that the band rubs black unto your skin. It’s okay, but I wouldn’t try to record anything vital with it, as it doesn’t indicate whether or not you have started to record. To start you simply turn on the devise and hope for the best. Fun gadget, but no more than that.
Records well. Looks great.
It records everything really well, holds a ton of audio, the battery charge lasts a long time, and it looks good. I think it can record for about three days straight without running out of space.
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Be ready to make an adapter cable if want a quick disconnect.
Would have given it 5 starts, but you cannot remove the lower hardware. I wanted to install a quick disconnect and almost broke the unit before realizing its not going to come out.
These actually work very well. They lock onto the inflator with minimum fuss and don’t let go until you want them to. Read the pressure after you let go of the trigger. The gauge is accurate. It’s great to find something that works well after so many failures from Harbor Freight.
After examining the valve connect I agree with those who say this device is of poor quality. I definitely do not recommend buyin
I bought it based on others reviews. When I went to use it I could not connect it to my air hose. It did not come with a connector. After examining the valve connect I agree with those who say this device is of poor quality. I definitely do not recommend buying it.
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Happy with my purchase
I purchase this product mainly for the sold of the scratcher! Because the scarfed I had before was very messy and I liked the fact that this one has a base,… but man the kitty loves this thing!!! He scratch it like crazy and plays with the ball I’ve never seen him so engaged.
No more glue, my cat likes it.

 First off, about all the complaints with the glue, nothing was glued on to it. I assume they used to glue the picture on it, but after the complaints (being that the reviews were done a while ago) they stopped doing that. So no glue damage. Don’t worry. My cat also likes it and plays with it occasionally, she also really likes just lounging on the middle part. It also came with a little cat nip to sprinkle on top to get your cat interested. Just so people know, if your cat does not usually play, it probably won’t play with a new toy. Older cats especially just don’t play so much anymore, so just keep that in mind when buying cat toys. My cat now looooves to play, but my previous cats would never play, no matter what toys i got them. As far as I’m concerned its a fine toy, and its cheaper then walmart, so why not? I think it would have been better if the ball had a little bell in or something and was a little lighter, its kind of heavy. but maybe it needs to be to roll a lot, I’m not really sure. Anyway, if your cat is playful, it will probably like it. If nothing else as a comfy spot to lounge.
Cat loves it!
Cat loves it! He uses the ball a lot and scratches the pad too. The added catnip was a great way to introduce him and really helped. Definite winner!
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Worth Every Penny
I was given a pair of these two years ago. Never had a short or loss of sound quality. Fit snuggly in ear for us Headbangers, and joggers. Very secure carefree fit. I purchased these hoping that the old ones would give out because they were orange, and I don’t really have an orange personality. I eventually had to just give them away so I could justify using the new ones. Old ones are still going strong much to my chagrin.
perfect for people with small ear canals!!!
these headphones are totally worth the money! I have very small ear canals so traditional headphones are frustrating and constantly fall out. these stay put even when running! the sound is amazing and bose doesn’t let you down
Bose soundSport headphones
I’ve been a Bose fan for more than 20 years. I own items that have been discontinued or upgraded that work as well as they did the day I bought them. When I left my Bose in ear headphones on a flight a few months ago I was really upset. After going through the "grieving" process I replaced them. I guess things happen for a reason since these have a better sound and better fit. Keep up the great work Bose. And thanks to Amazon for their continued fine service.
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Great for shower head filter
Was having constant problems from calcium buildup sediment plugging my shower heads (in an older house). Tried a number of things until I came across these. Fit right inline with the shower pipe and shower head hose and works like a dream! Very easy to open and clean too. The mesh size is perfect for stopping the sediment. For those interested, this has 1/2in threaded fittings, female on the inlet, male on the outlet. They are STRAIGHT threads (ie NOT tapered like a standard pipe). What this means is that they rely on a gasket to seal rather than the threads. Although you can add thread sealant or teflon tape until you’re blue in the face, that likely won’t prevent leaks in the long run. I added my own rubber washer to the inlet side (get at any hardware store) to seal against the shower pipe. My shower head hose already had its own gasket. Using this approach, it seals fine with no leaks. Side note is that these had a label on them indicating ‘suction side only’ as they seem to be intended for the inlet side of those ubiquitous 12V water pumps for RVs and such. Also, not necessarily rated for hot water. However I went ahead and used them anyway as I’ve used similar items before on pressurized lines. Just be sure to install downstream of any and all valves. The pressure these will see just upstream of a shower head is probably not an issue nor is water temperature that is below the scalding temp of the body.
bad recommendation…
I went to buy a pump and this was listed as "often bought together". That’s bogus, this doesn’t fit the pump that I ordered where this was recommended. So returning it will cost almost as much as this cost me and the adapter will make this pricey for what it is. very dissapointing.
It may be a little too fine for that purpose as it jams frequently
I used this with a mini pump in my homebrew setup to try to filter out pieces of grain. It may be a little too fine for that purpose as it jams frequently. I guess that is better than having grain hulls jam up your pump.
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Liked it
I liked it, as it was cute. I just wished that Amazon’s bar code wasn’t seen from the outside of the packaging.
Finally a gift card that is pleasing to the eye & can be recycled as a book mark instead of throwing it on the trash
This gift card is pleasing to the eye and allows you to recycle it as a book mark instead of throwing it on the trash
Bonus not received
Didn’t meet my expectation because I received an email From amazon that If i spent $50 on gift cards in October I would get a gift card free and I did not
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Made a Great Gift
I bought this for my Brother-In-Law (him and my Husband LOVE the Office) and he loved it! Was a really great buy. Wish it wasn’t so expensive though!
One side says “World’s Best Boos” and the other side has the Dunder Mifflin …
I didn’t realize it came with two sides. One side says "World’s Best Boos" and the other side has the Dunder Mifflin logo. I absolutely love it!
Small but good
I accidentally broke my larger version of this and what to replace it without realizing I had selected a smaller mug size. It’s still cute, and fun to see it and this size, as it is the larger version, 16 ounces, in the show. Still nice and good product.
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