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I love Mustela! Love the smell on my baby
I love Mustela! Love the smell on my baby! Everytime we go out people always compliment how good my baby smells. Amazon have the best price!
I really like this line of baby products
I really like this line of baby products. It seems to work for my baby’s skin and they also have a more sensitive line that I use as well. It works for us and smells nice; not too strong.
Mustella is the way to go. We tried so many products before our doctor recommended Mustella to us. We use the entire product line and have no complaints. Her eczema cleared and it’s gentle, yet effective. Nice floral scent that just smells clean. I didn’t know until after I ordered online that you can get most of the products at target, which is nice. I definitely recommend to all my mama friends.
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This thing showed up quick and works amazing. My knife is extremely sharp now. I touched my skin with little force with the knife to test it and it cut easy. Would recommend
Miniature Knives Only
Just okay. My fault for not looking at ALL of the pictures with the description. Nice sharpener if you have miniature knives, or if you want to carry it in your pocket to use the steel as a toothpick. I’ll keep it in my vehicle glove box "just in case", but I won’t be using it for any of my good knives.
Great Knife Sharpener
Pocket knives get dull quickly and getting out the sharpening stone was a pain. This worked fine. I tried it out with a knife I use as a letter opener that had gotten dull. In half a minute, it was plenty sharp again. I’m happy very happy with it.
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It is great quality and she loves playing with it
I searched online for a first doll for my 2yo. It is great quality and she loves playing with it! I bought the milk bottle and bib set to go with it.
Love this little baby doll
Love this little baby doll. She’s small and so sweet. It is slightly weighted so feels more realistic, can put it’s thumb, pacifier (comes with it), or a small bottle in it’s mouth. It is very cute and will be perfect for my 3-year old daughter on Christmas morning.
It was very pretty, I was looking for a soft doll
I returned doll. It was very pretty, I was looking for a soft doll.
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Quick delivery!
Not sure except to make money why it’s so much more than offered from wal-mart or straight talk. But I needed it and had to use amazon prime account so it was worth it to me.
The pin number is sent a few hours after ordering. I was thinking my phone was gonna be activated on its own. But then realized later I had to activate it myself. But it was nice being able to get the pin online and not have to wait for it to be mailed.
Not bad
Its just what it says it is, saved me the trip to walmart so very convenient. I got the refill very soon after the order and would probably buy this again.
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Seems to be doing what a filter is supposed to do.
I’ve been on the subscription list for this filter (every 6 months I receive a replacement) for about 5 years.. So far no one that has consumed water from this filter has gotten any diseases from it, as far as I know. So, I gave it a high rating. I’ve never had the water tested so I’m taking Culligan’s word that it actually removes all the stuff they say it does. I suppose that if I really wanted the confidence to recommend it, I could send a water sample to a chemistry lab for analysis. However, since no one has gotten sick, why spend the money.
Works great! We live in Costa Rica and use a …
Works great! We live in Costa Rica and use a spring for our water supply. We use a sediment filter before the water gets to the house and then use the Culligan for under the sink to provide drinking water. We have been using these now for 3 years without any problems. The filter works great and is a good value for the money.
Best filter
I love these G AC filters because they’re one of the only ones that will remove Chlorinmines from the water. Since our city recently started using chlorinmines to clean the water this filter has been a lifesaver. It last for a long time even with heavy use.
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I used to love love love these
I used to love love love these, but a couple months ago they changed the recipe, and I decided to longer buy them. Look carefully at the packaging. The packaging with the red-colored end that says CLIF are the "new" ones. Yeah, I will never buy these again. Not worth the flavor or texture like it’s predecessor.
The bars taste very good. Unlike some protein bars I’ve tried
The bars taste very good. Unlike some protein bars I’ve tried, these were not too hard or messy. I would buy these again for sure.
This a delicious protein bar plus a good price: )
I can say that you get more than what you pay! This a delicious protein bar plus a good price 🙂
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They finally fixed my issues. GREAT product!
Nov 2014:The sleep sensor is worthless. it always thinks I am in bed for 2-3 more hours after I get out of bed .. it is measuring a heart beat of I do not know what !. I have calibrated the device several times with no luck. Jan 2015: I worked with support and they helped me resolve the issues. I got a replacement sensor and now all works as advertised. It is truly a great product !
Kinda good no response from Withings?
What Ive noticed is that the calibration as many other have stated isnt very clear. I am going to restart the calibration again and hopefully will get a different result however Iw as in bed at 1am and it didnt start recording until 2:45 am? Im not sure what thats about. Secondly, I know it says that I need to leave a piece out from underneath the bed but I have a queen and tend to sleep in the middle. additionally, I have asked Withings about a month ago what about large beds and still have no response. So tonight I am trying to just place the enire thing in the middle of my bed. I wonder if the reads will be better. Withings if you can give me some feedback this would be great. I will be patience considering I use your weight scale and your blood pressure machine which both are fantastic. I just want the sleep portion to be better considering I use a CPAP machine and Im 21…Sleep is vital to me and the more improvements the better. Thank you I appreciate your time.
Android supported!
Withings Aura now works with Android. It is pretty awesome. Looking forward to the new options coming out.
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This item was perfect and was exactly what i was expecting
This item was perfect and was exactly what i was expecting. The item came in no time and was very well packaged and in a great shape. I’m very happy and pleased with the item i received and want to thank the seller for a terrific product. The description of this item was very accurate and had all correct information。very happy
Pink case
I bought this case and another case by another maker. I’m keeping the other one and have returned this one. This case’s pink color is nothing like the rose gold on the iPhone case. Looks cheap.
Great value!
This case fits my iPhone 7 perfectly, unlike a different  Commuter series case I bought and returned. All of the covers line up right where they’re supposed to and I expect great protection! Great fit, that’s all I know for now since it’s new, hoping it will hold up for a long time.
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The metal casing feels more like painted plastic
Very cheap set. The bits don’t even fit in the foam very well. The metal casing feels more like painted plastic.
Incorrect labeling of shaft sizes
I just received this set and detected a discrepancy in the actual shank sizes and the sizes of the incremental steps labeled on both the box and as advertised on Amazon. The 1/8" to 1/2" range in 1/32" increments actually has a 1/4 inch shank; the 1/4" to 3/4" bit in 1/16" increments actually has a 3/8" shank. One can see this discrepancy also in the photo shown. One would be disappointed if a 1/8" to 1/2" range in 1/32" increments with a 3/8 inch shank was needed. Neiko needs to do a better proof reading job on their labeling on their boxes.
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He struggles with fine motor issues like tying his shoes
I have a 14 year old son that has some special ed issues. He struggles with fine motor issues like tying his shoes. He plays baseball on his High School team and its definitely not "cool" to have your coach come out when he’s on the mound to tie his shoe in the middle of a game. I purchased the hickies as a perfect solution and put them on his cleats. They actually worked great until they started snapping off and he didn’t even realize. Before you know it he had only 3 on each shoe so I’m back to the drawing board looking for a solution. 🙁
perfect product
Love them. They are a little tight at first but in a couple of days adjust to your feet and are perfect. Not sure if I will ever use laces again.
I want to like these but they suck so bad
I want to like these but they suck so bad! They won’t stay snapped, they either pop off or roll over when I slide my feet into my running shoes… I’ve had two sets for about five months and tried them in a bunch of different shoes and it’s always the same thing. They might work for some people but they sure as heck don’t work for me. They are just too short to work in my shoes.
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