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Copy photos
I’m using it today. Have gotten rid of all of the old photo albums that take up so much room and put each individuals pictures on their own SDCard.
A truly great little photo scanner
A truly great little photo scanner! I’ve been using this surprisingly small unit for a few weeks now and have found it to be super-easy to use. I’m generally pleased with the color and clarity and image quality of the scans I receive. I would say about 5% of the scans have a slight, but noticeable, white line across the image, requiring a rescan. I’m hopeful that percentage remains low as I continue using this unit. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of this thing for about 50 bucks. It’s addictive to use as I go through dozens of old family photo albums. I’m considering buying a few more as gifts for my photo-loving friends.
this little Scanner is amazing and did the job
Inherited a bunch of pictures after my Mother in Law passed away, both my daughters wanted some copies, this little Scanner is amazing and did the job !!!!!!
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I really love this case
I really love this case. I’m use to otter boxes and while this is not one, it is certainly comparable.
GOT MY CARD COMPROMISED!!!!! cute though.
the case is super cute, but my card got compromised from buying this phone case. my bank caught it before the person could spend money, even though they tried buying from VS and Nike. com. i do love the case its just super unfortunate that i now dont have a debit card around the holidays because of this site.
Best case ever!!!
iPhones tend to be super fragile and I tend to be extremely clumsy, but this case has held up from countless drops out of my butter fingers! Plus I’m always getting compliments on it 😀
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My boyfriend loved it! He is a gun fanatic and when …
My boyfriend loved it! He is a gun fanatic and when I saw it on shark tank I knew that it would be in his stocking this Christmas!
Great present for men. Always hard to think of a gift for men and this unique product is perfect. Impressive and very reasonably priced. Saw this company on Shark Tank and thought this is a winner investment.
Buy it… will not regret
One of best purchases for hubby. He absolutely loves it. Thabks for such a great product
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… to my microwave which had broken and it worked great!
Used this on the handle to my microwave which had broken and it worked great!
Lasts a long time without drying out and works well
Lasts a long time without drying out and works well
Do it for Harambe
When I first got the bottle in the mail, I thought I got a raw deal because the bottle was only like 2/3 full. After doing a little research, turns out most superglue only fills up their bottles 2/3, and you’re actually getting what you pay for, the bottle is just bigger to accommodate. Honestly I forget what the reason is, but I do remember feeling satisfied after finding out lol. Anyway, Gorilla glue is the best! I’ve used it to repair so many little things around the house. It even works decently on shoe fabric! My nike running shoes were in good shape but part of the logo was loose because the glue came undone. So I just put a dab of gorilla glue on there and pressed for like 10 seconds, and voila! Like brand new!
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Nice filters!
Great price and these are made by Marineland who makes my filter so they fit better than the knock-ffs the big box store sells.
Perfect filters for tank
These filter are exactly what came in the tank. Arrived quickly and very affordable. Great
Works well, lasts about average.
I have the three main filter brands in use. each for a different bio type. these last about average, and again cannot add additional carbon. More expensive then whisper.
See detail on Marineland-Rite-Size-Cartridge-C-6-Pack


The cats love it. And it’s a healthful product
The cats love it. And it’s a healthful product. It even smells better than so many cat foods.
All three cats like it.
All three of my cats like this and so far, after nearly 4 years, this is the only wet cat food I’ve been able to say that about. They actually push each other away to get at it. I may have to start using more than the one dish.
And I love that Amazon delivers it to my door every month
Thrilled that I found wet urinary tract cat food that I can buy without a prescription. And I love that Amazon delivers it to my door every month.
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Absolutely garbage. The box appeared in good shape but this …
Absolutely garbage. The box appeared in good shape but this item looks water damaged. I am going to have to rebuild the frame and the door. DO NOT BUY!!!!!
This looks polished in a picture but is really nice in person
This looks polished in a picture but is really nice in person. Easy to insert and very easy to use. I love it!!
Love it! I put it in my laundry room …
Love it! I put it in my laundry room and I was finally able to get rid of my ironing board!
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Excellent taste & quality
This is the only brand of dried cherries I will buy, we use them for homemade yogurt & granola. And on oatmeal, in trail mix, just to snack on… Wonderful cherry flavor, has a bit of tartness to keep it interesting. And the 4 lb bag is a super bargain, greatly appreciated. Comes in a bag, which I then offload some to a tupperware & some in bags in the freezer. Love these!
Only wish they offered no-sugar added version
Best dried cherries I’ve ever had. Only wish someone sold dried cherries with no added sugar.
Helps with my Gout issues
Very nice tasting dried cherry. I eat a handful every day to help combat my Gout. This plus other products has helped me be free of attacks for some 6 months.
See detail on Traverse-Bay-Fruit-Cherries-4-Pound


Poor editorial quality. Cover heading’s subject matter Missing from actual content. Dissapointibg, misleading.
This magazine has poor editorship, no (effective) customer support, and a webmaster email address that does not accept mail. If you can accept these shortcomings, you may find some enjoyment reading the articles. I did not.
Moldy, wrinkled, and old
This subscription is terrible. I’m not talking about the magazine, it is the vendor. I ordered this subscription for my fiancé and the first two months it came they were completely damaged and ruined like they had been sitting in a multi warehouse for years.
Enough for everyone
I’m never disappointed when my copy arrives in the mail. The variety of article are great for beginners and expert hikers. Online links provide more details and other stories. Well worth the price, and I’ve used many of the advice from this magazine when preparing and executing my trips.
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LOW batteries included …
Time will tell. But so far I’m less than impressed. Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. We tried it for the first time tonight. Opened the package, installed the app. Was very pleased to see the required AAA batteries were included. So far, so good. Read the directions, paired it with his iPhone. Placed it on his arm in the correct position and hit start. Hmmm … "batteries are low" … won’t record his blood pressure. So, the first thing we have to do is go to town and get new batteries. Why in the world would they install the batteries and not just include them, sealed? So frustrating.
Amazing product
Absolutely thrilled with this machine. We travel a lot and the previous machine was heavy and took up room in my case. I like to monitor my blood pressure as I have been put on medication so this is perfect. Very simple to use as well👍
Looks Good/No Proper Support form Qardio
Will be returning the product. No support from the company that manufactures it. You call several times and they don’t have a live agent. Email them and also they do not respond.
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