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My daughter loved it.
I bought for my daughter’s Christmas gift. It came shiny and new. It’s made with quality materials. Better then her blowing on someone else’s.
Nice AAA
Great product, my son loves it. Perfect for a beginner or someone who wants a nice product on a low budget.
Nice beginner Harmonica
Excellent starter harmonica for 9 year old. He loves to play music on it and case is very handy for storage.
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Great variety pack
Great variety pack, was able to try a multiple espressos before buying. Great for when guest come over as well
Nespresso Variety pack
This is definitely the best combo Nespresso pack I’ve purchased. I’ve seen reviews stating to purchase this from Nespresso because it offers a better deal, but you cannot get a better deal than on Amazon. I speak from experience. The flavors are smooth and crisp- I just wish I didn’t drink so many during the day. None of the boxes were damaged and the capsules I received were all in tact.
I don’t know how these coffees all get good reviews. They have robusta in the blend. I can taste the sourness. For the price that is simply not good enough. People complain about Starbucks but at least Starbucks uses all aribica in their coffees.
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The description says 12 large assorted dinosaurs they are actually …
The description says 12 large assorted dinosaurs they are actually quite small. It also came with only a few different dinosaurs, most of them are the same.
It is super dangerous because a child could get sick if he …
I three three away immediately because they tracked of toxic spray paint. It is super dangerous because a child could get sick if he put it in his mouth. The paint also rubs off. Very cheaply and dangerously made. Should not be for sale.
100 Stars
My grandson loves dinosaurs he play with them all day I like the look in his eyes when they light up Will by then
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Love this poster
Love this poster. Colors are vibrant , shipping was fast, and they made sure it wouldn’t get crushed through the mail. Highly recommend
came in less than a week! 👌🏻
the poster is very big and the picture is perfectly printed, I bought this as a christmas present for my friend & im sure she’ll love it! definitely recommend!
LOVE this poster!
Great price for a quality poster. 🙂 Very vibrant. Definitely my new favorite poster. I am in love!
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NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags, 100 Count

Good Price
I’ve bought these now twice, mostly because of the price. I almost solely pump so I go through a lot of bags. I wish the plastic was a little thicker because often the top parts flip in while I’m pouring in milk and I end up spilling. Though it doesn’t bother me enough to spend more on other brands.

Thick bag!
I use spectrum breastmilk pump. I used to use lanshion breastmilk bag and my pump fits no problem, but this bag opening is slightly smaller than lanshion. But the bag is thick and great quality.

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I love it
First off I’d like to state that this company is great, they reached out to make sure I was satisfied and I truly appreciate that. As for the French press, I absolutely love it. This is by far the best french press I’ve ever tried and I had tried 4 different types from other companies and It’s great, the make/design is awesome. It keeps my coffee extremely hot for multiple hours. I Havnt had 1 coffee grind fall into my cup and I love the extra screens! I recommend it.
Great quality product
Great quality product, great price, lifetime warranty and the greatest taste. Extra filter on top of that, what a deal.
Works better than expected
Works better than expected! This is my first french press and I now wonder what took me so long to get one. I definitely recommend.
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Tiny Love Classic Developmental Mobile 0 Months plus

Sucks batteries, no fail safe against sliding down, but the infant likes it.
CONS: Sucks down the C cell batteries No fail safe to keep it from sliding down the rail (older model had one) PROS: Infant likes it

Easy assembly and holds my son’s attention
Received product as described. Easy assembly and holds my son’s attention. Only downside, it makes an audible clacking noise.

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Cute little vehicles
These cute cars were smaller than I expected them to be. They are a Christmas present so I did not plan to take them out of the box. The packaging is not something they put much thought into. Definitely not over packaged, which makes me wonder about the product quality. I hope they put their efforts into the product. It’s a little overpriced in my opinion. I hope the play value makes up for my concerns.
Good quality product
My nephew loves the trucks. He even brought them to bed with him. Good quality product.
Amazing quality. Great buy!!
My boy sleeps with this cars!! Cars very well done, not like other cheep plastic toys. I wish I can give 10 stars.
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… husband has some “ear issues” and the otoscope is perfect.
My husband has some "ear issues" and the otoscope is perfect.
Really liked
It was exactly as I hoped. Everyone in my house took a turn looking at my inner ear that has been giving me problems.
Very bright!
This is perfect for checking ear infections at home. The LED light is very bright and the variety of tips let me use it on each of my children. My daughters rarely get ear infections, so having this at home to check is very helpful to know when we actually need to get into the doctor. This is a must have in every mom’s doctor kit!
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Mega Fun
My 4 year old son is getting this for Christmas and I think he will absolutely love it. It can hold about 50 standard size cars and folds and unfolds very easily
Hot Wheels Mega Hauler
My grandson has so many Hot Wheels that I know he will like this mega hauler. It is fairly large and I’m sure it will be a big hit. He loves anything with wheels!
Must have
Just what I was expecting. Can’t wait to get all 50 cars loaded on this big rig. This tractor trailer is going to provide hours of fun for my 4 yr old.
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