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Just the right size for smaller portions of food. I own other larger crockpots but this one is just used to keep food warm!
Just the right size for smaller portions of food. I don’t need the fancy ones, because I use it for just keeping things hot, and serving at a buffet when my family gets together for special occasions. A Great Price on Amazon, as usual.
Best small crock pot on the market (especially for a one person home)
I am on my 2nd one of these crock pots. I had one and used it all the time. Then I sold my house and needed to move cross country so I donated mine to a thrift store. I purchased another one as soon as I was settled because this is the perfect size for me. Makes enough to have some leftovers but I’m not eating the same thing for a week or filling my freezer with leftovers. I LOVE it!
Soup for you
Pros – Low price – Removable crock weighs 2 lbs, 11 oz. empty (or approx. 5 lbs with 1 liter fluid) – Has Off, Low, High settings ( three-position switch ) – Very lightweight base when crock is removed – Easily slides on countertop to reposition yet remains stable Cons -Short cord (can be viewed as advantage for some countertop locations) – Difficult to read settings on switch if taller (font too small to read, um except the Brand Name…) – Requires frequent stirring to prevent congealment on bottom (goes with the territory being small volume) – Short handle on lid
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Cuties Baby Diapers, Size 4, 31-Count, Pack of 4

These are a great way to buy diapers
These are a great way to buy diapers. They work great and the price is awesome. They do sag a little when she is wet, but compared to the more expensive diapers, they work just as well.

These diapers work great for my son who has very sensitive skin. No need to pay a small fortune for name brand. I used to only use Seventh Generation diapers, until I tried these. So glad I switched!

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Lemon Wonder
Ordered this for the first time to make my own air fresheners and was pleasantly surprised at the amount in the bottle. It’s truly fragrant and works perfectly. The simple air fresheners are exactly what I intended, full of fresh lemon scent
A Better Essential Oil
Majestic Pure is the best essential oil I’ve used, by far. I use lemon and lavender a lot for cleaning and laundry and noticed the difference right away. I will continue to use Majestic Pure when purchasing essential oils
Best stuff I’ve found yet!
Love this lemon oil. Smells amazing! I mix 2 drops of it with jojoba oil or rosehip for a night time moisturizer. Helps keep my acne at bay 🙂
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Fewer signal interference
This kit requires some attention to detail to install. Since I install I have had little to now signal lost even if I don’t have a clear line of sight of the drone….this is a most have.
I had to put original antenna back on with way better results.
DID NOT WORK. After installation I could only get 240ft before I lost signal and drone returned home. I reinstalled with same results. Either antenna was DOA or it flat out doesn’t work. I had to put original antenna back on with way better results.
Great antenna.
This nearly doubled the range of my DJI Phantom 3 Standard. I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to fly their drone at greater distances.
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One bottle for 4″ Floor Drain Line
The ONLY root killer that actually works in my 4" sewer line. I have had root problems in the floor line 12′ from the stationary tub drain to the main line under the house. I was living with the water overfill when we wash clothes. I always watched it come up and out onto the concrete floor, about 8′ out in all directions.. I use this twice a year and no more backups. Toilets flush great to. No bubbles!
Works on my basement drain
We’ve had ongoing tree root issues with a basement drain in our vacation house, resulting in several floods and expensive drain clearing operations with local plumbers. We’ve been using Roebic Root Killer for the past three years–once in the spring before the winter snow melts, and have had zero issues since then. Our drain line runs about 100′ and dumps into a slough. I plug the exit end of the drain, then pour the Roebic granules into the basement side and wash it down with a few gallons of water. I’ll unplug the drain the next day, after giving the root killer some time to work. So far so good–no drain blockages, and no evidence of harm to our giant ancient elm tree. I’m happy with the product thus far.
I’m taking this one on faith!
Well, it went down the commode in three flushes as instructed. No way at this point to know if I just flushed good money after bad or not. This was an attempt to prevent problems with my septic system and the hybrid poplars that grow on my property line. Time will tell I suppose. If problems develop I’ll know it didn’t work!
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I definitely like my purchase and its reasonable price
I definitely like my purchase and its reasonable price. Goes great with my DeWalt drill. It has more than the normal amount of screw bits than others. I would recommend to everyone!
Buy this Driver set. All Quality Bargain
The essential set of bits for screw driving. Comes in a sturdy yellow case. Holds the bits nice and snugly. The bits are very durable. An essential must have for an light to heavy dyi project that requires a drill and driving bits. The price was right.
Very nice selection & addition for my toolbox
Very nice selection & addition for my toolbox. Bits are being used heavily for my home maintenance & is withstanding the work load. Although, I do think that the case is a total failure on Dewalts resume but I’m still giving five stars as it’s the product that count.
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… use these for colored circle lenses and it works great. It helps with the initial irritation of trying …
I use these for colored circle lenses and it works great. It helps with the initial irritation of trying to put in contacts for the first time ever and it is nice that it is so inexpensive.
Love it
So glad I purchased these. It’s a really great solution, and they’re pretty big. I’m on my second right now and I purchased these a few months ago. Definitely a money saver.
Good deal
Overall a good deal compared to other solutions. However, I noticed that I actually have to rub my contacts to clean them with this stuff unlike with my previously used solution Opti-Free. Definitely budget-friendly though!
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Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat, Sprocket

Nice booster and easy to install.
Very nice, my grandson loves his own chair. I feel the construction of the chair is very well done. Easy to install, the extra head height and protection for side impact makes this booster seat my pick. I got the bright green and it’s his favorite color and came looking just like the picture.

Easy to clean
Easy to clean, seems comfortable and safe. Love the side cushions. We did add extra cushion on the bottom for extra long car rides.

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She is only 4 lbs so i had to start out with about half the recommended dosage until she got used to it
I have now been using product for about 3 weeks consistently. It does seem o be helping my little pup who had bouts of diarrhea and/or irregular / unpredictable bowel movements. She is only 4 lbs so i had to start out with about half the recommended dosage until she got used to it. We are just about at a scoop a day now. Wonderful product. Bowel movements now more predictable after she eats and diarrhea is non-existent. Her coat seems shinyer and she is prone to watery eyes which also seem to water less now. Thanks.
and they all love this sprinkled on their food
I bought this for one of my cats that needed a course of antibiotics for an eye infection. I have 4 cats, and they all love this sprinkled on their food. I will continue to give them probiotics as a preventive health measure.
Stinky breath abated!
So far I have been using this product for a month and am quite pleased with the results. Skin allergies have been a struggle with my senior dog and most recently he developed terrible bad breath. I know a dental cleaning would be the best route but am not comfortable putting a old dog through that process, so I decided to give the Probiotic Miracle a try and also began brushing his teeth with a special gel. In less than a month, his terrible breath has lessened and I believe that it is due to better digestion with this product. He likes the taste of the powder and it is very easy to just put on his dog food. This container should last for quite a while and I am also hoping to see some results on his skin problems as time goes on. I have tried many products but am very hopeful that this one will be close to a miracle!
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