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As expected.
Works as advertised, specifically for a midi keyboard in my application and price was competitive.
Well built and does the job
They are well built and will last. Miidi cables dont have to be fancy. Get the length that best reduces your cable clutter.
Well built and they do the job.
They are good midi cables. Well built and they last. You dont need fancy cables for midi
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Super sturdy! My friend’s daughter loved it!
This is THE BEST color set. I ordered this for my friend’s daughter and she loved it. She’s an aspiring artist and she loved the variety of colors and materials in this, and not only that, but just the amazing quality of all the materials. The carrying case was also very, very sturdy, and is very proper for a child to be carrying around! I’d recommend this, definitely; it’s perfect for anybody who loves to make art and color!
my girls enjoy all the options and colors
Endless use out of such an inexpensive case. my girls enjoy all the options and colors.
Nice art kit for a creative little artist!
My niece LOVED this kit! It purchased it for her 7th birthday, she is quite the little artist and immediately went to work upon receiving it. The kit is very well put together, the added paper inside is a bonus. The array of art supplies is nice and the case itself is very cute and durable. The case design is bright and somewhat "girly" but not overly so. The kit has a good weight to it without being too heavy for a child to carry. Overall, I am happy with my purchase and am glad I was able to get something my niece loved that wasn’t just another toy. 🙂
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I will try the “fit” procedure that you recommended. They kept “moving” around on my ears
I will try the "fit" procedure that you recommended. They kept "moving" around on my ears. Thank you for trying to make your customers happy. This is great PR. They are a little big on my head as well; however, hopefully your suggestion will help me. I looked for a place on the band to adjust for size but there was not one.
Awesome headphones for listening to music while sleeping!
Just got these in the mail yesterday and tried them last night. It took a minute to get them set perfectly for my ears, but pnce they were in place, they worked perfectly! I use them while sleeping and they were comfortable and clear – I slept like a log while they were on!!! I highly recommend this product. 🙂
LOVE these headphones!!
My daughter gave me this for Christmas. But I really don’t know how I did not discover them sooner. I have tried so many different headphones when I go jogging, trying to keep them in my ears with a hat or elastic headband–I have tried so many different options. This soft, fleece-like material fits perfectly around my head and the sound quality is great. I used to have to stop several times during my run to adjust my other headphones, so I am so pleased with the CozyPhones. PLUS–I ALSO like to use headphones in bed to listen to music or watch a show on my iPad or Kindle. But again–I have tried many different kinds of headphones–I either can’t keep them in my ears, or they are not comfortable to use while lying in bed. These CozyPhones are so lightweight and comfortable–absolutely perfect for using in bed, even if I fall asleep without removing them. I therefore just bought my second pair, to keep on my bedside table. The price is so reasonable, the cord is nice and long, and the sound is great.
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Baby Gear Plush Velboa Ultra Soft Baby Boys Blanket 30 x 40, Blue Preppy Puppy

Hedgehog fleece baby blanket
What an adorable hedgehog fleece blanket to swaddle your precious little baby in. It is very soft and plush and I am very pleased with my purchase! I highly recommend this Amazon seller Cutie Pie Baby!

Baby Gear Plush Hedgehog Blanket
I have bought 2 of these plush hedgehog baby blanket’s, one for a girl and another for a boy. They are the cutest fleece blankets, well made and so very soft for your little one. I highly recommend this blanket from this Amazon seller!

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OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand, Orange

Worth every dollar
High quality product. Used a similar competitor product with my oldest child before but now with twin babies (and after 2 months of using 100’s of times) I can safely say that this product is very smart and very durable. Worth the extra few bucks

This is great. Love the stand and small brush
This is great. Love the stand and small brush. I use it daily to clean bottles and breast pump parts. Only down side is the brush head is too large to fit into the funnel neck part of my breast pump. It cleans it, just does not go all the way threw.

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Munchkin Cleaning Brush Set, 1 Set

AWESOME for cleaning baby straws and sippy spouts!
AWESOME for straw cleaning. I hate the idea of having cloudy straws coated with drink residue. Such a great product- I don’t have to worry about build-up or mold.

Make Cleaning Straw Cups Easy!
These make it so easy to clean the various straw cups and silicone straws we have for my son! My only complaint is that they could be a bit more flexible to allow for not-straight straws.

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Another great Amy’s product!
Due to allergies, I am milk-free and gluten-free, and I have had great luck with Amy’s products! This chili is particularly tasty – even my meat-and-potatoes boyfriend, who stick’s his nose up at anything organic or healthy, was jealous of my chili. I like pouring plantain chips over the chili for a little crunch 🙂
I was looking for a substitute for Trader Joe’s vegetarian …
I was looking for a substitute for Trader Joe’s vegetarian chili and this comes close. Trader Joe’s always gets me hooked on something and then they stop carrying the product so I had to go out and find one the could take the place of the chili they used to carry.
Love the stuff
Love the stuff! Great to be able to buy it buy the case. Makes a really easy work lunch – just bring a can, a large coffee mug and a spoon.
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Boba Baby Wrap, Sangria

It’s a little difficult to get baby into it, …
It’s a little difficult to get baby into it, and I don’t always feel that she is completely secure compared to other carriers.

works well even for big breasted women.
I don’t normally review things but I felt the need to here. My 5 week old doesn’t like my big ergo adapt. I think she’s just too little and feel constricted in it. Plus I like to sit down. So I got this. She’s very content in it. I saw in many reviews that this doesn’t work for big breasted women. I’m a size 40h and this fits better than the ergo. I was easily able to adjust the tension to fit my body style. It took me about 10 min to learn the tie and now I can do it in no time at all.

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“I put it on almost everything”
I had tried to eat "mostly vegan" before but knew I had to get B12 in my diet so I kept eating Steak. While I still may not give up steak, it is great having this product so that I know I can go vegan. It has a great flavor, as many say it is a bit "cheesy" but not overly so. I put it on almost everything I can to make sure I get about 2 tablespoons a day. If something will overpower the Yeast flavor, add it in! If it is enhanced by the yeast flavor, add it in! If it wasn’t dry flakes I’d probably eat it as is.
Pleasantly Surprised
I have been putting off buying this product for about a year now since I started getting into vegan style cooking. The idea of cheese flavored fish flakes freaked me out a little bit, but I decided to go for it anyways after starting a whole30 challenge. I have to say I was extremely impressed by how good this stuff is!!! Not only that, my picky eater, cheese obsessed roommate was even all about it. I now have to buy my mom a bottle as well. So much flavor and vitamins for such an odd named seasoning!!
great price. great stuff.
Love this stuff. We use it on everything. It is nice to get a 2-pack at a time for a good price since we use it on everything.
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