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I love these, The maganet is great on them so …
I love these, The maganet is great on them so they dont slide around on the fridge, they stay in place, and they are nice and bold so you can see what your writing, and the tip is great for writing
Love the colors though
These should not be advertised as magnetic because they do not stay on the board very well. Love the colors though.
The whole reason I bought this was so I can …
The whole reason I bought this was so I can have my markers next to my calendar on my fridge. Out of the six markers in the pack, only two of them actually have functional magnets. The other four just fall to the floor and won’t stick to anything. If you’re buying these for the magnets, don’t buy these. Save yourself the money/ shipping time and buy somewhere else.
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These work so well and are so easy to use
These work so well and are so easy to use. I hate finger prints, and these fix all my stainless steel surfaces in seconds!
Easy and convenient and they work
Reordering because they are convenient and easy way to wipe off stainless steel appliances.
IT works and makes staless shine. Now,if I could only have my husband wash his hands more frequently . .
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The product is easy and fun to use and convenient recipe book readily …
Came just as advertised ,included everything promised.This product is for anyone who loves pasta but wants to switch to a healthier lifestyle.The product is easy and fun to use and convenient recipe book readily gives you great recipes to try out.I highly recommend this product.
OK But
Works well, but top is useless. The stubs aren’t long enough to pierce the veggie deep enough and it slips. Save time and frustration, spend more money and buy a crank one.
Weird design, impractical.
I would say it’s good quality, but I find the design strange, hard to use, impractical, and hard to clean, even with the nice little brush provided. I will not return it because the cost of shipping would be more than what I paid, but if you want something practical to julienne or spaghetti your veggies, I’d look elsewhere. Carrots are impossible… I cannot get the long spirals shown in the videos. For it to work you have to get at least a 2 inch thick carrot… not happening. A lot of work, messy, I always end up with a well sharpened carrot or zucchini. Cucumbers turn to mush, even when I choose them hard and thick. You have to use a lot of force to get some nice strands. I will keep searching for something to spiral my veggies. I wanted to like it, after reading all the reviews, but unless I am using it totally wrong, which I don’t think I am, I hate it. I’ll try to upload a video of my results later.
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Not a pure saffron
Failed the cold water test. After 10 minutes, half of the threads lost its red color and turned white.
In did come in a nice tin. Not sure it is real and not …
In did come in a nice tin. Not sure it is real and not just red-colored corn silk. It smelled a bit like saffron (could be a few threads thrown in for smell). When dissolved in water the water turned red vs the yellow of real saffron. Sorry I bought it.
A good value for the money
This saffron was very good. I used it in a paella and it was delicious. I have definitely had better but this was not bad by any means. If you use it in a rice dish, I recommend soaking in it hot water for 30 minutes and using both the saffron and the hot water in whatever you are making.
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Comfortable and functional
Have been using this brand for years now for all my sneakers and this time I am trying out this high arc model to see if it will improve my knee discomfort because I have flat feet. It just works.
Way too thick to fit into a shoe.
This is the worst pair of insoles I have ever purchased. Not only are they huge when you order size 8-11 (I am an 8), but they are so thick you can’t fit your foot into your shoe. I tried to trim them down to size 8 but soon found out they are so thick they fill up your shoe. Waste of money and now I can’t return since I tried to trim them to size. Should be advertised as being SUPER thick.
Good Basic Insoles
For the price, these are really nice insoles. I overpronate, but the first 20 miles there was almost too much correction. Once they settled in, the next 50 provided near perfect support. I have noticed even less correction in the past few miles so I’m hoping they don’t settle any more. I definitely would not recommend them for someone with a neutral drop, or someone who logs a lot of miles. I will update after another 50 to see how they are holding up.
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this case is amazing
i ordered one of this previously and just reordered. i am 15, so of course i’m not always as responsible as i should be. i dropped my phone off of my balcony which was 20 feet off the ground and there’s not even a scratch on the phone. didn’t break, no internal issues, nothing was wrong. no cracks either! very pleased.
Ok not great.
Works. But is cheap in feel and not a tight fit. Think it is going to fall off or break.
Perfect case
This case is better than I expected! Perfect fit sleek look and fits good… also comes with screen protector definitely a good purchase.
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KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box – Espresso

Very nice toy box
Very nice toy box! Goes perfectly with my sons room. I scratched it from putting a metal book shelf/holder on top of it for a minute while I was cleaning which was my fault but if it wasn’t for that it would still be in perfect condition!

Toy Chest
Very happy with this. The quality is very good. I feel more than comfortable sitting on it and my two year old plays in it all the time.

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great product, great for your heart
Just planters, great product, great for your heart. Family love it, specially for the price and the amount.
Stock pile item
I have to hide these peanuts when my extended family visits or I won’t have any for myself
Kind of addictive
These are very tasty and nice. The caramel could be more caramelly; it’s got a slightly artificial taste, but I find I like that. A nice thing to nibble while I read. Will buy again.
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Perfect solution for storing cans
This is a well-built rack that feels solid and works exactly as it should.
It assembles easily and is quite sturdy
This rack is just the thing I needed to free up some space in my pantry cabinet. It assembles easily and is quite sturdy. Cans fit in easily and the rack will accommodate a wide range of can sizes.
Great for organizing your pantry
Sturdy when put together, hold cans of all sizes, stackable. Great product.
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