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Pacifier Clip by Matimati Baby – 4 Pack – Unisex Modern Designs – Great Pacifier /Teething Ring Holder (Ants & Houses)

Great purchase!
These are not only extremely effective but also so cute! I don’t use these for what they were intended but they work awesome as a clip holder for catheter bags – they hold a lot of weight which is more than the plastic clips you get from the hospital! Love these! They don’t rip fabric and are comfortable.

Awesome Clips!
I love these pacifier clips! I have purchased 3 packs of them for my son and daughter to share and they are the best! They fit the MAM pacifiers that we use, are easy to clean, and they stay attached to clothes despite my toddler’s constant tugging at them.

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Good brush.
I am mostly very pleased. Works well and is easy to clean. Just a few issues keep that 5th star away. I use a tooth powder and, although I like the small brush head for reaching tight spaces, it is a little too small and does not hold enough of the tooth powder for brushing. Also, the same button controls the speed and on and off. Most of the time this is not a problem, but if you happen to turn the power off one too many times before the brush stops on its own, then you end up changing speeds when you don’t mean to.
Much better than a regular toothbrush!
Took some getting used to but now I’m hooked! I used to actually prefer flossing over brushing but now I like using the electric gadget with the timer! After many months, my teeth still feel nice and smooth. The differences between all the various models can be quite confusing but after doing some research I settled on this with no regrets.
This toothbrush has been great so far
This toothbrush has been great so far! I have always had cavities despite brushing my teeth regularly and religiously, and since using this brush I honestly have not had any more cavities. I think the 30-sec interval indicator is a little subtle but no big deal. I have sensitive teeth and have had no issues with this brush. My dentist obviously thinks it’s working as well 🙂
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Oxgord 17pc Set Flat Cloth Mesh / Solid Black Auto Seat Covers Set – Airbag Compatible – Front Low Back Buckets – 50/50 or 60/40
Great product and very durable. Be careful and clear your day when you go to install them. Very little directions included and not the easiest thing to install. That is the reason I gave it four out of five stars.
Not good
They didn’t fit very well we kind of had to modify an entire different ends. The clips they give you to secure them don’t work they just fell off. Also the material is very thin and cheap it started to rip and tear and just two or three months
Did not like this at all
Did not like this at all. It was so thin that just by putting them on the fabric ripped.
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Waste of my money!
I had the infection control department at my hospital swab the phone before and after using the PhoneSoap. The bacteria count actually went up instead of down. This product is a waste of money.
Great gift for anyone that uses smartphones!
I purchased this as a gift for my love and I was so happy to have found it. What do you get a guy that has everything? I mean, he was always up to date with the latest electronic gadgets. He lived with his iPhone Plus 6 and was constantly on it for business deals and opportunities in the form of phone calls and emails. Then I came across a site that suggested unique and uncommon gifts for men and this product came in the radar for me. In fact, the first time I ever saw this product was when it was featured in an episode of Shark Tank. I was familiar with UV lights for sanitizing toothbrushes. So, to expand this functionality into cellphone was quite marvelous. It completely made sense since our generation was constantly on our phones. It made sense that our phones undoubtedly accumulated lots of bacteria and germs as a result. I felt like I was being cool with an updated gadget that he probably did not have and I was also protecting and looking out for his health. If used constantly, my hope was that this product assisted in keeping down the yearly cold virus that he was coming down with. The only caveat was that this product didn’t fit all of the bulkier cases that he used to protect his iPhone 6 Plus. It would have been easier to just pop the whole iPhone 6 Plus, case included, into PhoneSoap. The good news was that as long as the case cover wasn’t hard to remove, this product was able to sanitize the phone and while you charged it at the same time. Plus, he seemed rather satisfied with his gift.
… the product fits my iPhone 6s+ I am very pleased with the build and function
Now that the product fits my iPhone 6s+ I am very pleased with the build and function. Now how about a larger format for iPad pro?
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These really work
These things seriously make a difference in how much our 34′ trailer wiggles when the kids move around in the back. Huge fans!
More dependable than traditional cocks
Much, much better than traditional cocks that can slide or dig into soft ground
Best wheel chock on the market!!
Love these compared to normal wheel chocks. There is no need for the old style chocks with these. Even with my 38′ fifth wheel, they are secure. Very secure and easy to ratchet. If u can’t figure out which way to ratchet you probably shouldn’t be pulling a camper in the first place.
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Easy to assemble and looks great….
Easy to assemble and looks great. Using them to hold LP’s and records. Perfect size and looks good with other furnishings too.
perfect storage for vinyl
fits records perfectly – i put some of my larger vinyl boxed sets in these and they work perfectly. they are stackable with the singles and work great for your record collection, i transferred my collection of 500+ records into these shelves and they are great! sturdy and easy to put together. worth having if you need good record storage with easy access to organize (if youre like me and buy too many records all the time, these are perfect)
Don’t even waste your time. This is so cheaply made it won’t even make it through delivery the process. I ordered it twice and both times it arrived damaged. Didn’t go for a thrid time, absolute made in China crap. You get what you pay for.
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Great compact thermos
Just as described. I already had one and needed an additional one for kids lunches. Keeps the food warm and doesn’t spill. Washes good in the dishwasher. My seal on my old one is still good.
Great for school lunch
My daughter loves this thermos. It really does a great job keeping food hot and cold. We have not had any spills or leaks.
Awesome way to send your kiddo to school with something …
Awesome way to send your kiddo to school with something warm to eat! She loves taking chicken nuggets and mini corn dogs to school in her lunch!
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Nyko Melted
Bought the power pack in 2014 and worked pretty good up until a few days ago when one of them melted. So it probably lived past its expected life cycle, I don’t know but just keep that in mind a year or two down the road.
great quality
can’t beat the quality at this price, kept one for myself and gave the other to a friend, wish I had kept both
Don’t buy this one buy Microsoft version
I was hoping this would work well for my controller but the sad fact is that if you use a headset the controller will frequently bug out and shut off then turns back on to have your headphones not working forcing you to restart the controller again to get full function back. Buy the Microsoft one instead of wasting your time.
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The gumballs taste fine but are a hair too big to fit into …
The gumballs taste fine but are a hair too big to fit into our gumball machine. Gave to a youth group to enjoy.
Taste great! Just keep in mind these are the smaller …
Comes in a resealable bag! Taste great! Just keep in mind these are the smaller gum balls and not the large 1" gum balls.
Thought Dubble Bubble’s quality would be better. I got 4 bags
Gum loses favor immediately. Small gumballs so have to put a few in your mouth. Thought Dubble Bubble’s quality would be better. I got 4 bags..still have half of the first bag left and no one has used my gum machine in the last 4 months. Disappointed.
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Perfect product
Easy to install, and a great quality product. I am always impressed with k&n products.
Exact fit for 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
Worked well and exact fit for my 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Has more holes so it has higher oil flow rate than OEM filters. Will use this from now on…
Cheaper to buy here than at the actual dealership if …
Cheaper to buy here than at the actual dealership if you are able to change your motor oil and oil filter yourself.
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