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… i ordered it a size larger and it fits great it so soft and comfortable
i read the comments before i bought the shirt and i ordered it a size larger and it fits great it so soft and comfortable. will be buying more in the future.. great product..
color is very nice. Fabric has some give but runs a bit …
Very soft fabric…color is very nice. Fabric has some give but runs a bit small. I love it!
See through
This shirt is super see-through. Not too heavy, good to stay cool under scrubs. Don’t buy for covering tattoos.
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Very disappointed with this battery. This was my second purchase. First battery still works great but have had to remove this battery from car. Will not keep charge
Excellent replacement battery for my 2006 Mazda RX8(AT trans)
This battery is a great OEM replacement for my 2006 Mazda RX8. It provides plenty of power to the vehicle for starting, etc. The battery was simple to install using the following steps: -Use a 10mm wrench to loosen the nut that holds the terminal clamp on the negative terminal -disconnect the negative terminal -Use a 10mm wrench to loosen the nut that holds the terminal clamp on the positive terminal -disconnect the positive terminal -Take the old battery out of the compartment it is in and replace it with this new one -connect and tighten the clamp for the positive terminal -connect and tighten the clamp for the negative terminal One thing about this battery that was a bit of a negative was that it was shorter than the OE Mazda battery. This meant I needed to prop the battery up a little bit so the terminal clamps could be properly fastened. I simply used the cover that came on this battery and put it underneath the battery to give a 1-2inch increase in height allowing the clamps to clear the sides of the battery well. Pros: *Good cranking power *Everything power-wise runs well Cons: *A little short for the stock battery well(-1/4 a star) However this can be fixed by using the terminal cover that came with the battery and placing it underneath the battery inside of the well. Additional Considerations: Make sure you have a wire brush and some terminal cleaner to clean the clamps. Also some kind of electrical-conducting gel may be good to apply when installing the battery. Overall: 4.75/5 stars (>=.5 rounds up, <.5 rounds down) => 5 stars If you have any further questions regarding the product in my review please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Good battery
Received the battery as described and promptly! No problem with packaging. Car starts fine – time will tell!
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All prenatals make me queasy, but I find that …
All prenatals make me queasy, but I find that I can stomach these if I take them with dinner, instead of in the morning.
Horse Pills
These pills are huge! And they are soft gels so you can’t break them into pieces. There is no way I can swallow these. I am afraid I would choke on one or it would trigger my pregnancy nausea.
i like these
my body absorbs this well. even though it sometimes leaves a wild aftertaste in my throat. but its not displeasing.
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Lost but not forgotten
This thing always did me justice, I lost the little booger I wish I could find it.
love them, but…
This is my third one of these (I gave one to the neighbor’s daughter). They tune exceptionally well. The only problem- that has been noted by many other people as well- is that the ears holding the neck tend to break. I used thread and super glue to basically wrap the ears like I was tying a fly, and it gives them the reinforcement they need to hold up. Just be careful not to get any glue in between the ears and the ball when you do it.
Don’t buy Snark
Just received a replacement Snark tuner, after first one was defective. First was an ST-2. This one an Sn-2, although like the ST-2, says SuperTight on the front. Both have same defect. After tuning first string E, & then plucking second string B, tuner remains on E for 4 seconds or so, goes to B for a second, & then returns to E & says there. And with first one, even when guitar was sitting on my lap and I’m not playing any strings, it showed itself tuning to a C, then another note. Ghost in the Snark, maybe. Showed to my instructor this past weekend. he first said I needed to wait until I hit the B – until guitar started tuning itself without my plucking a string. I had an SN 2 for 2 years – had none of these problems. But clip broke so ordered these two. Appears something in the SuperTight model are defective, as I’ve found a few others online reporting same issue. By now, Snark must know this. But they’re still selling. So I’m returning – no more Snarks.
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Good for storage
Great for storing "stuff" in my kitchen cabinets and they seal out any humidity that could spoil.
Rust free lids for fridge and freezer.
When you re use canning jars in the fridge or freezer these plastic lids are so much more friendly to use. Nothing to get rusty!
Great for gifting items in jars
I love these plastic lids for gifting items like homemade sugar scrubs in jars. If it’s not food, I don’t use this standard lids and bands. These are hard to find in stores near me for some reason, so I usually order here. These are easy to label and personalize as well.
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Great wine coller.
This is a good quality product. The unit is lightweight and accommodates bottles up to 15 inches in length. It does take about 24 hours to get to the initial target temperature. I set it to 57 degrees because I am keeping both white, red, and rose wines. If you put the bottles in your ordinary refrigerator and chill them, the unit will have an easier time cooling them.
Should have listened! Started sounding like a Mustang engine after 3 months and then died. Just kaput. Was away for a couple days so my beautiful wines are likely ruined. The low price point on this item was not worth the risk of losing my Caymus.
Not worth it, only worked for 6 months.
After only having it for 6 months it stopped working. Do yourself a favor and look for another product.
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HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle, Cream, Newborn

My newborn loves these and will hardly sleep without them. We were given one in the hospital and I immediately ordered this as a backup. With the Dr Karp method our little guy goes to sleep immediately in this sack. Love!

Absolutely love this for my daughter
Absolutely love this for my daughter. The zipper that zips up from the bottom is a lifesaver at night for diaper changes.

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MTD Genuine Parts MISC WEAR OEM-738-04124.
That’s what I ordered and that is what I received. Nothing more, nothing less.
Fits perfectly for my Cub Cadet 3X 420cc snowblower
Had to replace the OEM shear pins that came with my Cub Cadet 3X 420cc snowblower when all four of my included replacements were spent. These worked perfectly – no complaints.
my shipment came with the good spring pins
Inexpensive alternative to OEM Sears parts. Note: my shipment came with the good spring pins, not the cheapo cotter pins shown in the photograph.
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Nice applicators
I like these for detailing my tires as it keeps the gunk from ending up on your hands, thus saving money as you don’t waste product. Plus, they seem to last for quite a while.
These make it easy to control the amount you use and to spread …
I was actually surprised at how well these work. Simple product, but so many seem to get it wrong. I use these to apply my Meguiar’s tire gel and they work perfectly. These make it easy to control the amount you use and to spread it evenly so there’s no waste. They also make it easier to keep your hands clean so you don’t end up with tire gel all over the rest of your car. They seem to be holding up over time pretty well also so it appears to be a well made product. NOTE: There were two applicators in my package.
Fits tires well.
These work very well. Only reason not 5 stars is the tire dressing will either fall off if you’re not careful as it doesn’t soak in very well, and then will could the handle eventually.
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This is a great product & versatile for use just about anywhere
We have a greenhouse utilizing aquaponics. I bought this to measure the temperature of the water in the fish tanks, grow beds & the greenhouse. I have used this for all three & then checked it with thermometers & the unit has been 100% correct every time. This is a great product & versatile for use just about anywhere.
very useful, works great.
Very handy, I don’t use the adjustable emissivity, but the dual lasers is very handy. Very accurate, but sometimes you have to measure twice, or give it a little time as sometimes the initial measurement is way off. Basically don’t just shoot something and let go real quick, give it a second to stabilize.
Good feature set.
UPDATE Dec 28 2016: Although I had returned the product and got a refund, Etekcity contacted me and got me a free replacement. This one works like advertised. Increasing from 2 starts to 4. The review below is for the unit that did not work. I found it to be very inaccurate under many circumstances. It also seems to be inconsistent. It is generally 2-3 degrees (F) lower than actual temperature. I compared this to two different Raytek models and a couple of other thermometers which are all within a 0.4 degrees of each other on hot surfaces. I tested it with a block of ice from 2-3 feet away. Etekcity 630 says the temperature is around 28F. This block of ice is sitting on my countertop. All other thermometers say it is between 31.5F to 33F. The ice was made in an icemaker that drops ice into an un-insulated/un-refrigerated container with the ambient temperature in the container around 40F. So, 28F is way too inaccurate in my opinion. I also checked various objects that should be 68F (my room temp) and the Etekcity is around 66F but my other thermometers say 68F. Similar thing with boiling water. My Rayteks report 211F or 212F. The Etekcity is all over the place and is below 210F. I am pretty close to sea level It takes a second or two for the device to turn on. Assuming I got a badly calibrated product, I like the feature-set. For that, I am giving two stars.
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