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I use these gloves as a liner inside my winter gloves & for farm chores/ This brand is very durable.
amazing great fit they allso keep your hands warm i …
amazing great fit they allso keep your hands warm i got these to work on my cars there amazing
High quality, thick, and comfortable.
Nice quality, very thick. They don’t break when you take them off like some of the cheaper ones.
See detail on SKINTX-BLK50015-L-BX-Nitrile-Medical-Examination

Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat, Taylor

Very disappointed and will never but again or recommend
Only used my carseat 2 days and the METAL clip snapped in half as I was buckling it! Very disappointed and will never but again or recommend!!

Extremely Narrow Seats.
The seat is way to small and not nearly wide enough for the weight ratings listed. I bought these for my parents as we have Britax seats in our cars. My kids are 45lbs. They could not even fit their shoulders in the chairs. It is a very narrow seat. The seat is rated up to 100lbs. This must be a special chair for extremely narrow shouldered kids. We had to return them. Otherwise the seats were very easy to install (unlike the nightmare Graco seats).

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Love this keyboard
I really like my keyboard. It was easy to pair with m my kindle. I don’t keep my Kindle in this case because I take it with me all the time and this case seemed too bulky. But when I want to use the keyboard. I just sit it on the Kindle on the case and turn it on. Instant connection. A great combination.
Two Stars
I’ve had this 4 months–the rubber backing and come loose, 2 corners have chipped off, not durable at all.
Better choices available
Made of very cheap plastic — not a sturdy protection. My Fire HD 10 slipped out of it easily and frequently. The keyboard is flimsy and does not keep the Fire standing stably while using ~ even on a sturdy flat clean tabletop. It slid off our couch onto newly carpeted and padded floor and the cheap plastic snapped easily. Have had this and tried to make it work for 5 months — so it is past the "return window" per Amazon…..but must be replaced because it now does not hold the Fire HD 10 safely at all. Must purchase something to protect this Kindle more safely. There are definitely better items available — this one was not worth the $100 we spent on it.
See detail on Amazon-Fire-Keyboard-Case-Generation


Great value!
Excellent value. Has same contents as more famous and expensive brands. This probiotic definitely helps my (almost) IBS.
Worked wonders
I started taking these in october and 2 months later my bloodwork showed that my A1C dropped 2 points. I am so pleased with this product.
Becareful buying it in bulk
1st time I bought this worked and got a free order of another bottle it worked also but I ordered it in bulk, which came in 3 gave someone a bottle to try and I kept 2 as soon as started taking the one I bought in bulk I started feeling sick I was out for weeks just a sick feeling I couldn’t explain so I started looking at the probiotic and compared it to the first bottles I had and sure enough a whole different pill, I called Amazon right away and they just told me to return it I’m not sure if I should in case the pills did something permanent to me then I would not have the proof so becareful buying it in bulks I have a picture of the difference the ones that made me sick were white, eggshell look and the ones I usually take is not white n more round and different texture!!
See detail on Nutrition-Essentials-Rated-Probiotic-Moneyback


Flex tool is trash rotary works good
The second time I used the flex shaft tool after using it for less than 5 minutes it got so hot I had to use pot holders to take it off of the rotary tool. Then the flex tool just fell apart all the inner parts fell out. I bought this item for the flex shaft that was made for this rotary. If I could give negative stars I definitely would. The rotary tool itself works fine.
This is a good item. I just haven’t learned how to use it appropriately yet. I got it to cut some nails off and to cut a piece of decorative plaque. The wheel broke almost immediately. The instructions were not clear for me and if not for youtube I would not have been able to use it at all. I’m not a skilled power tool user and am 73 so factor that into my reservations. I will tackle some other projects and update my review when I do. There isn’t anything wrong with the product, just the instructions (for me) and for what I was trying to do.
AMAZING! Quality is amazing for a tool of the …
AMAZING! Quality is amazing for a tool of the price. Let the tool do the work and this will last a long time.
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The preparation process is easy and only took about 15-20 minutes
Prepared the soy curls as directed and added them to a stir fry. The preparation process is easy and only took about 15-20 minutes. They were the perfect addition to this meal! Kept their shape and absorbed the flavors of the stir fry even after reheating the leftovers.
This stuff is soooo good! My favorite ways to cook it is with …
This stuff is soooo good! My favorite ways to cook it is with bbq sauce or throw it in a tortilla soup! I love the texture and how easy it is to use. Yum!
Buy these now!
Amazing. Incredible. Delicious. I love these. My favorite way to eat them is shredding them in my Vitamix and making salsa chicken for tacos or BBQ pulled pork sliders. I love that these are high in fiber and have no added fats, making them more nutritious than a lot of other vegan meats. They are a bit expensive, but each bag makes a lot of food once reconstituted. Buy these now! Then go try the Butler Soy Jerky!
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Great case
This case is absolutely beautiful! It’s nice and sleek, has a cool hexagonal pattern, and is smooth to the touch. Definitely would purchase from this company again.
Buy it
Great phone clase. It is slim so you don’t have that bulky feeling, but it really does protect your phone. I always drop my phone and I can say that this case has protected it. And the case isn’t event damaged
Exactly what i wanted.
Perfect fit, great feel. It looks just like the picture and fits the iphone perfectly.
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These are right replacement for the smaller 8mm rivet clips …
These are right replacement for the smaller 8mm rivet clips used by Honda on the 1998-2002 Accord. Made in the same manner as the OEM clips and a fraction of the cost of buying them through the dealer.
Works for 2007 Mazda 6.
These worked on the wheel well flaps on my 2007 Mazda 6. They are much better than the factory fasteners.
These work great and are easy to install and remove. I use on a Honda 400Ex and during the rebuild Ive taken on and off the plastics quite a few times, and still have a ton of leftovers
See detail on GOOACC-Fastener-Automotive-Furniture-Expansion


This was easy to assemble
This was easy to assemble, was very sturdy, and when I took it apart for the winter to store, it all went back into the bag. Easy!
Nice product
4 start because it holds together well, the only thing holding it back from 5 stars is the squeaking.
Arrived missing parts — unusable
This looks like it would be a great stand, and a good fit for my hammock, but it’s unusable as it arrived with some of the hardware missing. No response so far from Best Choice. Edit 2016-11-09: Amazon sent a replacement (the whole stand, not just the missing hardware). It is indeed a good fit for my hammock and I expect to get plenty of use from it.
See detail on Best-ChoiceProducts-Hammock-Portable-Carrying


Goopd read!
I gave this to a friend of mine, and also myself. I enjoy reading these magazines. It took a very long time to arrive—-think months. I would order directly from the source next time.
The best magazine for gun owners
I like the variety of handguns, shotguns, rifles, and tactical weapons you find in Guns & Ammo. I also like the ads, they let me know what’s for sale.
I Look Forward To Every Issue
I look forward to every issue. One of the best balanced pistol/revolver/rifle/shotgun magazines. Good articles by experienced writers/shooter. Great tactical explanations by Kyle Lamb.
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