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fit my Miele perfectly, good quality
Fit my Miele vacuum perfectly and I don’t have to shop all over for them
I was advised by Miele that these bags are for …
I was advised by Miele that these bags are for European models of the Miele Vacuum Cleaners, NOT for American vacuum cleaners. They will not and do not fit the same way as the AIRCLEAN bags.
Miele GN Replacement Vacuum Bags
Item as described, a pricey product but that’s Miele, quick shipper, would order again. Thanks
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My 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier lost all the hair on his ears and this has restored them! While his ears are not quite the silky furry ears they used to be – at least they no longer look like they belong on a bat instead of a dog ;’) Great stuff!!
Don’t recommend
It worked a tiny bit on my lab mix but I’m not sure if it’s because her hair is growing back slowly after the medication she took for the dog flu/bronchitis. Don’t recommend
My dog has alopecia and we have been using this …
My dog has alopecia and we have been using this on her black skin. Not all of her hair has grown back, but some definitely has! Her skin is also soft and she loves getting rubbed down with it.
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BEST! perfect size for sorting and storing some of my makeup. This was exactly what I was looking for. I used my own lipstick sorter and stuck it on top and it fits perfectly. I love that you can easily slide the drawers out when you’re looking for something. I think it’s sturdy, the drawers are just deep enough, fits a ton of stuff. If I had more space for displaying my makeup I’d buy a couple more of these.
It’s nice and big
It’s nice and big! My makeup is much more organized and I still have plenty of space to fill in. Super happy about it 🙂
Love it! Came without a single scratch and fits …
Love it! Came without a single scratch and fits everything perfectly! I still have plenty of space and will order the seperate lipstick stands. Would buy another in the future if needed!
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There 6 outlets with a 90 degree swivel that makes it easy to plug in and doesn’t allow the item to …
This item is so functional for multiple connections. It has 6 pivot plug and surge protector. There 6 outlets with a 90 degree swivel that makes it easy to plug in and doesn’t allow the item to be setting at the back. It is well made and protected. It has to be used with duplex receptacle having center screw.. Inexpensive and a very good brand.
Well worth the money, I use it with my computer table it can reall handle the power adaptors as well as regular plugs.
Space saving and the moveable switches allow you to plug …
Space saving and the moveable switches allow you to plug in all the large plugs that come with every electronic device you purchase nowdays.
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Should have read all of the reviews before I bought …
Should have read all of the reviews before I bought this. The screen it flimsy and the lid does not stay on, we’ve tried to adjust it multiple times.
Adequate for purpose
Hard to push around being so close to the ground. Screws don’t hold all that well but it is good for burning small fires.
Love this fire pit– we bought one many years ago …
Love this fire pit– we bought one many years ago and decided to replace it with the same one. However, the lid was damaged in shipping.
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Speed tests are as good as my cable connection will allow
This has performed flawlessly since I got it a few months ago. Speed tests are as good as my cable connection will allow. I loaded it with the Tomato firmware so I could tweak a lot of the hidden settings.
Three years later I’m buying another router.
Bought this router in October 2013 and it died 3 years later. There’s a short in the on switch. If I hold down the on switch it works perfectly. Call me naive but I expect a $150 router to last more than 3 years, especially since my Linksys WRT54G lasted double that time. I’m shopping for another router and you can bet I won’t consider another ASUS.
Works great!
Works great! updated firmware right away and it has been flawless. I also updated my cable modem behind this to a Docsis 3.0 modem and now I can really harness the full potential of my cable connection.
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I wrote to Amazon after receiving this product because the zip seal was open and the product was all over. I also noticed a warning about the product containing a chemical that may harm reproductive health (see photo). Amazon refunded my money and offered to replace the product but didn’t answer ANY of my questions or concerns about this hazardous chemical. I still don’t specifically know what this chemical is so I can do my own research on it. It is not on the label. I typically purchase my maca powder from Whole Foods and none of the brands there have a chemical warning like that. When going back to review the product, I noticed the image used has the warning in the most minuscule text ever. I can’t read what it says even on the highest zoom. It’s half the size of the text on the rest of the label (which is in many cases illegal to do on the actual product). No where in the description does it contain the warning. This is an altered label. The label on the actual product is much larger, I assume because as stated before, it is illegal to include warnings in small, unreadable text. I’m really disturbed that this product is listed as organic and healthy but tries to hide its own warning labels. It should be clearly mentioned in the product description for consumer safety!!! I’m also upset that Amazon ignored my request for more information on the chemical. This issue has nothing to do with personal fertility outcomes, as many of the other reviews state. My concern is with the lack of consumer information provided on this chemical and warning. Maybe this chemical will have no effect on me, and maybe the product is great, but I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to obtain information on the warning label on the package so I can make my own informed decision.
Not sure how I felt about this powder, I …
Not sure how I felt about this powder, I guess I really didn’t give a chance before I threw it to the side. I’m going to bring it back out for another try one of these days.
Great so far – my mix and results.
Just started taking it a couple weeks ago. So far no stomach ache as some get when eating this raw. I pour honey into a small cup and add raw black maca powder, bee pollen, raw cacao (no sugar) and deer antler velvet powder I got on e bay (only capsule form on here). I mix that to a nice syrup. I feel (notice the lack of proof in this statement) that honey will slow release what my body needs and help protect against stomach aches. Plus raw honey is a powerhouse for our bodies. Let’s be honest with one another. Many are taking black maca for more power in bed. Bee pollen can also help as I heard the male pine pollen is a big one so depends on where the pollen is derived. Maybe all plant pollen can give a boost though. Regardless, I don’t have issues in this area but I do smoke pipe tobacco and hear it can decrease the fun in bed. I am taking a precausion and found it actually has so far improved what I did not expect could be improved upon. Placibo? She didn’t think so. 😉
See detail on Healthworks-Maca-Powder-Raw-Organic

Doll Bicycle Seat – "Ride Along Dolly" Bike Seat (Purple) with Decorate Yourself Decals (Fits American Girl and Stuffed Animals)

Get these while they last!!!!
Easy to install and easy to use. What a great gift for the girls to have on their bikes. They get to bring their favorite dolly of the day/week/month with them every time they ride their bikes. Great gift for a great price.

Affordable, quality and fun!
Such an inexpensive purchase that brings such joy to my three daughters. It’s a craft as my kids got to decorate their seats with the included stickers. Then I found the seats to be super easy to install! And The American Girl Dolls stay securely in place. For Christmas, my girls asked for the coordinating helmets to keep their dolls extra safe 🙂

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Completely buggy and not actually a new unused product.
Do not waste your time or money. I began to suspect I had a problem when the instructions stated that the tab for the battery needed to be removed to start the unit. The tab was not present to remove. This suggests the unit was previously used, returned, and then shipped back out as new product. I then began to discover why the unit was likely previously returned: It would not consistently (rarely actually) recognize the "double tap" to activate the device. Over two days of attempts it never managed to sync with the application. This includes re-installing the app, attempting to sync on multiple phones, and replacing the battery. Tech support (only available via email not phone) was unable to provide any other suggestions. I am very disappointed. This was a birthday present for my wife and she has not enjoyed the experience. I am in the process of returning it.
Pretty, but not so functional
This is a really pretty piece of jewelry and I would have been tempted to buy it for its aesthetic value alone, but the added technology was genius! However, I found out that technology still has some bugs. The app I downloaded to my iPhone would crash on me and the LEAF didn’t always want to sync on the first try… or three. The step tracker caught only 50-60% of the steps which I logged on another app on my iPhone (and I was constantly wearing the LEAF as opposed to setting my phone aside on occasion so it should have recorded more with the LEAF) plus the sleep analysis was also inconsistent and the app was glitchy when I tried to manually input my asleep/awake times. I found my current iPhone sleep app offers much more usable data. I wore the leather bracelet only one day and it was becoming discolored from rubbing against my jeans and seemed to be stretching out from constant pulling caused by the weight of the LEAF. It also felt cumbersome because of the bulky LEAF design which isn’t well supported by a thin leather strap, though I’ll confess I’m not accustomed to wearing bracelets so that may have been my perception. I clipped it directly on my pajama top overnight and I didn’t notice it at all as I slept. I tried it on the neckline of a knit top during the day, but it made it awkwardly bunch and hang low in the front due to the weight of the LEAF. I clipped it to the inside waistband of my pants but was afraid of losing whenever I had to use the bathroom since it would nearly slide off. I’d be afraid to clip it to the bottom of a top as I don’t see that it would be secure enough, though it is offered as a suggestion in their promotion of the LEAF. I never unpackaged the necklace so can’t speak to that. I’m thankful for Amazon’s awesome return policy, of which I took full advantage. Hopefully Bellabeat will make improvements and I’ll give it another try! I really do think it’s about time for form and function to meet.
A Beautiful Disappointment
I really want to like this product but am greatly disappointed that other reviewers were correct on its inaccuracies. Out of the box it is a very nice to look at and very easy to use and sync. However at the end of every day I am upset to see that I only take 200 steps per day (I am not a vegetable) or that the sleep tracking isn’t working at all. The bracelet is scratchy and uncomfortable and when clipping to clothing the accuracy is even worse. Nice start, needs major improvements.
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way too big for small hands
Insulates well and has a nice grippy silicone ribs. However one size fits all, and this is way too big for small hands. The fingertips stick out an inch over past my hand and it is hard to grip when your hands turn inside the glove. Will be giving them as a gift to someone who has much larger hands.
Work great.
Love these gloves. I have a pair to use inside and a pair to use outside when grilling, I also bought a pair to give as a gift. Will definitely buy again.
Great product
I had the pleasure of trying this product at a friend’s before ordering, so I knew what to expect. Mine fit great, worked well and reliably during a busy Thanksgiving, and I’m hoping to rely on them for years to come.
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