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Just ok
I wouldn’t say this is the best easel paper we have ever gotten and probably won’t but it again. It is very thin paper and not good for painting or markers. Works fine for crayons but had wanted something more durable.
Great for markers and crayons
Great for markers and crayons, but not as good at resisting tearing when used with tempera paint, as kids love to do.
Product suggestion misleading
ordered dispenser, received suggestion to order rolls of paper and didn’t think that I needed to verify that paper fit dispenser.
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Good, but the battery cover does not stay closed …
Good, but the battery cover does not stay closed and I lost it. I sent it back to Omron. They returned a new one. Perfect service by Omron. Clinically it works very well.
Compact and useful, this blood pressure monitor that fits on the …
Compact and useful, this blood pressure monitor that fits on the wrist went as a gift to my son who really liked it for its ease of use and stylish design.
Heart zone guidance position is too low
The heart zone guidance is off for me; if I hold it in the recommended "blue" zone, that’s an inch or two below the bottom of my breastbone. When I showed my doctor, he agreed. A second unit I tried had the same problem. This means the BP readings (if I follow the guidance) will always be a little too high. So I’m just ignoring the light and keeping the unit where I think it’s supposed to be, it still works and hopefully I’m getting more accurate readings. Overall pros and cons: – PRO: Small size compared to other wrist BP machines. – PRO: Silent operation, no buzzing or humming or beeping. – CON: As above, heart zone guidance was off for me. – CON: More prone to occasional inaccurate high readings compared to my older-style bulkier Omron machine, but if I ignore those and average everything else, it’s within 4-5 points of the other machine.
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3 Sprouts Toy Chest, Crocodile, Green

Cute But Not Durable
We have three of these. They’re cute but as others have noted, they aren’t durable enough to withstand typical toddler play such as being climbed in/on, or too many toys. It would suffice for older kids or grandma’s house but I wouldn’t recommend for every day use with little ones.

Happy so far
So far I’m happy with the purchase, I haven’t tested with toys yet. Very sturdy board sides. There was about 2 inches the fabric was not sewing closed very well. It’s bigger than I excepted but that’s great.

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False pictures show items not included. No BNC connectors included as I need to extend my current BNC cables.
The main picture shows the cables with the connectors and the title says ‘with connectors’ so I thought this item came with the BNC connectors that the main picture shows. Apparently they do not and it will be another few days before I can connect my security system’s DVR unit. Not too happy.
I did not like this product because the cables are not UL/Fire Rated
I did not like this product because the cables are not UL/Fire Rated. Therefore they didn’t pass my county’s permit inspection. I had to go back that night after going to a local electronics store and buying UL rated wires, rip out these wires, and install the new ones. A job that took me two days to do, I had to do in 6 hours because these weren’t fire rated. These wires are now cut and laying the trunk of my car as they await their disposal in the trash bin.
Worked great to extend one of my camera runs.
This cable was all I needed to extend my camera out to a better angle. The surveillance system I bought came with 60′ cables and I needed about 80 for one run. This was plug and play. I like that the white matches my trim better than black so that is good for hiding it a little better. Only things I didn’t like is that my OEM cable was a single strand and this one is two strands side by side. It’s a little thicker and a bit harder to hide, but it did work fine. Also, the connectors are colored bright red and bright yellow which draws attention to them. It did not affect performance and I can certainly live with it. All in all a good cable and I recommend it.
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these are very bright but haven’t had anyone flash their …
these are very bright but haven’t had anyone flash their brights at me yet. They only draw back is the factory lights were more focused on the ground in front of the vehicle. these are almost a flood light and light up everything, even the over head signs on the freeway. By careful not to twist them into place too hard or it could snap the light shaft. That happened to me. I didn’t tighten too hard, or so i thought and it did snap. They were quick to replace it though.
Very bright lights!
I decided to change the OEM bulbs on my vehicle and came across these JDM bulbs. I was impressed by the brightness. I had no problem with flickering as I read on other posts. I did not have to use a resistor or anything. It was a straight replacement. I definitely recommend these LEDs!
Very easy installation on my 2014 F150
Very easy installation on my 2014 F150. I am concerned that they may be too bright and not focused downward as a fog light should be. Will know more after driving at night a few more times. Since my truck is lifted it will likely make it that much worse.
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Great Deal and Price
If I try to buy this at the fish store, it’s a TON of money. I quit buying at the fish stores, and started buying on Amazon. This thing lasts almost a year for me. I love it.
Good product
I used to use those liquid drops that you have to put like 50 drops in a gallon and my fishes water would always go foggy really quick. Lately it hasn’t been getting dirty so quick. Not sure if it’s because I change the water conditioner but I would buy again.
Just great
I was worried it might show up leaky but it arrived intact. The product was exactly as described.
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Great reader, super in natural light.
Love this book reader. Nice clear print with great touch buttons on the side. Eyes get tired using the glow light at night, but it is well illuminated, just not as easy to read as it is in the daylight.
Not user friendly
If you are just reading a book it is fine. If you want to navigate a book it sucks. Reading in sunlight or in the dark it is great. I do not consider this device user friendly at all. Not good if you want to study. Great for reading a novel.
I love it for the most part
I love it for the most part. But the ‘buttons’ aren’t nearly sensitive enough even after adjusting to the most sensitive setting. Since I got this one instead of the other more inexpensive models just for the buttons, I’m kinda disappointed. Otherwise, it’s great, much like my previous generation kindle that was starting to die from age.
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I have a love hate with these
I have a love hate with these, They dont last as long as they used too. But i haven’t found a better replacement yet.
solid durable construction
over a 13′ stand out and durable. I don’t always drop it off of roofs but when I do its the coffee table that gives not the tape.
A bit pricey but worth it.
A bit pricey but worth it. Quality Made in USA, retracting and blades are both well made.
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This thing is amazing. I like having my clothes where I can …
This thing is amazing. I like having my clothes where I can see them so we mounted this on the wall instead of in a closet. It’s so easy to see all my things and there is plenty of things left over that with a few shelf supplements we could do a whole other closet.
Amazingly versatile closet system, and easy to install
I love this closet system! After putting one in my teenage daughter’s room, I decided my younger daughter needed one, too, because it’s so easy to install and so versatile. I like that all the installation is done against the back wall – there are no posts in your way or any connections needed at the sides of the closet. My daughter has decided to take the doors off her closet because she likes how it looks. I love the fact that it is so easy to reconfigure. Once the top rail and uprights are in place, it takes all of 2 minutes to change the placement of the shelves and hanging rails. And yet they are very sturdy. We put the shelves and hanging rails lower for my younger daughter so she can reach them, but it will be easy to move them higher as she grows.
It is beautiful and made my closet easy to sort clothes out
Got this to re-organize my closet. It is beautiful and made my closet easy to sort clothes out. Installation was easy as it came with instructions. It holds up to what I have on it really good.
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The First Years Take & Toss Toddler Flatware, 16 Piece

Quality is good – could reuse a bunch of times before tossing
Wish there were more spoons and less forks. Quality is good – could reuse a bunch of times before tossing. I like these because I don’t mind if I forget them at a restaurant since they are disposable but they don’t seem terribly flimsy.

Good product
Great product. Our dogs chew them up if left on the floor and I’m not worried about it cause they are a good price too.

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