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This product was awesome for the doily light craft I did
This product was awesome for the doily light craft I did. It dries clear, and was strong enough to hold up homemade doilies on a balloon without sliding off. I’m going to use it for wallpaper next. So we’ll see how it works for that.
Inaccurate product description.
The product description is wrong. The description says "can be diluted" but it says right on the container "Do not dilute", also says "covers 4-5 double rolls" where as the container says "covers 2 double rolls".
Poor grip not sure grip
Poor grip, not sure grip . This product would not paste border paper at the overlap. Followed directions. Glue worked fine instead.
See detail on Rust-Oleum-69384-Suregrip-Strippable-Wallpaper


The cans were damaged and there was mold and there were maggots on some of the cans when I opened the box. Ended up throwing out the whole package because of the stench. 🙁
Unlike some other flavors, my cats lick the plate clean when it’s Friskies salmon.
Friskies salmon seems to be my cats’ favorite second only to Friskies Ocean whitefish.
Our Girls >*;*< Love the Friskies Turkey & Giblets Pate
The girls >*;*< absolutely love the Friskies Turkey & Giblets. They won’t touch anything but the Pate. 🙂 I’ve seen people commenting on their shipments being damaged, I’ve never had that happen to me. I think that’s more the fault of the shipping company than Amazon. I do tend to order other items at the same time I order the cat food so maybe the box is better packed with airbags which protects the items. 🙂
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Size Could Be Deceiving But Great Overall
1-Year Review: Though I originally thought I would use these tips for my new Microsoft Surface Book at the time, I actually rarely used them. Personally I do not notice that much of a difference in feel between the tips though I could see some artists spotting the differences instantly. The photos given in the description skew the actual size of the pen tip kit. It is much smaller than originally thought, in fact so small I fear I would lose it in my bag. This product is great for artists or whomever writes on a surface device on a regular basis. I used it for note taking for college classes. All in all, I did use the pen kit multiple times to change the writing experience though not as functional as I originally thought it would be.
This is great for making the Surface Book pen feel much better …
This is great for making the Surface Book pen feel much better in-hand. At such a low cost, the options are well worth it for anybody who does graphic design or wishes to annotate technical documents.
Buy this if you are an artist
Product is outstanding from packaging till the actual product itself. Amazing for drawing and scetching
See detail on Microsoft-RJ3-00001-Surface-Pen-Tip


Subway is my son’s favorite place to eat
Subway is my son’s favorite place to eat. He is in the Air Force so I purchased this to mail to him so he could eat out once in awhile and not have to always eat in the chow hall.
Arrived Without Issue
I bought this and came as expected. I didn’t have any issues at the restaurant with it or anything. Its nice to know that this card is reloadable. This would make a nice gift for someone or as a thank you present.
I was skeptical of receiving a prepaid gift card through the mail instead of in person or digitally. HOWEVER, I now do not have to step outside in this dreaded heat! I can just order this online!
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Luvable Friends 3 Piece Burp Cloth with Fiber Filling, Paris

These are darling and great for keep baby clean
Couldn’t leave Daddy out! These are darling and great for keep baby clean!

Very Absorbent
The material is much more absorbent than other burp cloths I’ve purchased, which is great since the milk doesn’t roll right off. I just wish they were a bit wider/longer for our very spit uppy baby. For a baby who doesn’t spit up too much, it would be a great burp cloth.

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Works great 🙂
Very thin and lightweight, fits easily in wallet. I’m a woman with thick straight hair (I break plastic combs!) so I got this one for the fine teeth vs the mirrored women’s one. The teeth are sturdy but not sharp– the metal feels like it has resin or something over it. The comb fits comfortably in my hands. My one suggestion would be to make a mirrored one with fine teeth, as all the mirrored ones right now have much wider teeth. Thanks for a well-designed comb!!
Fantastic…sturdy, light, small….
This little comb really is awesome. This doesn’t replace a comb to style one’s hair but it is just fantastic for having out and about. It is really sturdy yet lightweight. The teeth are long enough and wide enough to detangle long hair in a pinch. If one’s hair is on the shorter side ( mine is right below my ears ) , this is all one needs for travel. I have even used this at the beach on my teen aged daughter who has hair down past her shoulder blades. It was fantastic in detangling her hair in sections. My only regret is that I didn’t get the one with the back mirror. Then I could have ditched my purse mirror too. Though I will probably buy that one and keep this one in her travel cheerleading kit. Since some of these can be personalized, these would be amazing bridesmaid gifts or team gifts for cheerleading/dancing/gymnastics, etc.
Thumbs up for go-comb
I’m impressed with the go comb. Fits in a credit card slot in wallet and is easily removed for use. It eliminates having to carry a comb in pocket.
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Black Hefty bags are genius!
This probably the best idea ever for garbage bags. We all know hefty makes the best bags. But making them in Black was genius! Keeps your garbage private, for that occasional item that should be recycled but for one reason or another you just can’t. To keep nosy people from seeing your garbage without opening it.
Do not buy, horrible product
Horrible purchase, do not buy. Rips from the sides as soon as you unroll from package. Had to go thru package of 40 to find 5 in condition.
Does Not FIT On Standard Garbage Can
I liked the bag, except it does NOT fit my standard garbage can. I’ve used hefty for a long time and never had any issues. With these new bags I can NOT get the bag to fit around the lid unless I rip it a little bit. I am very disappointed and will have to look for new garbage bags that will actually fit on a garbage can…
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[Deal]GoLine Cute Kitty LED Children Night Light, Multicolor Silicone Soft Baby Nursery Lamp, Sensitive Tap Control, Warm White & 7-Color Breathing Dual Light Modes, 12-hour Portable Usage.(GL-NL003)

It gives off a nice soft glow and is very cute
It gives off a nice soft glow and is very cute. The only thing I wish it did was to give you color options for when the light is still. The only options are still white light, or a mode where the colors fade one into the next continuously.

The perfect kitty light!
Great quality light. Charger is usb and very nice. You can even squish the kitty and it reshapes itself. I am thinking of buying another!

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super awesome light my 11 year old loves this its …
super awesome light my 11 year old loves this its his new favorite thing! perfect gift idea for the hard to buy older kids!
Works, and is sufficient for my purposes
A little squeaky. Nice that it moves to music. I use it with binaural beats for relaxation. I had to stop though, because it devastated my cat and she would not come to bed with us for a week.
Bad quality. The remote broke the day we bought it. Now the lights flash on and off. Terrible. UPDATE: The company contacted me and sent us a replacement. The replacement works as expected with no issues. We must have received a defective one originally. Very happy with the customer service we received and excited to use our new disco ball. Thanks.
See detail on Party-Disco-Ball-Lights-Activated


Usually buy from petsmart but couldn’t pass up this deal. Good quality food that’s affordable and birds like it
Same food we bought from bird store but SOMETIMES cheaper!
UPDATE:I just went to purchase another bag and really wish (with 20/20 hindsight!) that I’d bought more! The great price I found weeks ago is gone! Instead of eighteen dollars it’s now twenty-five for the same bag! I know prices fluctuate a little bit, but thirty nine percent in six weeks?? It’s still good food, but I may start looking at other brands… I never thought of looking on Amazon for this before! It’s the exact same pellet type food we’ve fed our parrots for the last five years, only instead of paying nearly $30 per bag BEFORE tax I now can get them here! Delivered to my door without the time and fuel costs of driving across town. Saving the tax is a bonus! Our birds like these, they offer complete nutrition and we’ve never had any health issues with any of our birds. The breeder we bought them from prefers Rowdybush so we’ve kept them on it since they were weaned, and two of our birds we fed the "baby formula" version of this starting from just a few weeks old. These pellets have a good long shelf life so are very convenient for us to use. We don’t have to make a trip every week or two to get more that way. (of course, now we don’t have to travel any further than the mailbox!) There are really only two negatives to Rowdybush, and the same might be true for ANY pellet foods. First, you sometimes can get infested with flour moths hidden inside the grain that don’t hatch until after you open the bag. They are a real annoyance and both have ruined a bunch of our food and driven us crazy! Best thing we’ve found to help avoid this is we put every bag in our deep freezer (kept at 0 F/-18 C) for at least two days before we ever open the bag. Don’t know if there are other ways but it’s worked for us. The other issue is a real puzzler. All of our parrots seem to love putting large amounts of their food into their water bowls. If you don’t catch it right away and let the water go overnight with the food in it it somehow ferments in some fashion and makes a very disgusting smelling mess! This is probably true of other pellet foods as well, I just don’t know for sure… It always amazes me how odorless pellets smell SO unpleasant when none of the individual ingredients start to smell until they physically start to rot. In any case, we are entirely satisfied with this product, especially since it comes in four sizes so everyone can get the best size for every size parrot from a green cheeked conure, sun conure, Hahn’s macaw (smallest macaw breed) to our severe macaw. There’s also a bigger size pellet for the bigger guys.
Loki says it tastes good!
This food was recommended for my parrot because it is not seed based. Thought it might be a trial to get him to eat it. He absolutely loves it!
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