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I purchased my first set in Dec and loved the brightness of the LED
Do not purchase. I purchased my first set in Dec and loved the brightness of the LED. However, after I purchased the second set I realized one of the spot lights from Dec no longer worked after less than 1 month, and after only 1 day one of the spot lights (on the second set) no longer worked. POOR QUALITY. How
Good Product
We have a dark street and our driveway is hard to see in the dark. These are a blessing.
Great landscape addition
Perfect lights for the area you just can’t wire. They are bright, adjustable and SOLAR!
See detail on URPOWER-Waterproof-LED-Spotlight-Adjustable


Better price and just as good as going to any hardware store!!!
These were fairly priced and they work perfectly. I had no issues with any of the bulbs and the shipping was extremely fast. Better than me going out to the hardware store for sure.
Not very bright.
This are not what the seller is claiming! They are as bright as my old 35W bulbs. The manufacturer says the lumin output is 370. Look at the picture!
If I could also give less than 1 star I …
If I could also give less than 1 star I would. I purchased these bulbs in September by October 17 they were all blown out. My return window closed on October 5th. Bummed
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They are good. They can be a little trickier to use, but very nice quality and do help with the hold.
Bought for my son’s class. Teacher loves them.
Bought for my son’s class. Teacher loves them. Even said it has made dramatic differences for a few students (including my son)
Very hard to use. Too tight on the pencil, my 7 y.o. can’t get them on or off without help. Very bulky and difficult to write with, not any help with handwriting or correct pencil placement. And the plastic picks up and sticks to every piece of lint, dust, and hair in the room- gross.
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Nice Flag
The flag is great. I am hanging out in my garage. I think it is a little too thin to hang out side if there is any type of strong wind
Love the flag
Love the flag! After a few months of use the bottom began to fray and needed to be re-stitched. It also lost some color in the sun.
Love this flag so many compliments and very stony have …
Love this flag so many compliments and very stony have had this flag on my Jeep all the time at speed up to 80MPH and hasn’t even torn badly yet . Will totally buy again
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we turned on the switch and they lit up!
I cannot believe i am leaving a review on lightbulbs….. We recently rented a new house and all of the ceiling fans had incandescent bulbs in only half of the sockets… we replaced them all with these. I guess they are great! We flip the light switch and they light up so they have that going for them
I Am Very Happy With My Purchase!
This Was A Great Find!! Thank You So Very Much!!!!! The Bulbs Work Great!! Sheila B. ~
Light bulbs!
Kind of hard to wax eloquent about lightbulbs. They’re great to have around when you have one blow.
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I never write reviews
I bought this over two years ago. My children use and abuse it every day! This is one of the best appliances I have ever had. I originally purchased it because of its price (and money was tight!) This microwave has more than paid for itself. It is durable and heats food fantastically. If you are considering this microwave- don’t hesitate. You will be glad you bought it
Clear coat on control panel starting to wear off after …
Clear coat on control panel starting to wear off after 6 weeks. Popcorn speed dial is way off. Takes another 3 minutes or so after the speed dial. Microwave popcorn bag barely fits in oven and doesn’t rotate. A beverage that takes 2 minutes to warm will take 4 minutes to warm. But for 50 bucks, what do you expect? Overall, I can live with this product.
Broke after 3 months.
It broke after 3 months of using. I just tried to open it and then I had flash of light that stopped life of this microwave. I know how to use microwave and it doesn’t have visible damage.
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The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler, Blue/White

but I do like the warming part
I do not utilize the cooler part of this, but I do like the warming part. It’s easy to use and relatively fast. A month later, it is getting dirty, but it was fairly easy to clean. The price is right for what you get.

A must have item!
This bottle warmer is amazing! I had been a little on the fence about this item, but decided to purchase it because I had been heating the bottles just using running hot water which could take forever and was also not very efficient. And when it’s 3 in the morning and you’re exhausted and there is a screaming newborn needing to be fed, time is of the essence. That and ease of use. First, it doesn’t take up too much counter space and fits nicely underneath my kitchen cabinets. It has a sturdy base so even half asleep I still don’t knock it over in my sleep deprived clumsy-ness. The little cup it comes with comes in handy for pulling put the bottles without burning your hand (the steam gets hot!). I use Phillips Avent Natural bottles and they fit perfectly in the warmer with a little room to spare, so it seems that wide mouth bottles fit well. It does come with a little ring adapter that you can place atop the warmer to keep smaller bottles from rattling around. There is a little instruction booklet that tells you exactly how much water to use, as well as two little vials to put the water in. The vials attach to the warmer base, which means no having to measure in the middle of the night if you prep it before bed! The little cooler detaches and has a nice little handle which makes it easier to carry around. It comes with a little container that you fill with water and then freeze, this is how it keeps the bottles warm. It is NOT an electric cooler. I haven’t used it yet, but I can easily see myself using it when I go out on long shopping trips to keep the bottles cool. I also really like the fact that this warmer can also be used for baby food jars and sanitizing pacifiers. I seriously would recommend this warmer to anyone!

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They work well, I use them everyday, just …
They work well, I use them everyday, just wish they didn’t leak, 2 of them were broken when I got it, but no bigges
I use these to meal prep for my husband and these worked just fine. They have worked just fine in the microwave
So I ordered these and 2-3 of the container lids were in fact chipped on one corner. The plastic is kind of flimsy, but you can’t really complain for such a low price. I use these to meal prep for my husband and these worked just fine. They have worked just fine in the microwave. It says they can be put in the dishwasher but I hand wash them so I can’t say if they will hold up or not in the dishwasher. The compartments are also a good size for meal and snack prepping.
After the last one breaks I’m done.
Thin, very thin rigid plastic. Simply putting a lid on one directly out of the box one broke. Broke a second one takin a lid off.
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Wow… hair is clean, soft and very manageable. Most shampoo make my hair fall out. No conditioner needed.
Would’ve been 5 stars….
I like this product. I am an African American woman with tight 4B coils and this works well. I think a lot of it has to do with my hair loving Argan Oil. I’d give this 5 stars, but I didn’t get the pump that the picture shows the product having. I’d really love this if a pump came with it.
Extreme Perfume!
Extremely perfumed! Absolutely horrible assault on my nose. This stuff is unusable for me. A total waste of money.
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Broke easily, but better than repairing brand new phone
I’m glad it comes with 2! I dropped my phone out of my car (less than 2 feet) (2 days after getting the phone and the glass screen protector cracked right down the middle. Have cover on phone as well, not just screen protector. Easy application and affordable product.
Good, but had the “Halo effect”
It’s an alright screen protector, but try as I might I couldn’t get the edges to stick down properly.
Applied right on the screen with edges lined up but …
Applied right on the screen with edges lined up but there is a halo on all four sides that do not go away by "gently pressing it down with fingers". I had higher expectations for a version 2.
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