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Effective ice melter
This worked great on the winter ice, and with free shipping it’s hard to beat. It came to my front door, was stored, opened and used all within ten feet of its delivered location. Would definitely repeat that purchase.
Exactly what I expected
What’s not to love? Melted snow quickly and saved me a trip to the hardware store.
Good deal on safer “salt”
Got a really good price which, with the shipping, still beat other, lesser products.
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Castrol Oil Is The Best
I have tried other (Pennzoil, Quaker State, etc.) oils and Castrol has proven to be the best to keep engines clean. I have changed my various vehicles oil for 40 years now with one (1996 Ford Explorer) having only used Castrol oil. It has almost 200,000 miles without ever burning/using oil and, between changes, the 3000-5000 mile used oil appears nearly clear/clean. On another (1964 Rambler Classic Typhoon) vehicle, I started (in 1990) using Castrol oil where, after a few oil changes, the used oil also appeared cleaner. Now, after 25 more years and over 300,000 miles, this car does not leak or burn any oil either. So, this real life experience is an actual testament to the quality and value of Castrol oil. FYI: THE LIFE OF YOUR VEHICLE’S ENGINE DEPENDS ON 2 MAJOR THINGS: CHANGE YOUR OIL REGULARLY AND NEVER OVERHEAT YOUR ENGINE. If you are, like most, a city/urban driver, change your oil every 3000 miles. If you overheat, stop immediately! Fix it there or (probably overall cheaper) get it towed and repaired. An engine’s cooling system is quite simple usually needing a minor part like a hose or thermostat…possibly a water pump. Note: The price here on Amazon is comparable to Walmart although, Walmart may have a sale price sometimes. Still, it’s just nice and convenient to get this delivered (free) right to my door.
Been using this for years and have over 200, …
Been using this for years and have over 200,000 miles on one car and over 125,000 miles on another.
Great Price for a Great Oil – Recommended!
Received a great price for a great oil. But sadly since that great price I have only seen that price available to Prime Members. I have been using Castrol GTX since the 1980’s and have always sworn by it being it has never let me down. I have never had an blow a seal, gasket, leak or burn oil while using Castrol GTX. And that is saying a lot as I use to be very hard on my vehicles, and can still be from time to time. One time I busted a hole in my radiator by accident in a parking lot over 15 miles from home. Having no tools or anything with me to fix the problem and being it was late night on a friday I had no choice. But to drive the car home as fast as I could before I lost all the radiator fluid and in turn over heating the car. Well long story short, the car made it home but was long out of antifreeze and the temperature gauge was buried in the red. Fearful for the engine I allowed the vehicle to sit over night to cool off. And the next day she started right up and was as good as always. I have always credited that moment to the fact I had Castrol GTX in the car and in turn is what saved the engine from the excessive heat. As I have not had the same luck other brand names of oil, as I have replaced two engines while using the brand name M. one. Due to my history with and without Castrol GTX motor oil, when I made my recent purchase of a high mileage Chevrolet Blazer 4×4 as a fun, toy around vehicle to haul things with and to play in the snow. Of course I drained the old motor oil out and gave her a fresh batch of Castrol GTX. I did the same for our other car as well. I would easily recommend this product to my friends and family. The oil arrived safely and in a timely manner. I was actually surprised they could ship motor oil as I figured that would be a hazard, but I guess the post office knows better. If you have a Prime Membership, you can almost always find Castrol GTX cheaper on Amazon than at any retail location even with a coupon or on sale. We were not paid nor discounted in any way, shape or form for giving our honest opinion here of this product as a review to assist others. We believe, as a family, it is important to give an honest and accurate review to assist others so they can make good purchasing decisions that can benefit them and their family. And not be lead to cheap, unwanted purchases that are scripted by advertisers to buy their products. We are a family that believes in a minimalist lifestyle while trying to be green as much as possible in all departments of our life. As we care to leave something, anything, of this planet to our grandchildren so they may enjoy it as we have.
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Am very happy with this product you cant go wrong with does everything it say. Bought due to husbands heart to weak for sex 16 years I waited just to not upset him. Was well worth the wait!
Definitely would recommend to
Ordered 5 days before Christmas and it arrived on Christmas Eve. Very fast shipping and very discrete box. Well this is the first toy my wife absolutely loves. Definitely would recommend to others
This is my first toy but that being said ITS SOO GOOD!! Didnt take me long to climax the different vibrating settings are lovely for variety. It’s great to use on yourself but 20x better with a partner. My boyfriend and I will be using this toy together often! (;
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Solid Product
Bought as booth prizes for a school festival. Super cute. Printed image is nice and clear. Definitely a solid product.
Just for fun
Well-sized for our group of 3rd-6th graders. Some wore them on their ankles. The faces do fade after a few days in the sun/water, but they’re not meant to last in the elements.
… BD party was Emoji themed so this was just perfect!
My granddaughter’s BD party was Emoji themed so this was just perfect!

Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot Clear

Love this for on the pack n play
Love this for on the pack n play. The diaper holder that came with the pack n play was very flimsy so I got this and love it. It holds everything I need without flopping over and spilling stuff out

It has been a very good addition to our changing station
It has been a very good addition to our changing station. Has kept the diapers, wipes and creams within easy reach. Would recommend this for all changing stations that don’t have one built in.

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Has been working great!
This has worked great! It has been in use for about 4 months. I’m not sure if the batteries can be replaced. I lost my instructions.:( I will buy another if needed. It was delivered very quickly.
Light steps, doorways, anywhere light is needed.
These have made my electrician retire early. Placed around house, you can walk around perimeter without flashlight at night. Once in a while one won’t work, but usually dependable. Works best in sunny climate.
If it gets good sun it’s great
If it gets good sun it’s great, really bright, good coverage. If it doesn’t get good sun (I’m in the PNW) it’s not that bright, just a little output, some light, but it’s not like when it’s fully charged.
See detail on Holan-Motion-Sensor-Solar-Waterproof


Good product
The product is perfectly designed. Unfortunately it was defective. Returned and purchased locally since I could not wait for s replacement.
The perfect sturdy toilet seat with handles
Just had knee surgery – this toilet seat riser was PERFECT! Especially happy with bar handles. Super easy to install. Well packaged, on time delivery. Excellent product and seller.
But it’s all good this is for him
Works very well for my husband, me not so much, I’m short!! But it’s all good this is for him.
See detail on Raised-Toilet-Seat-Vive-Handicapped

Innoo Tech Baby Sling Carrier Natural Cotton Nursing Baby Wrap Suitable for Newborns to 35 lbs Lifetime Guarantee Breastfeeding Sling Baby Holder Soft Safe and Comfortable Nice Baby Shower Gift Gray

I love this product
I’m at plus size girl and there’s still plenty of room to tie off. I love this product

Great wrap
This is a great wrap (especially for the price) for a newborn in a warmer climate. I have the Ergo 360 and the infant insert was like a snow suit sleeping bag – way too warm to wear in the house or during the summer. This simple wrap is great. I did deduct a star because it’s sort of a chore to put on and take off.

See detail on innoo-tech-guarantee

Ziggy Baby Crib Sheet Fitted Jersey Cotton, Dot, Pink/White, 2 Pack

Soft, comfortable, great fitting sheet
We have the naturepedic mattress and these fit perfectly. They are soft and our daughter seems to love them. I would not think that these would work on a pack n play however they do make separate sheets for that purpose which we also bought and had great success with. We liked them so much we bought another set for daycare.

They don’t fit the mattress very well.
They don’t fit the mattress very well. They run just a little small and I had to rip it a little to fit

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Half-functional product.
Literally half-functional. The entire left side of the scale didn’t work, and it looked new-in-box. Now I have to go through the return process and everything…
Overall great product
This is an overall great product. The only issue I have is it doesn’t always measure my heart rate. Everything else works as expected.
False reading
So my gym has the inbody 770 but I wanted to have something of my own so that I dont have to schedule for a test at my gym. But the readings on Withings are way over the roof and not even border line correct. Inbody 770 shows me 15% body fat online calculations on my own gave me 16.45% but withings showed me 22.4%. All the three tests were performed within an hour in the morning.
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