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Outputs a good product. A little hard to keep fixed on …
Outputs a good product. A little hard to keep fixed on the counter, but with a little imagination you can work it out.
So easy even a caveman can use it (but you do get a booklet) & great customer care! Great gift for elderly! LOVE!!!
Best Spiralizer available with customer care support!!!! Affordably priced, well designed w/built in storage feature for extra blades, easy to clean, takes up minimal space, AND "senior" friendly! Trust me when I say I’ve purchased 2 other types and none compare to ease of use of this one. So easy my mother-in-law (one Christmas recipient going on 70+ years) loves it! She got it as a stocking stuffer and we both endorse it as ‘so easy to use a caveman can use one with no instructions!’. Storage: It’s compact and the two additional blades are stored within the unit Cleaning: A good spray with suds and water and blade(s) are cleaned. A little cleaning brush is also included should something get caught in a nook or cranny. It is also dishwasher safe. Usage: Grab, clean, insert your vege and crank. Whah Lahl! Done deal!!! Then eat it raw, steamed or microwaved! -Have almost stopped using pasta noodles as zucchini noodles are better, healthier, and more colorful! Any questions you can also ask me or their customer care service which rules! It’s not often, but it is rare that you find customer care that (a) is knowledgeable about the product (b) speaks English and (c) who actually use the product at home also (not getting paid to talk-the-talk)! I especially love this item since it wasn’t over $50, has great customer care, and actually delivers as promised! Love, love, love!!! Buy one and you won’t be disappointed PLUS you’ll start using veges in ways you never thought of!
I love how the extra blades store in the underside of …
My youngest daughter and I are cooking buddies, and this gadget is exactly what we were looking for to learn how to spiralize veggies. The bonus was receiving extra replacement parts free of charge in a nifty drawstring bag and a cleaning brush for the blades, too. I love how the extra blades store in the underside of the device. Clever design and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space.
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One tool to replace them all
Arrived faster than I thought. This one tool has taken place of the Hodge-bodge of items I used for maintaining my pipes! Is heavier that the picture makes it appear, very sturdy.
probably better with WD-40 or other
Well-made but very tight and hard to move. Two drops of olive oil solved the problem for me, probably better with WD-40 or other lubricants
Not A Chinese knock off
This Czech tool is actually made in The Czech Republic. It’s much heavier and better made than the China clones.
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Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

Great for my low tone LO
I have been searching for a jumper for my hypotonic (low tone) baby for so long. I asked her therapist about Jolly Jumper and he was against it. I still went ahead and got it. Figured I’d give it a try. My 22 months old, who still doesn’t walk loves it. We started at about 10 min where she was just hanging there and increased time as she tolerated. Few months in to it she is trilled to be in it and is always asking to be in it. It gives her so much independence. She learns to balance, rurn and jump and dance.. I’m glad I got it. Our new therapists thinks it’s great. In short, I find it to be a great jumper for a low tone baby’s/toddlers who have head control but cant’ weight bare or walk. Of course ask your therapist about it and use your best judgment. Might not be a good fit for all hypotonic babies but works for us. There is also a weight limit, so read the item description.

Great purchase, HIGHLY recommend
My baby is almost a year old and uses the jumper everyday! She loves it! Great purchase, HIGHLY recommend

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… reviews and can’t believe that anyone could have anything bad to say about the bit set
I have read through the reviews and can’t believe that anyone could have anything bad to say about the bit set. They are absolutely the best bit set you can buy at the hardware stores or big box stores. If used properly with oil & the correct speed they will last a long time, They are also quite capable of cutting through steel if used properly. The first thing folks need to do is to learn the different speeds and torque to use with different materials. Awesome product, I always have a set of Dealt bits
I love tools, tool accessories
I’m a certified tool junkie. I love tools, tool accessories, bits, guides, etc. I have used so many drill bits over the course of my life and for some reason these gold-colored dewalts are my first choice for wood, pvc, hard plastics. They quickly bore out a hole with a clean spiral shaving. No burning. The real tiny ones have a tendency to break with heavy usage but that is to be expected. The bits came in a nice storage box exactly as pictured. I’m usually a die hard Milwaukee fan but for some things dewalt does it better.
Professional bits, works perfectly, used almost all of them. Package is perfect!
The item is more than I expected!!! I have done a lot of research on this category and was amazed with this quality. Tried with my Bosch drill and after 3 seconds there was a perfect hole. These bits enter the material like a knife to a good butter. Very satisfied and recommended to others. This is really professional tool!
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Natural and not harmful for pets or people!
This was recommended to me by my veterinarian. My dogs were getting attacked by flies this past summer. This product is natural, and is not harmful to my dogs. I spray it on them before sending them outside, and it keeps all of the bugs away from them. They are happier outside not getting bit by bugs. It is not harmful for humans or pets. Great for both!!
does not make my skin feel gross & smells great. I always use this
This stuff actually works, does not make my skin feel gross & smells great. I always use this.
Works and smells decent
I’m that person always complaining about mosquito bites while everyone else prances along bite-free. But since bug sprays tend to be filled with some pretty nasty stuff, I usually either suffered through it, or only used it in "dire" situations. I’m usually a little bit of a cynic with "natural solutions", but this stuff works! Went on a camping trip (note: in a low tick area, though), and didn’t get bitten once. And honestly, the smell is strong, but not exactly bad. Think of a strong lemony-Vicks mix. I don’t know if I’d trust this for areas with a lot of ticks (maybe spray this on your body, and spray the nastier stuff around your ankles and neckline?), but it does seem to work/
See detail on HG-24109-Eucalyptus-Natural-Insect-Repellent


Lovely Lamp
Well made and very attractive. The cord is quite long and easily reaches my outlet from a few feet away. No matter how tight I make the center wing nut, it very slowly falls over over the course of a few days. Not a deal breaker by any means, just a slight annoyance.
Works fine but not what I was expecting
Doesn’t stay in position very well – was not the easiest to put together. Works fine but not what I was expecting.
Awkward cord makes it look cheap while otherwise made of high quality materials
It looks nice and the mint is as depicted in the pictures (I was worried it’d be darker or more green/less mint). The cord was run through sloppily and the on/off switch is upside down and there’s a lot of slack on top… Detracting from the overall look which is disappointing. Not bad enough to return, but something to consider. Seems as though there are manufacturing inconsistency issues with this product from reading other reviews.
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Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Papyrus

This car seat is so easy to move
I bought this for my second child and can say it is worth every penny. We had a track with our first and it was heavy and a pain to switch the base from one car to another. This car seat is so easy to move. It is also light and easy to carry. My baby loves it and fits so nicely in it. The only downside is the canopy being a bit stiff, but I don’t really see that as being a big deal.

Great car seat
When having a child one must have a quality car seat in order to know they are protected in case the worst happens. Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat certainly fits that bill. It is well made and easy to use. The straps are easy to adjust and the padding makes a comfortable ride for the baby. There are two ways to install the car seat using either the hooks (preferred) or the seat belt if necessary. It may be a tad more expensive than other car seats on the market but you can feel safe knowing your child is riding in this seat and protected from whatever dangers may await while traveling.

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Very nice! Enjoy tge flame without the mess of a …
Very nice! Enjoy tge flame without the mess of a fire pit.
Just the right fit
I love this little fire pit. my space is very limited. It wasn’t too hard to put the gas cartridge into it. I rested the side onto a table and was easily able to screw the cartridge in from the bottom. The glass stones that came with it are pretty and sufficient to fill the pit. I took a picture of it at daytime for size comparison and then with the highest flame and with the lowest flame at night.
One propane canister lasts an hour tops.
So disappointed. The canister of propane it uses lasts less than hour. I couldn’t use it right away when I bought it cause it was frigid but now that it’s above freezing I so looked forward to using it on my deck. Been thru 3 mini propane tanks in three hours. I don’t have anymore and it isn’t worth it.
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Great light for any use
Great light for any use. Easy to handle yet produces the right amount of light for all jobs and activities
… same light-setting each time to turn it off really SUCKS. Every time the light comes back on you …
The inability to keep the same light-setting each time to turn it off really SUCKS. Every time the light comes back on you have to cycle through the 3 options to get back to where you were. Terrible.
Awesome bright light in a solid concealable easy to carry flashlight. Just what we were looking for! A+++
Purchased two J5 Tactical flashlights to replace and old one and "love them"! Just what we were looking for in a compact size light. Big THANK YOU to the J5 Tactical Team for producing what looks like a long lasting, solid feeling, bright light. A+++ Mr. Joyal
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Fun toys!
These are so much fun! I bought them for my kids because we got a free plastic maraca that broke and we needed replacements. They are small, cute and really make a lot of noise. It’s fun because there are so many of them and they want to give them away to friends. Just note that they are not all going to match like it shows in the picture. We ended up with 4 matching sets and 2 random colors.
Super cute, but mini mean MINI
Super cute, but mini mean MINI. These things are tiny. Luckily they were for 1 and 2 year olds…
when they dropped on the floor most of them opened …
when they dropped on the floor most of them opened up and spilled the little beads all over the place
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