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It has a simple design and it is easy to use
It has a simple design and it is easy to use. You get total of 6 setting for lighting. I am going back to college and this light is perfect for studying. Also price is pretty decent.
I’d read so long that I wouldn’t be comfortable any longer
Whenever I would read, which is something I do a lot of, I’d lie on the bed and use the lamp clipped on my headboard. But, oftentimes, I’d read so long that I wouldn’t be comfortable any longer, and have to move to my desk to read. I would have to use the light from the computer to read which, naturally, would give me a headache. I started looking for a lamp that I could clip on my desk. In my search, I came across this lamp in particular. It was cheaply priced, so I wasn’t expecting much. But when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised how great of a lamp it really is. It offers different brightness settings which I appreciate. Its two defining features for me are its clamp and flexible neck. With some clamps, they aren’t capable of opening wide enough or having a tight enough grip. Not the case with this lamp. And the neck bends however you’d like it to bend. Clipping it to the top of my desk, I needed the neck to twist and turn in the opposite direction from which it would be facing otherwise to be able to use it, and it handled it just fine. The neck is also strong so when you manipulate it, it doesn’t swing or hang loosely. It stays in the position you set it in. It’s a must have for anyone who needs a small, but efficient desk lamp.
Way better than any $50 LED lamp
Very well-made for a $15 lamp. The low light/high light setting is awesome, and so is the ability to change the spectrum (aka "color") of light, though I only use 3k/sun color, never really use the 5k/blue light, or the mix of both 3k/5k light either. Clamp is super strong so it’ll never be loose when clamped. The flexibility of the ‘neck’ is great and bends in whichever direction your heart desires.
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Pampers Baby Wipes Baby Fresh 9X Refill, 648 Count

Right box, wrong contents
Sent the wrong product. The box said pampers sensitive wipes but all the packs inside were regular. My nanny had already unpacked them and thrown the box away before I realized, otherwise I would have returned them.

Highly recommend!
Smells great and it’s a soft, large, covers your hand size, stretchy like wipe. Wish I would have tried these out when I first had son.

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Great fir for my jeep be nice if handle was …
Great fir for my jeep be nice if handle was black two I will paint it black to match the jeep
It is, what it is
What can I say, it’s a tried and true designed jack. Good quality, well built must have tool for off-road ventures!
Not just for vehicles
Thankfully I have not had to use this on my vehicle but I did use it to remove a mailbox post set in quickrete. Lifted that sucker right out of the ground concrete and all with little effort on my part except to keep it vertical.
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JL Childress 6 Bottle Cooler, Black

Good value for a daily-use item
I use this every day to take my sons bottles to daycare. We use the smaller Avent bottles and I can fit 8 of those in there if I needed to. Right now I can stack 5 bottles and his cups of solid food in here and it all fits great. I have ice packs for it too but for a short drive I just use the cooler alone. It’s well insulated enough that I don’t feel like it makes a big difference without the ice packs. I don’t use the top compartment much but I can see how that would be really handy for putting any extra items like utensils, pacifiers, etc.

This was perfect while on vacation
This was perfect while on vacation. I was able to have my bottles in the bottom and baby food on the top.

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Great, quick gift!
Perfect condition and made for a quick, easy gift for a teacher (since you can no longer take wine into schools even sealed and as a present)
Ah, Cheesecake Factory.. my best friend and my worst enemy at the same time. This place is great because it has a huge menu. It has vegetarian options (albeit not a lot) as well as low fat and low carb options. It also has let it all go options (1300+ cal cheesecake slice, anyone?). I’ve been able to eat here with all of my family and everyone leaves satisfied, which is saying something since we’re all extremely picky. My location really pushes the appetizers.. if you’re here in a budget I would definitely watch out.. you think you’re going to spend x and you’ll end up spending 3x that, through appetizers and especially the dessert options, which are irresistible. I love love anything involving chocolate on cheesecake. The decor is always lovely and it’s not too loud. I’m super particular about bathrooms (yes I know I’m strange…) and I have to say, Cheesecake Factory bathrooms are great! Well organized, clean, and there’s never a line. Anyway… to avoid the wait for a table, try the bar area, which isn’t much different. Service is (usually) great. Expect to wait anywhere from 10-90minutes depending on day, location, and time of day. I always go around 3:30pm to avoid both crowds. Overall, the Cheesecake Factory offers a very wide variety that can’t be beaten for its price range. Although some of their items are overpriced, I would still recommend. Great for family gatherings, dates, or just a quick work lunch. 4 stars.
Buy it on
You’re better off buying the gift card from the Cheesecake Factory itself. When you buy it from there you yourself get a free cheesecake for buying a gift card.
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Great Suffed Animal!
My foster daughter loves Peppa Pig. This is a great size stuffed animal. She snuggles with every night when she goes to bed. I would not hesitate to purchase this plush Peppa Pig.
We love Peppa
I really liked this Peppa! It was the perfect size for my 18Mo old! Ever since we got it she has carried it around everywhere! I marked this 4 stars because it broke open shortly after we got it but I’m handy with sewing so it didn’t bother me much.
Very cute. My grand-daughter loves it. Arms are …
Very cute. My grand-daughter loves it. Arms are a little thin, but otherwise worth it for the price.
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The exterior of this tent is dull and wrinkled
The exterior of this tent is dull and wrinkled. It pops up very easily which is great but, compared to other tents of comparable size, it is not particularly stable and does not hold its shape.
This is the best thing I have gotten my grandson
This is the best thing I have gotten my grandson. He plays with this every single day and loves it. When he’s not playing with it it folds up and slides behind the headboard have is bed
Thomas the train play hut great for pretending.
Birthday gift for 2 yr old grand son who absolutely loves Thomas. His birthday party is this coming sat so he hasn’t seen it yet but I know he will love it. His mom said it came on time was packaged well with no dammage. Is easy to set up and to put away. She was glad it could be folded up so easily to put away because their home is small. They havnt found the perfect home for them yet. Will give an up date to its sturdiness of being played with by a 2 yr old boy boy.
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For the money- bright light- good function. I personally don’t think it angled down …
For the money- bright light- good function. I personally don’t think it angled down enough. But does angle down.
Great product. Excellent functionality at a reasonable price. I use them for camping, and keep them around for power outages, etc. Good stuff!
Great for kids & adults
I bought this for my 4 year old son and he loves it. I love the tilt feature of the lamp, the 4 light settings which keep him entertained and the fact that he continues to find new ways to use it – like riding his bike in the dark evening and looking for bugs. It is durable; he’s dropped it several times and it can adjust to fit his head or mine. Such a fun little gift with practical, entertaining and safety functions.
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Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Chrome

Easy installation and easy and convenient storing
Must have for cloth diapering ! Easy installation and easy and convenient storing

Love this item
Love this item. My husband installed it the 3rd day after our daughter was born. We had just come home from the hospital and with in 5 minutes we had it up and running. It has been working great for the past 2 yrs and despite the kids playing with it and making a mess in the bathroom it is a great product. We did have to tighten it a bit after a while just because it got loose and didn’t stay up on the edge of the toilet. But it was a 5 minute fix. This makes cloth diapering so much easier since we can get her diapers clean with out getting our hands dirty and scrubbing poop off!!

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Good product
Very powerful supplement, if I feel any upcoming g problems just take double dosage and it goes away.
Good results
Use this every time anyone in our family feels like they are coming down with a cold or flu. Really helps with sinus infections too. I always keep it on hand.
Great product, I know this works for sure and …
Great product, I know this works for sure and I will continue to use this particular brand of lysine. I have tried many but I think this one works the best.
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