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The best cafe maker ever!
This is the best and most easy to use machine for anyone to use. We had a weird espresso machine that drove us nuts and rarly used. I got this for a Chrismas gift for my husband ( and me), the best gift ever! We love to have an espresso ( my husband ) and a cappuccino ( myself) after dinner. Just LOVE the simplicity of this machine and our 3 year old loves to push the button on which cafe will be poured. LOVE MR. COFFEE
Wife didn’t like this
Was a Christmas gift for my wife. She loves lattes, but didn’t like the lattes made from this unit.
Wow Great home system for a few $$ more!
Nice, Love this product, I upgraded from my "more economical" $39, (5 Bar pressure) entry level Mr. Coffee expresso machine. There is a HUGE difference in the flavor quality of this model vs my previous (related to the higher pressure). It’s nice that it’s "automatic" mixing on the Expresso and steamed milk and the Frothing options and variability with a knob is awesome. Still making them as good as S***b***s and right on my kitchen counter. It’s 4x the price and I had to wait until I could afford it (thanks to Amazon Gift cards for Christmas) but Wow it was worth the wait. The only downside is when my wife hears me turn it on she tells me her order too (I’ve created a Latte monster!) 🙂
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I love it! ITs the perfect size
I love it! ITs the perfect size, i love taking it to New York city when i go visit and such. You really fit in.
Very classy
This is a very nice pack; heavy-duty, plenty of space, zippered compartments. Looks like old-fashioned canvas with leather zipper pulls. Even included extra pulls. Amazing product for the money.
Doesn’t stay closed
The pros: the color is great, the bag has lots of pockets, and when it gets drizzled on, the stuff in your bag doesn’t get wet. The cons: the zipper pops open if the pulls are together at the top of the bag. I’ve had several instances where the bag has come un-zipped while I’m walking around, and it’s pure luck I haven’t lost anything important. I really want to like this bag, but I can’t recommend it because the cons way outweigh the pros in this instance.
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To Float or not to Float. Let the plumber install it.
This is my first use of a float. I have not installed it as of yet as I’m waiting for the rain to subside so I can get back in the garden. My grandson and I have explored the use of the float and have come up with the great idea to let my son, the plumber, install it as he has the right parts to install it. I will try to up date at a later date when installed and working.
Works like a champ when connected to a garden hose to …
Used to create my automatic chicken watering system. Works like a champ when connected to a garden hose to keep a five gallon bucket full of fresh water for my flock.
Works great
Don’t tighten it too much! You’ll crack it. I’ve done that 2x, but it was my bad. But it works great.
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It’s a lamp, alright.
The lamp, despite numerous attempts at straightening the lamp – it tilts. The light bulb is way too bright, but I changed it to a lower wattage bulb. The edges of the glass globe feels rough and chipped. The "finish" is painted on. The base of the lamp is heavy. From a distance it looks okay. The shipping and handling was over $10.50. I needed a cheap lamp. I got one.
Surprisingly Very Pleased
Was really hesitant to order this lamp for our piano light because of the cheap price. I took a risk and thankfully am very happy. It is very sturdy, quality, easy to unwrap and put together, came with light bulb, works perfectly and looks beautiful. Very pleased.
JUNK! the only way I can describe the quality …
JUNK! the only way I can describe the quality and workmanship (waste of vocabulary to refer to this item as something with workmanship!) very cheaply made, crooked, one side is about 3/4" higher than the other when on a flat surface! I would rather pay three times the price, but get something of even average quality!
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Filters are fine but brush is not durable
The brush got broken after third use. Filters are fine but brush is not durable.
on time and accurate
could be worth 5 stars assuming all parts fit like oem parts – may never have to use them – only bought them because it was my wife’s idea
It is essential to maintain your Roomba if you want it to continue to do a GREAT job.
Found this on Amazon much cheaper than I had elsewhere. It is essential to maintain your Roomba if you want it to continue to do a GREAT job.
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Bright Starts Charming Chirps Activity Gym, Pretty In Pink

Even after that it would fit two of them fine.
My babies used this the first 6 months of their lives. I have triplets and could fit all three on this until they were about 4 months. Even after that it would fit two of them fine.

She plays on it while I cook so it’s great for the both of us
My daughter loves this. She plays on it while I cook so it’s great for the both of us.

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It works!
Now I don’t let clean-up woes keep me from using my cast iron skillet. This makes the chore much easier.
Difficult to use
The bristles are not angled out like other pot and vegetable brushes. As a result, the act of scrubbing pushes the bristles together (see photo), this reduces the scrubbing surface area and makes the brush flip side to side when trying to scrub. It is such a struggle to use that I am throwing it out.
Makes it super easy to keep cast iron cookware and dutch ovens clean
absolutely love this little scrub brush to keep my cast iron dutch ovens clean while maintaining the cast iron seasoning. Just don’t use it when the oven is hot because the bristles are synthetic and will melt.
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Perfect take along friend
My 20 month old absolutely loves this Elmo. I was even able to put it in the washer and let it air dry.
Looks like a cheap knock-off!
Poor quality. Looks ratty and used. Attached "Gund" tag calls the toy "Elmo Take-Along Buddy". Copyright/registration marks on the toy I received are not authentic. Disappointing, to say the least.
just what I was looking for
My daughter loves Elmo and loves that she has her very own. Great quality and perfect size!
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On my “Buy Again” list
Seemed to improve an itching problem after first use. My dog is susceptible to yeast infection.
This shampoo is amazing. It completely cured my dogs skin yeast infection
This shampoo is amazing. It completely cured my dogs skin yeast infection. Now her bold spots have almost completely filled out and her skin doesn’t smell bad anymore. I would recommend it to anybody
This product is gold. My dog is a Staffordshire …
This product is gold. My dog is a Staffordshire Terrier and I found her when she was about 5-months wandering alone in the street. She has been a loving member of the family since then but she has always suffered from a yeast infection. None of the other shampoos I’ve tried had the results this one did. This along with the probiotics by TummyWorks has been helping my dog immensely and now her hair is finally growing back.
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Excellent product. We just bought it to mow a …
Excellent product. We just bought it to mow a small area that our 60" zero turn mower is too big to manage. The bag is an added advantage for the price. Thank You
OK–not HD
Had to buy more expensive electric cord to make work better–light duty and that is what I bought for–wouldn’t buy for "real" duty
Great little mower!
What a great little mower!! I have a postage stamp sized lawn and this does the job with flying colors. I’m really glad I ordered it.
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