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Senco, only the best
Senco is the premier name in pneumatic nail guns, and These Senco branded nails are some of the best. Being a professional carpenter, I have driven several hundred thousand of the different Senco nails over the years, and they always perform. When I think nail guns and related products, I think Senco.
Nice assortment would recommend to others
Nice assortment, arrived timely. Very good selection for those of us who are occasional users of nailer.
Good Brads
I have used Senco brads before with no issues. Long or short these do the job and are reasonably priced.
See detail on Senco-A209809-18-Gauge-Electro-Galvanized


Budget friendly card to update a factory built Dell PC.
Purchased this card to replace a factory installed AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series 1GB graphics card in a Dell XPS 8300 with 8GB RAM running Windows 10. The old card was great for its intended purpose, as a simple office\productivity device, but now the difference is like night and day. The GeForce card is half the length, does not require a six-pin power connector, pulls less power, produces less heat and is performing at 65-66 FPS by using Kombustor to benchmark it. I now have a gaming system, and with the exception of adding 8GB more of RAM to max the system, I should have a PC that will last and be productive several more years. Was looking at the AMD Radeon RX 460, for around the same price and wattage, but read the reviews that determined the GeForce 1050 Ti SC is the superior card.
I am satisfied with this purchase.
Yeah, now I’m an entry level gamer. I’m feeling warm and happy inside about this purchase. I guess the 1060 has a better price/performance ratio, but I am not a wealthy man. I hope to upgrade someday and this will be good for a while. Pretty easy installation.
Good budget gaming card
Pretty good card for the price and the power usage. It replaced a gtx 640 and it looks almost as good as a gtx 970 which uses considerably more power and is a much larger dual fan card.
See detail on EVGA-GeForce-GAMING-Support-04G-P4-6253-KR


Outstanding Value!
Just received this on 11/17/2016. It’s looks like a little tub of lard, except it’s ultra healthy coconut oil! It came on time and in good packaging. I’m going to use this for cooking everything, alternating with virgin, cold pressed, olive oil. The price on this was really very good!
The gallon bucket is missing the front label!!! This is the same product I’ve purchased at a store and it has a label in the front but this is missing the front label! It looks odd!
No odor or flavor – highly recommend
I have bought this coconut oil twice. I like it because there isn’t any flavor or odor to it.
See detail on Nutiva-Organic-Coconut-Refined-Gallon


Fits 2013 Mazda 3
Fits my 2013 Mazda 3 with "Skyactive" engine, other filters that I have ordered on Amazon that say they fit did not but this one did.
Great piece of mind
A low-priced great alternative to the super cheap POS filter used at the oil change places.
It seems like companies are skimping on the materials being used
This filter is smaller than the filter that came out. It seems like companies are skimping on the materials being used. Other than that, it’s pretty standard. A little disappointed coming from kn.
See detail on PS-1008-Pro-Oil-Filter


Blooming surprise
These xl plants arrived, carefully packaged. To my surprise, one of the plants were blooming! They are in great condition! Thank you!!
Buy these you will love them!
I could not be happier! These little guys arrived in perfect condition and blooming! They’ve been a big hit with friends and family, so much so that I have referred them to Drunken Gnome. What is so great is that these little guys are so easy to care for and look so charming no matter what you display them in!
They all arrived happy and healthy
They all arrived happy and healthy, and two are almost in bloom! I am so excited about these little plants! My only wish would be to have the names (types) of the plants included in the package. The seller was very courteous and attentive. Highly recommend this product and seller!
See detail on Drunken-Gnome-Tillandsia-airplants-Terrarium

Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty, White and Teal

Perfect little potty!
We had purchased a more expensive potty and my daughter actually preferred this one. Inexpensive, easy to use and clean!

Pretty nice little potty
Pretty nice little potty. My daughter is 10 months and 19 pounds, and she poops on the potty. It’s hard to find a potty small enough to fit her. This one is just a little big, but she is still able to sit on it by herself without falling in. This would be quite small for a bigger toddler. The bowl section is removable and has a pour spout and it’s easy to clean up.

See detail on summer-infant-potty1


Neighbor loved it
I gave this to my fisherman neighbor for Christmas who was complaining about his old one . He loves it . Says it keeps his coffee scalding hot even several hours later . I see him with it all the time now .
Best Travel Mug Out There!
This is by far the best travel mug I’ve ever used. It keeps coffee hot all day. When I make iced drinks with ice, at the end of the day the ice is still solid. I’ve tried very brand. This is the only one that actually meets the hot and cold times stated on the mug. I have several of these and have never had a problem. If there is a negative I have to agree with reviewers that some of the colors do chip after a period of time but that in no way affects how well the travel mug works. I highly recommend this product.
Good product !
We tried other coffee mugs but in the end the best is the Thermos one; keeps the coffee hot for longer than others.
See detail on Thermos-Stainless-16-Ounce-Tumbler-Midnight


Great Product and Packaging
Bought these for the Diwali celebration, and to give to kids as party favors. Very happy with the product and packaging. Worked for several hours. Will buy from Divine LEDs again.
Super cool and realistic looking flicker
Super cool and realistic looking flicker. Used for a dessert theatre fundraiser encased in a votive wrap; made the tables look nice.
These were ordered for my wife project. He’s happy with them they work fine.
These were ordered for my wife’s project. She’s happy with them they work fine.
See detail on Flameless-Candles-Realistic-Unscented-Tealights


But seem to be good ones!
Got them today. Charged up fast. Haven’t used them yet. But seem to be good ones!
Quick ship these little things are perfect size great for small stuff like hose clamp in hard to to areas Thx
Holds the charge so you don’t have to
Absolutely love these batteries, they hold there charge very well. I can take it off the charger and the next day put it on and it takes the charger less then a second to switch the red light to green, whereas my Bosch batteries even if you just take them off the charger will blink for a couple seconds before it glows green … cheers 🙂
See detail on Milwaukee-2-pack-48-11-2401-Li-Ion-Battery


Great companion to our sous vide cooker
This has been a great companion to our Anova sous vide cooker. We’ve been able to use this size container to cook 8 good size steaks, many types of chicken, and several cuts of pork with enough portion size for up to 8 people. This has been much handier than the huge pot we were using, and with the addition of the lid we can use the same water for multiple cooking sessions. It still feels solid when full, and the sides are sturdy enough to support the Anova, although I do tend to keep it closer to the corners.
The 12qt container pictured with red and blue measurement lines is much nicer than the one I received. Mine has all black lettering that is partially faded in places and the plastic container itself is scratched all over. Would not purchase this again.
I like this, but sometimes I find myself wishing it …
I like this, but sometimes I find myself wishing it was a little stiffer. It’s a good size for sous vide, and maybe it will last forever, but when I pick it up I find it flexes more than I expected. I use it to store my sous vide gear when not in use, so I hope it holds up for a while.
See detail on Rubbermaid-Commercial-Container-12-Quart-FG631200CLR