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The whole room does not smell like cat box
For a change I can honestly say that this litter does not smell after a use. The whole room does not smell like cat box. Product is fine pieces almost like a sand base. The cats have no problem using it and it cleans up nicely.
Definately creates less dust but doesn’t stop the cat tracking …
Definately creates less dust but doesn’t stop the cat tracking it out of the box. Wish they could invent that.
Multiple cathold and all use it!
No dust and no smell. The lighter weight is a bonus, just wished it was on subscribe and save.
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Quality Magic Cube puzzle cube
A very good cube, especially suited for beginners learning to solve cube puzzles. Smooth, easy movement makes for faster speeds than store-bought cubes, and the tension screws allows for much more control. Cube comes pre-lubed and ready to go, but minor adjustments were needed to fit personal preference. Stickers have not even shown signs of peeling and this cube has been solved nearly 1,000 times since purchase. High quality, low price, fast delivery. Can’t go wrong.
Mediocre at best. There is such a thing as too loose …
Mediocre at best. There is such a thing as too loose and this cube fits that description. The result is a lot of corner twists which require you to re-position the corners.
Easy and quiet
This item is so easy to use and it is quiet. My son is learning to solve it and this model is much easier for him to use.
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My go to espresso
We got our first Espresso machine about 9 yeare ago while stationed in Germany. This was that most common brand sold at german cafes at the time and so we started to by it. We have tried many other brands over the years but have alway loved Lavazza, and specifically the Super Crema. I have found others that I like more but they are considerably more expensive. For a daily espresso, this is my go to.
Not rich enough
If you like your coffee light, you will like it. I was expecting a stronger coffee given that it is supposed to be "espresso", well, it’s not in my opinion. Won’t buy again.
Cruise ships use this, you should too!
Really love this. I live in a famous arabica coffee belt and honestly, it all is way too acidic and makes me feel poorly afterwards. Went on a trip to Europe and fell in love with the brand our cruise ship was using. After a lot of research we learned it is this brand. Stoked! With this you’ll get the coffee kick but without the disgusting weird jitters, nervousness, and acidity in your pee. Wholly recommend this!
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I love it I keeps my puppy from jumping all over …
I love it I keeps my puppy from jumping all over me and everywhere in the car! Also keeps him in place I love it
Keeping our fur babies safe while traveling! ❤
LOVE THESE!!! I snap my pup’s harness to one of these every time he goes along for the ride! Love that you get 2 when you order. Now, whenever both dogs travel with us, they can be safely buckled in. I always worried about traveling with them & having an accident. Now, I have peace of mind should anything happen! These are so simple and perfect for furry traveling companions! Just hook to their harness & snap into the seat belt buckle. 😊 Great deal for the $!
Easy to adjust and work in my 2013 Wrangler and …
These are exactly as described. Easy to adjust and work in my 2013 Wrangler and 2015 Rav4. My only suggestion would be don’t leave enough slack where your dog will hurt itself trying to get out the door before you can unhook the belt.
See detail on Vastar-Adjustable-Vehicle-Seatbelt-Harness


clever package of basic wine tools
Kinda nice for people to have, I use them for house or apartment warming gifts
… not used it yet but looks and feels very sturdy.
Have not used it yet but looks and feels very sturdy.
‘Looks good, Nice weight in you hand
I received the Precision Kitchenware cork screw to evaluate and comment. I am not the primary user but my husband’s comments were very positive. ‘Looks good, Nice weight in you hand. Design had no rough edges to injure the hand during manipulation. The slide on the side made for easy grip of the bottle neck. The foil cutter was a nice sharp blade, longer than most openers. He did say he wished the cork screw itself was a bit finer (less diameter). This would be considered a great purchase for the price. It also came with a classy stopper which worked quite nicely. All in all, the ‘gift box’ presentation was surprise and would make a real impression for the receiver.
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Awesome iPad Air 2!!!!!
Love my new iPad Air 2!!!! Not as big as regular iPad but bigger than my mini. I love it!!!!!
Fast and Fantastic!
The iPad Air 2 is fast and fantastic! Great speed and crystal clear picture. We love it!
Great improvement!
This is a replacement for my wife’s original iPad. She loves this new model as it is so much quicker and the screen sensitivity on this one suits her much better than her old unit. The screen is also much easier for her to see as she has macular degeneration and screen brightness is becoming a more important issue as her vision degrades.
See detail on Apple-MGTY2LL-9-7-Inch-128GB-Silver


I highly recommend!!!
Enough options for the size and the price. Good sound for practice. Completely surpassed my expectations.
Great sound quality, decent price.
While this may be considered a starter amp, I bought it to replace the one that came with the Epiphone bundle. This sounds way better than the one included with the bundle, and the price won’t kill you if you’re just starting or learning to play. Great sound quality, decent price.
Still waiting for item
Didn’t arrive on time still waiting, looks good in the picture, tech specs look acceptable.
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Great in the beginning, bad in the end
I have had this product for a little over a year and it worked fine for a while. But then it would not charge properly, won’t function properly, and it’s been annoying. I took a look inside the battery compartment to see what was wrong and noticed that the wires had somehow been disconnected from the circuit board. And all this happened after the year long warranty expired. Not impressed. I could have fixed it or made some improvements in the wiring (because I’m an engineering major) but I’ve decided just to wait until the company sees this review. In the end, I suggest looking for a different headlamp.
Very nice .
I love this light,i put it on and went outside in the dark .This light allows for hands free operation it is very light weight and has multiple brightness settings and also a strobe light for signaling .It can be charge in your home or in your car.This is definitly a must have for all sports men.Its good for outdoor like fishing,Camping,hunting etc. The material sames to be high quality and Durable .I love this .It comes with AC charger and Batteries then Adjustable bracket .
Comfortable and easy to use!
I can see why there’s so many good reviews for this product. It’s well made and I don’t feel like I sacrificed anything to get a better price. I especially like the USB charger that has a smiley face on it that glows to show charging status; it’s a nice touch. In addition it’s extremely comfortable, so if you are hesitant about buying this product; don’t be. One last thing; the English used in the instructions is not the best, but it gets the point across just fine.
See detail on GRDE-Zoomable-Headlamp-Rechargeable-Batteries


Leather Craft Pocket Tool Roll
Holds plenty of different tools. Use it to store tools in the motorcycle saddlebag. Does that job of keep everything organized. Has taken plenty of use and is well constructed Would buy again.
Excellent, holds a lot of tools and sockets. Very nice!
Excellent tool roll. Holds exactly what I need for tools for my bmwf650gs motorcycle. I may cut off the plastic clips and have velcro sewn on to make the rolled profile a bit thinner. Fabric seems robust. Everything as described.
Do yourself a favor and throw in a gator grip ratchet you will be glad you did
Having just received this tool roll I can comment on the durability yet aside from saying that it looks well constructed and I am looking forward to filling it completely with tools that I might require for roadside repairs. The small size once rolled up will make this an ideal way of storing tools in the cab of my truck. Do yourself a favor and throw in a gator grip ratchet you will be glad you did.
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