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Not just for kids
Great flavor. Good mid-morning snack when breakfast just doesn’t cut it and you want something better than a candy bar.
Kids like it, no protein
Kids like it, however, this is just a carbs bar, has no protein, and probably not much nutritional value.
Our favorite flavor! My daughter eats them everyday
Our favorite flavor! My daughter eats them everyday, and I love the nutrients that the Cliff Bars are fortified with.
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Remedies Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic, Aroma Diffuser, 7 Color Rainbow LED Lights, Auto Shut-off. 2.8 Ltr. Tank Lasts All Night

Great value for a great product
When you use it you will shocked at all the moisture it produces. It get the job done. Great value for a great product!

So I don’t know about you but I just expect …
So I don’t know about you but I just expect that my humidifier will not heat up and basically melt and crack. Call me crazy…. However this humidifier has done that twice to me! Thr first one Amazon replaced and I just figured no big deal just a weird thing. But now it’s happened again. We could smell something burning a day then figured out it was the humidifier. Apparently

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She seems to enjoy it very
As the keyboard was purchased for my grandaughter it is too early to rate. She seems to enjoy it very much
I bought it for fun. I can say that it arrived well packaged …
Not a keyboard player so I can’t speak to the quality of the various functions from a professional or even experienced point of view. I bought it for fun. I can say that it arrived well packaged and in good condition, is doing everything it is supposed to as far as I can tell. I paid about $100 for it and would definitely recommend it at that price.
great volume, good action on the keys
This thing can do everything. Got it for our son for christmas. Tons of instruments and songs built in, great volume, good action on the keys.
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Avalanche fire pit cover
Cover arrived on time and is very well made. It fit my fire pit perfectly. As it rained the next day I could see that it is extremely waterproof and protected my fire pit from water. Highly recommend it to snyone.
So far so good!
I was very very hestitent on ordering this pit let the bad reviews. I even contemplated making my own pit, however my husband and I could not fall in love with any other looks. So we bit the bullet and decided to order this one. We have had it for a week and are very happy with it. There were a few small gouges on one side on the very bottom but I could live with it. We purchased the cover, Lee it covered while not in use and we are building a platform to put it on castors to roll under a table while not in use. Since we live in Florida I want to be as careful as possible to prevent water getting into it and causing rust. Took one star away for the damage it had upon opening the box.
Fire Pit Cover to withstand the wind!!
Easy to put on and easy to tighten down. The predecessor to the new cover was ripped apart by wind. This one seems to be much sturdier and hopefully with withstand the winds coming off the river. I like that it can be pulled really tight at the bottom and fixed so that the wind can’t pull it away.
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Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat, Chili Red

This seat was fairly easy to install
This seat was fairly easy to install. I really like how the belts are longer so you can push them out of the way while sitting the little one in the seat. However, this also poses a small problem because the longer tether makes it harder to tighten the straps. We have this in a Subaru and because of the long tether, I have to stand up with my head outside the car and pull to tighten. It’s quite difficult otherwise.

It’s like they dont allow proper tightening of th straps
The straps seem to always be an issue with this seat. It’s like they dont allow proper tightening of th straps. I wish I would have gone wth the nyride.

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Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set of 4 for Girls, 100% Organic Super Absorbent Drool Bibs (Blush Pink Arrows)

Super soft and great design
Super soft and great design. I buy these for baby gifts all the time! My favorite brand so far and moms love them!

Great shipping speed — Even greater product!
Impressed. Shipping was quick and quality is amazing. These look fabulous on my daughter (way better than just a regular bib). Plus, they keep her clothes dry since she is constantly drooling from teething.

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3rd. Times a charm.
Purchased 2 of these now and twice one or more of the propellers stopped turning or the throttle would only work intermittently. Shortly after the first few flights these problems happened. Luckily it was in amazons return time. It’s very easy to fly if you don’t just get ahead of yourself. Just bought a 3rd only because I like the size of this drone.
Camera didn’t work for the first handful of flights. …
Camera didn’t work for the first handful of flights. We were planning on returning/replacing it and it just started working. Been working since.
Thank you
Seller worked hard with me to make right a problem. Many sellers just take the money and run, this one seemed to really care about making me happy.
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Pumps tires up fast
I needed a new compressor to avoid going to the gas station for air. Bought this one after seeing the great reviews. I aired up four tires in under 10 minutes. This works much faster than the compressor that came with my battery jumper. It is definitely heavy duty. Gets a little hot with short use but that’s probably expected. Cords are more than long enough to reach each tire. Great purchase!
Slow and steady wins the race.
Slow, but sturdy. I just got new Ridge Grapplers put on my truck and my old 35psi compressor wasn’t going to do the trick. I wanted 40-41 psi for each tire. From the tire shop, the pressures were all over the place, from 29psi to 35psi, and the ride felt very uneven, of course. This compressor went to work and got them all done in less than 15mins in my driveway. It did get warm, though.
Great product for the price.
I would give this product 4.5 stars if I could. I bought this to have on hand when my over zealous TMPS throws me a low tire pressure warning because of our crazy weather this time of the year (hot days and cool nights). It is very compact and lightweight. So small I questioned whether it would be capable of airing up a car tire. It did with very little effort. I have used many of these over the years and this is by far the fastest one yet. The one feature missing from this product that all the others I’ve used had, and the reason for the half star deduction, is an auto-shutoff. It is nice to set it for 35psi (or whatever you need) and walk away to do something else while it runs. This inflator works too fast to leave it unattended.
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Works great – use alone at initial fill
We have well water that’s very high in manganese, and I’ve tried several several products, but this is the one that works the best. Add it to the water on initial fill but DON’T add any other chemicals (bromine, etc.) for a day or two. That gives this product a chance to work and sequester/filter out the metal so that they won’t react with the sanitizer (and turn your spa into a giant cup of tea or cause staining).
a “Ziploc” or better. Product container was wet and the shipping box …
The product is OK. BUT it needs to be shipped wrapped in a sealed plastic bag, a "Ziploc" or better. Product container was wet and the shipping box was too.
I didn’t realize that you are supposed to use the …
I didn’t realize that you are supposed to use the entire bottle for one filling. i have had metal free in the past that just required one cap full and consequently the bottle lasted a lot longer. i wont be buying this again.
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