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Waste of $$$$$
Holds ice for 8hrs tops….. Save your money don’t BUY! Spent $100+ on a bag to hold water with drinks since it can’t go no more than at least 8hrs without melting in a truck. Its not even summer and this cooler bag didn’t last 5 days at all.
Ive been using ice packs so that I don’t get the melt. usually getting 4-6 days. Awesome!!! Best cooler I’ve ever purchased. Lets see if it last 20 years. But thats on me!
By far the best cooler I have ever owned
By far the best cooler I have ever owned! I travel for work and have used just about most coolers available and none have come even close to performing like the RTIC Soft Pack has. The only thing that I would like to see added to it is a handle binder to keep the handles together while in transport so I wouldn’t have to fish for each handle and easier transition from shoulder strap to handle.
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It works!
My dog likes to run around the house like a maniac, so we needed to find something to keep our rugs in place. It works! We had to trim it down a little bit, but it does the job and keeps the rug in place. We will order this brand again for our other rugs.
Great Product….
This is the BEST non-slip pad…this one actually works! …bought it for my kitchen rug, which was sliding all over the place and those double sided tapes wouldn’t work…this one makes the rug stay put! ..I now purchased it for the living room 5×8 throw rug…it’s perfect! ..I even had some extra length in there and was able to use that for the kitchen slice rugs and entry mat that was moving around all the time…so I would buy a little extra big and cut it (easy) down to size and use the extra’s for around the house…I know you have rugs all around.
Zero slippage!
When I bought this mat I was nervous what it would do to my hardwood floors but once it was delivered and I was able to feel it in person, I knew it was made of quality material. Laid flat and has been a great gel on keeping my rug from moving around. I will absolutely be buying more of them for the rest of my home.
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Best USB cords I have found
Best USB cords I have found! Paired with one of their QuickkCharge 2.0 chargers……PERFECT! I use it daily at work in a ER to charge staff and patient phones. Quick to charge and HIGH quality. Will definitely be purchasing more!!
The best, way better than in stores
This is the second time I have bought this pack of cables from Anker, and I both times I have had no regrets. They are extremely sturdy, and the nylon has not had the fraying issue I’ve seen in other brand’s cables. The gold plated connectors mean that the fragile micro usb connector will survive longer than if it was aluminum, and in my experience, it does make a difference. Both cables also come with velcro straps that keep the cables wound up, whic is great for travelling. If you are considering just going to the store to get a cable, don’t. Brick and mortar stores don’t have any cables worth anything, and the cables they do have are way too expensive for what they are. For about $10, these 2 6ft long cables are way better than ANYTHING I’ve been able to find in any store. The closest thing I have seen was a single 4ft cable from belkin at target for $20 (!!), and that cable lasted a measly week before the micro usb connector bent. If you need a charging cable for anything using micro USB, these cables are the way to go.
Anker Made This Right
Update: Shortly after my review, an Anker rep got a hold of me through Amazon and offered to make things right with my bad cable. They offered to send me a replacement Powerline+, which is the updated version of these. I just received the cable and it looks much more robust. The housings are larger which I hope will alleviate my prior issue. Again, the other cables are working very well. I only had issues with the one. I have purchased Anker products in the past and have not been disappointed. This disappointment was rectified. Changed from 2 stars to 4 (not 5 because others can still have the same issue I did). Original: purchased 4 of these. The cable is high quality enough, but the mini connector on one of them is already bending at the housing and the contact is becoming intermittent. Had this for about 3 weeks now. I don’t think they are worth the money at this point. We’ll see how the other 3 hold up. I’ll update if they surprise me. So far, no one makes a solid, durable micro usb cable. I blame the engineering standard, not the manufacturing. I feel that Anker focused their durability engineering in the wrong place. I’ve never broken a cable at the wire end of the housing, only at the connector.
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It is not the European product, like advertised above
The two star rating is because I thought this was the european Nutella. In the picture above, it looks like the European product, hence the world personalised and the weight is only in grams. Unfortunately, it was the American product that is made in Canada. I wanted the European because It tasted better last time I tried it. For the price, I can buy this cheaper at my local store, since it is not the European product anyways
Very expensive found at the grocery store a lot cheaper
Very expensive found at the grocery store a lot cheaper
LOVE this stuff
LOVE this stuff! We use it as a dessert treat due to having a food allergy in our family. It’s great to be able to purchase it online and receive the same product we would in the store. It arrived in one package without any dents or scratches. Thanks
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I like this monitor, but there’s one flaw
This monitor is awesome in all aspects, except that it is very susceptible to water spots. I’m gonna upload a photo taken by Robert Paulson (a reviewer, from this page). If you leave any small amount of water for any reason (cleaning, accident, or in my case, watching something hilarious while drinking water thereby spitting some water on the screen), the screen will have block spots where water gets in. Mine was a quarter size spot on the bottom right corner. It took about a full month before it almost disappeared / dried out. update: Now there are water spots on top of monitor, where water never pools; only explanation is that the previously entered water vapor made a dew on the top portion then dropped inside. -1 more star.
Absolutely beautiful but has an attitude problem
Absolutely beautiful but has an attitude problem. Often, it simply won’t display an image. This is a very common issue with this unit; Google it and see.
I recommend this product to anyone looking for an everyday general …
I purchased this monitor approximately a year or so ago. I did not know much about ASUS at the time but this is the right monitor for the job. I use it for everyday viewing, no gaming. The colors are very sharp. I recommend this product to anyone looking for an everyday general purpose monitor. The price was great as well.
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[2-Pack] Foam Bed Bumpers Toddler Bed Rails with Waterproof Cover for Kids – Safety Side Pillow Pads

Very pleased with my foam bed bumpers
Very pleased with my foam bed bumpers. I have twin 3 year old grandchildren who visit quite often. I have an old metal guardrail and do not care for that look, so I thought I would try the foam bed bumpers. I ordered one set to try them and like them very much, so I ordered another set. I found it best to put under the mattress pad. It even makes the bed cozier for the twins!

These are working great for our 3 year old who tends to move …
These are working great for our 3 year old who tends to move around a lot at night. It’s nice not having a bedrail to mess with. I would purchase this product again.

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Good friendly mobile company
price at the moment: 9 usd recommended to: anyone who is feed up with normal mobile companies not recommended to: heavy users who don’t waste a single drop of their unlimited plans. price to benefit ratio: pretty good, if you are a light mobile user like me presentation: good, nothing special, just a sim card. general overview: I had a great experience with ting, their’s set up process, the coverage, speeds and customer service (I forgot to use a referral code when activating my account and they help me with it no questions asks)
Single activation only.
It works, but please note that this works only for single activation. If you take it out and wish to reuse it for a different phone, it won’t work. I am disappointed by this fact, but only by this fact. I am a strong supporter of Ting itself.
Good for calls, quite bad for mobile internet.
Mobile coverage is alright (at least where l live), but ‘mobile data’ (mobile internet) it’s quite slow (really slow). l’m planning to switch to another provider (perhaps project-fi). However, if you don’t need ‘mobile internet’, it may be a cheap, convenient provider. As a reference, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4.
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I have been playing darts competitively for 5 years and …
I have been playing darts competitively for 5 years and I think these are a must. I will not shoot without them.
Love them..
Good price. Good amount of o-rings that really help your game when you are not fixing your shafts every throw.
Simple solution
So pleased I got these. I was quite simply tired of re-tightening my ally shafts before each throw. These little blighters solved that problem instantly. Well worth it.
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Ikea 36-piece Dinnerware Set, Assorted Colors

Great product
Love these, work great for my 3 year old & 1 year old. Run them in the dishwasher almost every day and they still look great after a month. Definetely recommend for the price.

Great set
Great set for my two year old (and 9 year old who wants to feel younger again 🙂 ) all washed nicely in the top rack of my dishwasher and the utensils have been easy to use by my little guy.

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Evil Llama
The llama stare is like the devil. This is not cute and cuddly by any means. I’m pretty sure it try’s to steal souls.
I think I could have “trained” the ear to point forward and learned to like the angry expression
Mine arrived with one ear pointing forward and one pointing back and an angry expression. I think I could have "trained" the ear to point forward and learned to like the angry expression, as the toy is soft and still kind of cute, but then I noticed the toy had only one nostril. ???
Angry faced llama
I should have read reviews before purchasing. I bought a nine of these for a work event. The llama is soft and floppy, just like in the picture. What you can’t see are his angry eyes and surly expression. I would return but don’t have time to find and buy a replacement.
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