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The product arrived and when I opened it the cake …
The product arrived and when I opened it the cake mixes and frosting were missing. It might have been someone else’s return. Very disappointing as this was to be a Christmas gift. Sending back.
Baking dream
Such a beautiful gift for a little girl. My niece has the chocolate pen so I wanted to get her something she can write on. Now she will have fun baking and decorating these cupcakes. I’m looking forward to the holiday fun
This is intended as a gift for a child who …
This is intended as a gift for a child who has wanted one of these for awhile now. I am sure there will be an excited response upon opening this gift.
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Stopped Functioning after 7 Months of Light Usage
I would say this is a great item, and when I bought it in February 2016 I did say it was a great item. It worked! I stored it properly, was gentle with it because it feels fragile in the hand, but for some reason this morning after just a bit over 7 months of light usage (once a week or so), it stopped working for no reason. Would no longer play any DVDs. I’m pretty upset, considering it’s only 7 months old and I didn’t use it everyday. Don’t waste your money. I’m sure there are better ones out there, which now I’ll be on the hunt for on Amazon.
product is not good.. do not buy this
bought this in November 10, 2015 and was able to use it once. Worked perfectly for one time use, after 2 months, green light keeps blinking, trying to read the disc but was not able to. I was in a hurry and forgot about it until now, 8/24/16, still not working, still trying to read the disc. I am very careful with my things especially electronics and gadgets, never dropped this or anything…product is not good. . do not buy this.
They work well.
Purchased two of these to work with my kids tablets. They work well. It did take a bit to get the computer to recognize them but I blam Windows for that.
See detail on SAMSUNG-Ultra-Slim-SE-208GB-RSLD-compatible


magnets how do they work on a can opener?
the magnet thing doesn’t really work but otherwise it opens the can
Love this opener
This opener is awesome. It’s really sharp, easy to use and has a nifty lid magnet so you take the lid off without using your hands. i love it.
Great can opener!
Very easy to use! Opens the cans without any hitches. My last can opener would only partial open the can. This turns easily and never misses a spot!
See detail on ZYLISS-Opener-Lifter-Magnet-White


which was easy. Very pleased with it
I bought this to use with DSLR Controller to use my Canon cameras wirelessly for astrophotography. It required installation of dedicated firmware, which was easy. Very pleased with it, the MR3040 works perfectly with Canon 40D, 60D, T2i, T3i and T5i and has excellent range. Highly recommended for this purpose.
great compact unit, works with our Verizon 3G modem
great compact unit, works with our Verizon 3G modem
Not easy
Not easy to connect to ISP hotspot at all. Ordering a Hoo Too router which has this thought out
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My experience was horrible and time consuming
My first ordere was defected so it was picked up and another was sent. The second one was defected as well. My experience was horrible and time consuming.
One summer down & they look great!
We’ve had these loungers out all summer by our pool and they are in perfect condition! Very happy with the purchase.
Amazing chaise lounge for the money!
Just purchased. They came out of the box already assembled and looked just like Rattan. Perfect condition. My prior wood lounge chairs fell apart from the weather and Sun. These are plastic and should hold up well. They seem like very good quality. Love these chaise loumges! Highly recommend. Great value, look and feel. Plus you don’t have to pull out a cushion or towel to use them!
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Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Minis for Breastfeeding Mothers, 3 Count

Breastfeeding/pumping saver
I have been using this for the last 2 months & I would say it really is doing its job. I never had cracked nipples & the discomfort from both pumping & breastfeeding is minimal. This keeps the moisture in thus preventing you from having friction issues.

I love this miracle cream – for baby diaper rash
I love this miracle cream – for baby diaper rash, cracked nipples from nursing, dry hands… Still keep a tube on hand even though all of the babies are grown by now, no one is nursing or diapered…

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Very sturdy sling – especially for it’s price point.
While the product details are a bit misleading (the actual load rating printed on the label gives capacity numbers of 3100 vertical, 2480 choke, and 9400lbs basket style), it’s still a heck of a bargain for what it’s able to do. I bought it for a choke type application, but it’ll come in handy for years to come. At under $20, it’s well worth it.
Use this sling to lift 385# assemblies of irregular shape …
Use this sling to lift 385# assemblies of irregular shape. The strap is long enough to wrap around the assemblies and hold them secure during handling. Will come in very handy in our warehouse.
Works fantastic!
I actually use this to wrap around a tree to protect it from the battle rope I use for exercise. Works fantastic!
See detail on KEEPER-02612-Keeper-Lift-Sling


Older version is better
I’m not sure I like this newer version of the insert. It seems not to hold the baby well
Disappointed and returned
We could not get this to work for our baby. You are supposed to be able to use this insert in your Ergobaby carrier when they are too little to fit in the regular carrier. Even with the cushion on the bottom of the insert he still sat too low and had no neck support. He was within the weight range to use with the insert. I still don’t think it would work even if he weighed more as there would still be no neck support. We decided to return it and just wait for him to be big enough to use in the carrier with no inserts needed.
Good purchase
Easy to use and successfully fit with our carrier. Baby seems very comfortable and is at the safe height for her head.
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1-2-3 blocks, a reasonable price for the quality
These are an adequate set of 1-2-3 blocks if you keep in mind the price your paying. These are not the blocks I would own as a master machinist that made my living by high precision work. The set I received had some dents in the edges that had to be stoned out and the threading was so rough that I had to chase them all, but they are square, the edges are parallel (yes, based on being square), there was no rust on them and for less than $15 they are nice to have on the bench. The Amazon packing was great, but inside the Amazon box they were soaked in a thick oil and wrapped in something thicker than paper, but not really a cardboard. A case would have been a nice addition even for a small increase in price as I think the dings happened somewhere in China or the trip to the US.
Excellent value.
I measured the set that I received and they were matched to within 0.0003". Excellent value.
these are ok as a backup.
cheap pair of ground blocks but could have earned 5 stars if they had bored the through holes to 3/8 so a 3/8" bolt could be used to lock them together or into the fairly standard 3/8" hold downs.. There hardened so a redrill is not an option.
See detail on BL-123-Precision-Steel-1-2-3-Blocks


Really good natural sugar free diet or diabetic low carb
These taste smooth and creamy, no after taste or gas, will be getting again soon!
These are great tasting. I like 70% to 80% when it comes to chocolate. Will buy more to keep in my desk at work for that chocolate fix.
I don’t understand?!! Too good
I don’t understand how this chocolate can taste so good without sugar or artificial sweetener?! I keep re-reading the label to find a culprit. There’s nothing bad listed! So HOW can these taste so good? I’m hooked.
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