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Great Gift
I bought this for a gift for my wife, her request. She loves using it to check on the cat out in the yard and likes the idea of having the strobe function to confuse or scare. She also liked the way it was boxed.
I really like the rechargeable battery or I can use regular batteries
Is very bright and compact. I really like the rechargeable battery or I can use regular batteries. It is a good shape and not too big. Overall I would recommend this flashlight.
This is a GREAT flashlight! Got one for every member of my …
This is a GREAT flashlight! Got one for every member of my family for Christmas, and the all love it.
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Highly recommended as an add one with the purchase of pure …
Highly recommended as an add one with the purchase of pure spa hot tub. Buying the bigger pack last longer and they go quick in the unit.
Perfect fit, item as described. Excellent packaging.
Fit perfect, item was as described. Arrived right on time!
Great product.
I have an Intex Hot Tub and this is THE place I come to get all my filters for it! These are very easy to change out and just as easy to clean. Super simple.
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Don’t buy this product. It’s worth even less than …
Don’t buy this product. It’s worth even less than the price asked. My boyfriend ran everything through my car and connected everything up, then when he got to the battery with the power cord, the fuse connector literally fell apart in his hands after he struggled with it and it wouldn’t even work. Everything is made with the cheapest material. He is going to rip everything out and buy a kit at walmart because he literally fears for my saftey from the potential fire danger.
Great wires, poor-to-okay connectors
All of the cables and the fuse holder in the kit are of good quality but I was a bit let down with the connectors. It always seems that these less-expensive kits never have connectors large enough for the application. Most of my wires are terminated without a connector into the amp and for my battery and ground connections I went out and bought bigger terminals. I did like how this kit came with some sturdy wire loom too. I admittedly have gone too many years with exposed red cable under my hood but no longer with this kit installed.
Good on the cheap!
Well, I think for the money this is hard to beat. I am taking off a star because of the cable ties are junk, but other than that this is a good kit.
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I voted I love it because they are factory batteries
I voted I love it because they are factory batteries, I have no real time on them at this moment because my battery use runs in streaks from don’t remember when I last charged to OMG I need a fresh battery! I bought these to make a REAL comparison between the less expensive knockoffs as opposed to the real thing from DeWalt. I bought 2 – 4AH knockoffs about a year ago, they made my circle saw into a monster instead of a wimp, and now, a year into this, I think I’m noticing a little drop in performance already from them. The circle saw seems to run out of gas a little sooner than before with these and we are only a year into this, Hmmmmm. Again, I am not sure or willing to bet money on my assumption. Thats why i bought the DeWalt 5AH pair. I know they are bigger and I’m going to take that into account. This test is not scientific by any means so i will have no answer for a t least a year. What I did notice is that with the DeWalt batteries, I do not have to argue with the tool to get the batteries installed. The 4AH always argued and my fix was I depressed the battery release before sliding them into anything, this seems to work… So, make your own mind up, but so far I like the DeWalts…. Happy Holidays to all!!!
Sawzall all day? Yes please
Use sawzall all day on one charge cutting cast iron pipes? This battery does this.
SO MUCH BETTER THAN 2.0MAH batteries! The run time on these is amazing. Especially with a brushless tool. I dont know how people could stand using NiCd tools. Lithium last forever especially the bigger batteries like this! Even my circular saw lasts FOREVER using these. Felt like i was constantly changing them on 2.0mah batteries.
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DockATot Deluxe Dock (So Safari) – The All in One Baby Lounger, Sleep Positioner, Portable Crib and Bassinet – Perfect for Co Sleeping – Breathable & Hypoallergenic – Suitable from 0-8 months

We got our DocATot two days ago and our two …
We got our DocATot two days ago and our two week old has now slept 7 hours straight in her DocATot at night!

however I can easily console him and get him back to sleep without …
I don’t usually post reviews, but as I was a desperate mama a few weeks ago looking for anything to help our sleeping situation, I thought it might be helpful to someone in my shoes. Quick backstory– around 3 weeks old, my son decided he would not sleep ANYWHERE under any conditions, except on me or right next to me in bed. I didn’t have anything in our bed to make co-sleeping safe so I spent most nights on the couch sitting up, not sleeping. When my son was in a deep sleep, I would try to put him down and he would wake up immediately and cry his little heart out so I had to pick him back up and start the process of getting him to sleep over. I decided to order the dockatot based on a recommendation. The first day I put it in my bed next to me (husband slept on the couch because our queen sized bed is not big enough for two people and the dockatot). Baby slept in it for a full hour by himself! Now, about a week later, we have the dockatot in the packnplay right next to the bed and baby sleeps his usual 2-3 hours at a time in it. When I put him down he still usually wakes up, however I can easily console him and get him back to sleep without picking him up (like I had to before). So no, this wasn’t a miracle thing for me where he all the sudden slept through the night, butttt it got me back in my bed and sleeping without a baby in my arms! Totally worth it.

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It’s a water filter & it filters water.
Filters water, what else do they want me to say? How’s this, this is the most amazing filter I have ever seen. If I run out of water, this filter will dig a small well all by itself and then filter the new well water for you. It will filter dirty water for 35 years without ever having to tough it. I was equally surprised when I was prompted to add my favorite coffee to the filter. When I added my McDonalds Decaj K-Cup to the slot on the filter, it made the best coffee I have ever had. It used the fresh;y filtered well after it had just dug and siphoned from the ground. I plan to read the fine print in the 12 page owners manual and see how easy it is to let the filter wash ou car and motor home. Lots of value for a $14 twin pac. I highly Recommend this life saving Water filter…..How did I do?
Alternate Use other than RV
Purchased this to filter water for my Tower Garden. My plants are doing great!
No complaints
As expected at the right price. Did not need the hose but would have likely paid the same or more at a retail without the hose.
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Lots of room!
For the price you can’t beat this! Excellent capacity, and pretty good quality. We use this for our kids outdoor toys. I don’t know what I did without it!
It is better to have help in order to ensure things line …
Take your time putting this together as is in the instructions. It is better to have help in order to ensure things line up before you click things in place permanently. I have had it for over six months with no leaking issues. Sturdy enough to put a TV on for tailgaiting on the porch. Pretty impressed with value for the $$.
Poor design
Box arrived right on time. Unfortunately, no assembly instructions. So of course we did it in the wrong order. It does NOT come apart to change the order. but it turns out that the order does not matter, as holes that the rod is supposed to slide through to hold the lid to the box and forms the hinge were not drilled, so the rod cannot work. I would NOT buy this again due to the lack of assembly instructions and poor quality of the workmanship on the box/lid/hinge rod design. We are making it work with wooden dowels for the hinges.
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It is nice to be able to buy cacao nibs
I lived in Mexico during 1981-1982, and grew cacao, I missed the raw/fermented cacao beans when I returned to the US. It is nice to be able to buy cacao nibs, and beans, and these are great quality, and good flavor. Maddog
Try It!
Tastes good and is a good nutritional supplement. I feel better when I eat a small amount each day.
Delicious and good for me
Tasty!! I use them in my homemade energy bars and I grind a little with my coffee beans every morning! Delicious and good for me. Will re-buy!
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