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Nice product, comfortable
This is the first ankle support I’ve owned but find it comfortable and useful in supporting healing of plantar fasciitis in my left foot. It’s easy to use once you get the hang of it : hint – use your common sense rather than using the instructions. I’d buy this again. When my foot soreness is gone I’ll put this with my first aid kit.
A better substitute for the elastic band
A better substitute for the elastic band. Worked great for my husband. He has a limited mobility in his ankle due to the old injury and needs a stability support on it. It is easy to put on, it stays in place during the day, fit in regular shoes and gives a great support to his ankle.
A great easy feature to help with ankle support.
I used this for basketball and kickball. It provides great ankle stability and support.
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I loved this ice crusher until last month when it stopped …
I loved this ice crusher until last month when it stopped working. A high pitch whine started and the ice would not crush. The ice I put in it is the size of 1/2 a cube(from my ice maker). I shook it and emptied it out and put warm water in it to melt what was in it and started again. The high pitch whine started again and no ice was crushed. I plan to return it and get another kind. (I am so glad I did not get rid or my manual ice crusher). JUST AN UPDATE: I bought another one in May 2016 and it lasted until Oct. 19,2016 Just shy of 6 months. I will not by another one even though I justified the second purchase by saying it only cost me $12.00 a month to operate it. I cannot justify another one.. It is wasteful and I will just manually crush ice from now on. DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM!!!
I like that it crushes the ice but I had hoped …
I like that it crushes the ice but I had hoped at this price that the size of the pieces would be adjustable. This makes it a bit pricey for what it does.
I loved this thing when I needed an ice crusher
I loved this thing when I needed an ice crusher. It was heavy duty too. I used it daily to crush ice like 5-6 times a day!!!! It made my ice really well crushed, but not so much that it was snow cone.
See detail on Waring-IC70-Professional-Stainless-Large-Capacity


Sturdy, well made
Sturdy, well made, nice finish. Fit my server rack. Shipped in a sturdy box. I have ordered several of these. A++ Will most likely order more of these as the need arises.
Cost effective and it works…would buy again
Cost effective network rack that holds my media pc in a half height rack. I like that the ventilation holes are there since it helps my fractal node 604 case. Would buy it again. Screws included are an extra bonus.
Sufficient for light weight
It gets the job done. I installed it in a perfectly square and level APC brand rack and it seems that no amount of adjusting can get it to sit perfectly flat and square though this only an aesthetic problem. Also I wouldn’t put 50 lbs on this shelf unless it was sitting right near the rails. I am only using this for various small components like modems and firewalls and for that it is entirely sufficient. I was going to order a second one for a monitor and keyboard but I doubt the monitor would be as stable as I would like sitting at the back of this shelf.
See detail on StarTech-Universal-Vented-Cantilever-19-Inch


I highly recommend these
These were really great! I have an old Kodak Camera and finding film around my town has only gotten harder, but these products arrived promptly and were so reasonably priced. I highly recommend them
Best deal I have found on color 400 speed film
I’ve been shooting 35mm film for a couple of months now and this is the best deal that I’ve been able to find on film. Most other film that you’ll find can cost up to 4x as much. The image quality is good given the price. I especially like shooting at film speed 400 (equivalent to ISO 400 on digital) as opposed to lower film speeds, since this will allow me to set a faster shutter speed. This is important if you are into street photography and do not want your images to blur. Overall, this is the best deal on color film that you’ll find online. Film is only becoming more scarce and expensive, so stock up if you can!
Good price, quick delivery!
Good price and delivered quickly. Wish I could find a place to get my film developed. 😕
See detail on Fujifilm-1068620-Superia-X-TRA-400


Inexpensive well designed and rugged
Probably the best case for the Raspberry Pi 3 available. Not fancy but very well designed and rugged.
It’s ok.
It ok but I’m not a big fan. The cover snaps on and doesn’t hold on all that well. There’s a different make/model that screws together that I like much better.
not very sturdy, and doesn’t close with the Sense Hat
It’s cheap, looks OK, and fits a basic RPi 3. Unfortunately, it’s a bit fiddly, not very sturdy, and doesn’t close with the Sense Hat.
See detail on Official-Raspberry-Pi-Case-White


Can’t keep my daughter’s attention.
My 4-year-old daughter is not interested in using these. I give it three stars because they are nicely designed and seem to have a lot of options for using the leap reader pen. Unfortunately my daughter doesn’t sit down and actually use them. She spends 5 minutes max on one of the books and then puts it down to do other things. She already knows how to read simple words, and I was hoping this would help her develop that even more, but she won’t use it. I’ll update this review if she takes a liking to the books. It should be stated, however, that she is a very active child and would much rather run around most of the time than sit down with books.
Love the leap reader and the books
I bought a leap reader for my 3.5 yr old and he has barely put it down. The books are VERY interactive. I thought it would just read words, but you can place it just about anywhere on a page and it will make sounds appropriate to the story (for example, if the story is about birds, it might make chirping noises). Love the leap reader and the books!
I was very pleased with the item and the arrival time
As usual, I was very pleased with the item and the arrival time.
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I lost an iPad charger, and so I was …
I lost an iPad charger, and so I was looking to replace it. In the same size, and at half the price, I can charge my iPad and iPhone at full speed. This is being put in my travel case so I can leave some of my chargers at home when I don’t need my full five port charger.
Works well. Keeps my Samsung S-4 perfectly charged.
Works well. Keeps my Samsung S-4 perfectly charged.
Love having two charging ports (one for each kid)
Love having two charging ports (one for each kid). I also ordered a multi-size pack of anker usb cables for 4 kindles we have in our house. They charge fast. great product.
See detail on Upgraded-Anker-Charger-PowerPort-PowerIQ


Mdisc is worth noting as others have. Research it …
Mdisc is worth noting as others have. Research it, you want this technology if your looking to back stuff up for an extended amount of time. Also remember to get Mdiscs, cause the burner won’t give you that longevity if you burn it on cheap disks.
I immediately burned 4 new CD’s and it worked like a charm
Took 20 minutes to install in my desktop. When I plugged my computer back in, Windows recognized it right away, no problem. I immediately burned 4 new CD’s and it worked like a charm. My old one I probably burned 300-400 discs on since 2010. It served me well but was noisy and sometimes took a few seconds to open. No problems like that with this one. This one is so quiet you wont know it is working. I am always happy when I get new electronic things and they work the first time. And for $25.00 you cant beat it.
Good seller!
An old model DVD burner , hard to find, for my mac… but it came fast and works fine. Love it!
See detail on LG-Electronics-Internal-Optical-GH24NSC0B


Whoo hoo
Loved it!! Watch out though because the smell is very strong but I am using it with that dia-something earth powder and I’ve only been bit once a night since I did it 5 nights ago. Well, the past 2 nights nothing. I highly recommend this and the powder. Tho keep the powder dry.
It’s only been a week but I’ve seen a dramatic …
It’s only been a week but I’ve seen a dramatic reduction in bugs. I’m hoping the positive trend will continue.
Got bed bugs after coming from the hospital due to surgery. This product works very well. I’m very please.
See detail on Eco-Defense-Natural-Organic-Formula


Just a heads up.
I love the product but not very happy that I have multiple pillls inside that had cracks and holes causing spillage of powder wasting 10 pills and at this price I would hope to have all my pills. Didn’t see an option to contact seller to have this resolved so leaving a review instead.
Ladies, try this product. It really works!
I seldom write reviews but felt that I must for this product. I suffered for 2 years with a discharge. I’ve tried numerous types of products but nothing worked. After 2 days of using the product I could tell the difference. Don’t suffer any longer. Try this!
Three Stars
Didn’t work that well for me, but everyone’s body is different. Will be trying something else.
See detail on RepHresh-Pro-B-Probiotic-Feminine-Supplement