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This is the worst litter I have used in my cat’s box yet
Clump and stick. This is the worst litter I have used in my cat’s box yet.
40 years of felines…many litters walked on…(3) picky cats seem acceptable of it. I accept no smell!
Best ever.
This is the best cat litter I’ve ever used. Low to no dust, clumps hard, easy to scoop and most importantly the cars love it and it keeps the fragrance to nothing. I’ve used a ton of different cat litter as well.
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Please READ
I put a star because I had to. This is quite possibly the worst purchase I have ever made. The printer was essentially a lemon and one of my tenants who does IT for a living couldn’t even get it to work – not even a test page. I think the network card was bad in it is what he told me, on a brand new printer. Please stay far away from this brand and this model if you want to increase your likelihood of your purchase. By the way this item is 60lbs and in the box probably a 2-person lift. Hope this helps someone. My best advice is get a Samsung. They seem to be more inexpensive and still work as well.
go for it!
top of the line. perfect for what is needed at home or office. i would recommend this to anyone who wants the problems solved
Awesome printer, prints amazing quality, super fast, and very pleased! But…
Oddly enough, I purchased this printer because I don’t need to print very often. I have a stack of inkjet printers in my basement that the ink dried out in the ink jets from lack of use and their print quality is crappy, though they’re hardly used. I know that laser printers don’t have this problem; they can sit idle for months between use without any issues. So I dug deep into my pockets and bought this. PROS: It’s an awesome printer. I especially like that I can use it as a home photocopier, which is something I need every so often, especially around tax time. People say that laser printers don’t print colors as well as inkjet printers, but the colors are dark and true, and don’t look washed out like inkjet colors do. Another reason I wanted it was to scan irreplaceable family photos onto my computer, which works just fine. Also, laser colors don’t smudge if they get wet, unlike inkjet colors, so you can print professional grade materials if you so desire. For its main use, printing Java program listings, it’s super fast and prints crisp black text. CONS: I purchased this printer as NEW, but I suspect this is a returned and reboxed printer. I realize that people return things and those things need to be repackaged and sold. But the installation poster was missing and I had to go to HP’s site to download it. Plus other telltale signs that the box was opened and re-sealed. This is a thing that has happened to me more than once on tech items I’ve bought from Amazon.
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Great for after shower keeps you dry !
I’ve been looking for medicated powder worked great under breast keeps moisture down and works better than Dr prescribed ointment , couldn’t find in years!
The texture of the powder is fine, and I have been using on my two …
My life saver when it comes to nappy rashes. I do not wipe my lo’s bums. I ll wash them after each diaper change and pat dry and apply this on him. Smell is pleasant, nothing to complain about. The texture of the powder is fine, and I have been using on my two children for the past 4 years. pretty expensive on Amazon. It is cheaper at Walmart
very quick healing
this is an amazing product for home health care. (adult). healed up a chronic problem very quickly. wish we had thought of it sooner.
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Quick and Thorough
This removes polish in seconds. I’ve only used it on regular polish and with nail polish that has a hint of glitter. Typically the glitter polish is difficult to remove. Not with this. It also has a pleasant scent. Very impressed with this polish remover. Unlike any I have used in the past. I recommend this product. I will update this review after I try removing a recent SNS manicure. I would have it done at the nail spa, but I want to see if this works on SNS as well.
I am a nail technician and this product has held up to my standards. It has Removed glitter polish with ease. I Will be ordering again.
Will purchase again.
Purchased this to remove Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish. It works great and removes the gel quickly and easily. Even the top comes off without filing.
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I love these!
I did not realize at the time I ordered these that they were such good quality! Perfect for finishing up my holiday baking.
Save money
So much cheaper than closure bags. Everything fits and I don’t feel guilty about throwing them away.
Size matters
The bags I received are not large enough to accommodate the two lb. loaves prepared using my bread machine.
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The instructions above were perfect. Took me all of 2 minutes to complete …
The instructions above were perfect. Took me all of 2 minutes to complete (The Learn button on my Garage door motor was GREEN – i.e. Push ENTER 4x) That was taking into account the time it took for me to find my screwdriver ;-D Worked correctly on the first try. Thanks for the clarification.
programming was difficult but tech support was prompt in helping
We had to call to program. Now it works well
Liftmaster Garage Door Remote
Very Easy Set Up! I had it Working in less than 2 Minutes! I Preferred to Buy the Same Brand as the Original Door Opener.
See detail on Liftmaster-877max-Wireless-Keyless-System


data-hook=”product-link-linked” class=”a-link-normal” =”/Pyle-PMX7BU-Bluetooth-3-Channel-DJ-MP3-Mixer-Mic-Talkover-USB-Flash-Reader-Dual-RCA-Microphone-Inputs-Headphone-Jack/dp/B00P6UDWXG/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_rvw_txt?ie=UTF8″>Pyle PMX7BU Bluetooth 3-Channel DJ MP3 Mixer, Mic-Talkover, USB Flash Reader, Dual RCA & Microphone Inputs, Headphone Jack The Pyle PMX7BU is a sweet little mixer for the amateur DJ. It cost half as much as my ancient mixer, is half the size and weight, but feature packed and updated with Bluetooth and a USB card reader.
Not good for mixing
I am far from a professional but I purchased this to do some mixing of 12" singles. The slider was so poorly accurate that I would slide up and not hear a thing, and then about halfway up, I got output. Certainly not a piece of equipment to mix records. So, I returned it and am looking for an affordable mixer to mix singles.I think for $50, I got what I paid for.
Not what I expected
This mixer is so small it’s not worth buying. They should have describe it better.
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filtering debris or fish waste well. That why I bought this third box …
Very well made, its removed odors, clear water, filtering debris or fish waste well. That why I bought this third box filters. Aqueon filters and pump always got a 5 stars from my rating.
… fish tank and I’d have to say this product sucks. They get dirty quite quick
Bought this for my mom’s fish tank and I’d have to say this product sucks. They get dirty quite quick. I threw a spong filter into the tank and it’s gotten less dirty now.
The cotton disintegrated into mush
I use a 10-gallon aquarium as a source of constantly-filtered water for my cats. Since there aren’t any fish wastes in the water, each filter should last a lot longer than 5 months (again, it’s filtering clean water). When I ran cold water over the cartridge to clean it off, the cotton disintegrated into mush. I didn’t even know that was possible. I’ve been using the same brand filter/cartridges for years and never had that problem. It seems the quality of the product has deteriorated since I last bought filters in 2013. The only benefit of the small amount of charcoal they give you is that I didn’t have to clean much up when it spilled out of the disintegrated mushy cartridge.
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This soup is amazing. The taste is spot on–not at all what …
This soup is amazing. The taste is spot on–not at all what you would expect from a canned soup. The color is great, and the chunky texture makes this seem like a freshly prepared soup. It’s my absolute favorite canned soup.
Very tasty but salty
I love Amy’s products but I must say these are kinda salty. The flavour is good but they are very high in sodium.
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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace For Babies (Unisex) (Honey) – Anti Flammatory, Drooling & Teething Pain Reduce Properties – Natural Certificated Oval Baltic Jewelry with the Highest Quality Guaranteed.

Not one but Two!!
In writing this I need to say that I was in no way compensated or given anything free to provide my review. I bought this necklace for my at the time my 16 month old who had a late start at her teeth coming in but it seemed as though several were trying to break through all at once. In order to avoid the "severe" symptoms of teething I bought this trying to be proactive, aside from the occasional waking up at night I never noticed a huge difference in her pain or mood…… until I left it behind while on vacation. It wasn’t more than one day without the necklace that there was an extreme difference in her mood and the symptoms that she showed when new teeth began to come in. She became a whole different child that I had never met and she was not so pleasant to be around. I quickly ordered not one but two more necklaces just in case something ever happens to one of them again. I was not the only one who saw the difference in her with and without it, lots of family said they had never seen her act that way. I highly recommend this for a teething child. I’m sure it soothes them as well as keeping everyone around them sane.

You’ll notice a difference within a few days of your baby wearing this. Teething fussiness under control. Even less drooling! This would make a perfect gift!!

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