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Popular gift
Bought as a Christmas gift and is a huge hit. Comes in a great case. Not too noisy! Think we’ll get a couple more!
Very disappointed in this product. Purchased this for my grandsons for Christmas and they were thrilled to receive it. After 10 minutes of play one gun stopped working. The other one quit 30 minutes later. Returning them.
Really Special laser tag set. Beautifully packaged, favorite gift ever!!
My grandson’s favorite gift for Christmas. This is a quality laser tag set! Couldn’t believe our eyes when the gift was opened. The case it comes in is like a gift also!! We ordered 2 sets…great fun!
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used these in a few recipes they are pretty good as far as dry foods go
used these in a few recipes they are pretty good as far as dry foods go. of course they are no the same as canned or fresh but actually really good
Use in a pinch
Eh, not so great. They get mushy when rehydrated, so I generally used this product for soups and sometimes pasta sauce. They worked pretty well in broccoli soup. I would buy them again to ensure I have shrooms during the winter months, but there isn’t much flavor.
These are great to have on hand for soups
These are great to have on hand for soups! I just toss in a spoonful when I’m making the soup, and they add wonderful flavor and texture to my soups!
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Not very durable, otherwise great.
I’ve had two of these irons, but they’re just not that durable. The first one dies after I dropped it form the ironing board, and the second one appears to have died for no clear reason. I use it regularly for sewing, and my husband irons his shirts, but certainly not every day- more like weekly. I expect it to last a little longer. Other than that, I love it enough that I bought it twice! The functions are all great, as long as they work. My first one I bought in 2008, my second in 2013. I’m looking for a different model this time.
Iron would be perfect if the steam dial wasn’t so easy to change
Iron would be perfect if the steam dial wasn’t so easy to change. Really want consistent steam throughout ironing process; however, the steam dial is constantly being changed involuntarily due to it’s placement and its flimsiness.
Would have liked a smaller lighter weight one
Works well. Would have liked a smaller lighter weight one.
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My daughter finds Torch to be a fun and interesting little buddy. Though limited in responses the animatromics are fascinating. Big engaging eyes as well.
He’s very cute and she loved his movements
This was a huge hit at Christmas with my 5-year old granddaughter. He’s very cute and she loved his movements, sounds, and the fact that he blows out a red mist. When you put the marshmallow on the stick in his mouth, it turns color as though it’s roasting. He’s a little noisy and the chamber that you fill to enable him to blow the mist is small and might be difficult for a small child to fill without adult supervision. Overall, however, My Blazin’ Dragon is a great toy!
So cute!
This was the cutest toy for my 4 year old. You add water to his spike on his head and it blows smoke out of his mouth to make it look like he is blowing fire. There is a little read light in his mouth that glows. This light glows and does not matter if there is water in the dragon’s head or not. My 4 year old does not know the difference. I love it. It makes all these cute little noises and it’s so cute that I find myself petting it as a pet when I’m sitting next to it on the couch. I don’t know if that’s the mommy brain or not. I highly recommend it and Amazon had the cheapest price right before Christmas and it came Christmas Eve.
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Sold me a phone with a bad battery
The phone looked great but the battery was defective.. won’t hold a charge more than two hours wwit little to no use. I going to replace the battery
Does not keep a charge. Came in the box …
Does not keep a charge. Came in the box dead. Will not hold charge more than 2-3 hours. Dies before it gets to 10% battery
6 months after i purchached this item it completely shut …
6 months after i purchached this item it completely shut off and will hold a charge !!! No store can fix my problem not even apple !! Have to get a WHOLE NEW PHONE NOW smh.
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Excellant (C&Berg. are an excellant company too)
I installed, per instructed, and sure enough the lid, while closed, has remained consistently leak proof. Grateful. My only hesitation-if tumbler falls to the ground, the lid might not have enough suction to maintain the hold and all the liquid would quickly drain. I have not tested this. Acrylic straws can not fit through the mouth whole, however a silicon and regular disposable straws can.
Very happy with lids
I got 2 20oz Ozark cups and these lids fit perfectly without one spill on either! Very happy with lids..Thx!
Spill-Proof, Toddler Tested
Love this lid! It keeps my Yeti virtually toddler-proof. I bought this lid specifically to make sure that my sneaky toddler would not spill my hot/cold drinks when she makes a grab for my Yeti. This lid does the trick! I would definitely recommend.
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BRICA 2 Piece White Hot Sun Safety Shades

Too heavy, not sticky.
I bought these with the idea that I could roll them up to give baby a view. Unfortunately the suction cups are note very strong, so when I attempted to unstick and re-stick them to the widow the bottom suction cup did not stick well. These are also very heavy which makes me nervous in the case of an accident, I would hate to have one come loose and hit the baby in the event of a crash.

And the heat censor is kind of useless, for starters white means hot and red means …
These are small- they don’t cover much window at all. And the heat censor is kind of useless, for starters white means hot and red means cold which is bizarre and confusing. Second, the thing says my car is too hot when I’m in it on a day in the mid 60s with the AC on. Not reliable.

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Glows in the dark… just not the best.
I ordered this PLA to finish printing a 2×4 Trex display. The color is clearer but it is also less absorbent to light and therefore does not glow as much as my other one called "Glow In the Dark Semi-Opaque" If you want something better, I would suggest getting that one.
Prints fantastically. I got this for my Dad’s 3d …
Prints fantastically. I got this for my Dad’s 3d printer for Christmas and it does what he needs perfectly! The glow is very bright, and the prints come out smooth as butter 10/10
Be aware the spool hub size has changed!
Works as expected, if you can accommodate the new spool. Hatchbox has changed their spool hub size, so the spool you receive will *not* look like the spools in the product photos. The current product description lists: Spool Hub Hole Diameter: 1.25" However, that is no longer true. In an email exchange with Hatchbox support, they confirmed: "Please note that HatchBox changed the spool hub size to a 2" because there was a rising demand for this size in our customer base." I’ve attached a photo that shows the new spool (I measured the hub at about 55m).
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Mission accomplished!
Worked great on drilling a hole into four ceramic pots I had purchased. The bit itself is shorter than I anticipated, but it worked great. Be sure to order safety googles if you don’t already have some. There will be ceramic dust particles when you drill in. Also don’t push down too hard, let the drill and bit do their work. I used the largest bit that came with the set. You can see its size in the photo. I also used the sticker that came on the pots to keep the bit from slipping and help me start the hole based on a tip from another reviewer. Good move.
Couldn’t do my job without these
This was a test and preformed very well I plan on getting an entire set in all sizes
Don’t work on Ceramic tile
These take forever to drill and it broke on the second hole. I wish I could return them.
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