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Do not buy
This knife turn black the next 5 weeks of buyin in a was not able to retun this real bat knife por the price
Good Knife. Worth The Money.
I got it in the mail and it came in a nice case which I enjoyed. I love the feel and how heavy it is. When I got it, I immediately washed it and tested it out and it cut through some peppers like butter. I really liked it.
has a fine sharpness and durability to it
For the affordable price, has a fine sharpness and durability to it! came in a very professional packaging and is very easy to handle. Just make sure to keep it well honed and dry after washing
See detail on Chef-Kitchen-Knife-Professional-Multipurpose


***DO NOT BUY*** Cover falls off; not airtight, and ants will get in
I would not recommend buying this product. I purchased this Buddeez 8-Quart Pet Food Dispenser in late 2015 for cat food, and I wish I could return it. Although the plastic seems durable, I’ve had a number of issues with this dispenser. The biggest problem is, after a few months of uses, the top will start to fall off when you are mid-pour dispensing pet food. I can’t tell you how many times food has piled up around the bowls and I’ve had to spend a few minutes cleaning up. I thought at first it was because the lid was not properly on — but no, it just loses its grip after a few months. The other issue is — it is not an airtight grip around the lid. I came home to find the food inside covered in ants. I checked again and yes, the top lid is on properly, it’s just not airtight. Do not buy.
It stores a big bad of seed easily
It stores a big bad of seed easily, and is made of good quality plastic. I am so happy that I won’t have to deal with meal worms eating my seed anymore!
I got this to make pouring cat litter a little …
I got this to make pouring cat litter a little easier. It is HUGE! Which isn’t a problem, I just wasn’t expecting it. The handle makes it way easier to pour the litter, so it did its job. No complaints.
See detail on Buddeez-32-Quart-Dispenser-Food-X-Large


Save money and DIY
Saved a ton buy buying this and installing myself. Dealership wanted to charge over $100 for this and cabin air filter installed. Did it myself. Do it yourself too
Toyota Original Engine Air Filter – Fits 2011 Camry LE
This is a Toyota Genuine Engine Air filter that fit my 2011 Camry LE with no issues. Installed in minutes. There is one square end (non-rounded). Make sure when you remove the old air filter that you take note of how it was oriented for the placement of the new filter. On my car, it was on the back passenger side of the air box. Make sure to also occasionally clean/replace the cabin air filter (separate item).
Exact OEM replacement
Exactly the same as oiginally installed in the car. Not a subsitute or something as good as.
See detail on Toyota-Genuine-Parts17801-YZZ02-Filter-Element


Great nutrition and my bird loves it!
My parrot loves the Nutri-berries. The item was delivered quickly, on a Sunday!
My Parrots Love These
I add these in to my parrots’ seed every day and they really love them. They are good quality and not only add a little variety to the parrots’s food, but apparently taste really good too! 🙂
my bird is not used to it so far, …
my bird is not used to it so far, thus did not eat any!! it is hard for the bird to eat
See detail on Lafeber-Company-Nutri-Berries-Parrot-3-25-Pound


Nice flavor when used for smoking.
Nothing better than the original … Tried the competition but they do not work as well.
Good pellets. Strong flavor and burn hot
Good pellets. Strong flavor and burn hot. Best flavor for Beef.
I definitely feel that they are way better pellets out there
I bought a Traeger and figured I’d try their pellets. I definitely feel that they are way better pellets out there. These just seemed to stain everything in sight so I’m guessing it’s a wood pellet with an oil added for flavor rather than actual mesquite wood.
See detail on Traeger-PEL305-Mesquite-Barbeque-20-Pound

babyletto Madison Swivel Glider, Slate

This is great for our fairly small nursery
This is great for our fairly small nursery. It’s comfortable, quiet, and doesn’t take up a lot of the very limited floor space.

We really like the chair
We really like the chair, very comfortable when sitting upright. It is not comfortable for breastfeeding. I would not recommend purchasing this chair if you are 5’5" or taller, there is absolutely NO neck support.

See detail on babyletto-madison-swivel


It would not work with ATT nor Sprint. Believe me I had tried them both
It would not work with ATT nor Sprint. Believe me I had tried them both. I spent almost 2 hours on each ATT store and Sprint and let the tech guys in there to help me out putting ATT or Sprint card to this old school phone. but this phone was not compatible for neither of them. I couldnt return it cos it’s been opened.
It works in a pinch, but NO predictive text!
Needed a quick backup phone, and this could get to me the fasted, otherwise I would have gotten a nokia. It works in a pinch, but NO predictive text! So texting is a slow nightmare. Signal strength isn’t that great, phone calls are hard to hear and I hear little beeps and buzzing sounds during calls. BUT it does work in a pinch. I’ll probably still order the $22 simple nokia and this phone can be my backup’s backup, since I did manage to break 2 phones in one weekend . . .
Bad experience with this brand company ! Don’t work after opened it
received fastly by amazon but phone has problem. Lost signal everytime : you can have 3 band and just 2 seconds after without moving 1 or none … I can’t answer call … people don’t hear me . phone is not controlled before selling … I am not agree to say that cheap mean doest not work ! The phone is not controlled that’s all .. or they sell model defected I don’t know.
See detail on BLU-Z3-Phone-unlocked-Black


Good Pot Roast
I’m a pressure cooker gal but decided to give my slow cooker a chance. I bought an eye round roast and it did not get tender so next time I will go with the recommended chuck roast. The flavor was good and it made a good amount of sauce. It was also very easy to make. Pot roast takes 20 minutes in a pressure cooker versus 8 hours in a slow cooker. I wonder how the sauce would work out in 20 minutes?
Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce
I ordered this because reviews at Serious Eats stated that this tasted like Barbacoa Beef from Chipotles; which is a family favorite. Unfortunately, we found this not to be the case. The main flavor component seemed to be vinegar. Other than that it made for an easy dinner; just add it to beef and slow cook until done.
Um, yeah!
Love it, love it, love it. For some bizarre reason, I can’t find this particular flavor of slow cooker sauce in my local grocery stores, so I just ordered a bunch of these packets from Amazon! For those nights when all you can really muster up the energy for is cutting open a packet, and tossing the contents into a crock pot with some chicken. It would probably also be the bomb with skrimps or fish too.
See detail on Campbells-Slow-Cooker-Sauces-Tavern


A very nice professional set to help keep those “pearly whites” clean
A very nice professional set to help keep those "pearly whites" clean. The case is perfect to keep the tools in place and organized at home or for travel.
Great quality! Very easy to use
Great quality! Very easy to use. I get my cleaning done every six months but this tools are great to clean in between my dentist appointments.
False information. Low quality.
False information about the mirror. The mirror is not anti-fog (Please see the photo). You can not see anything in the mirror due to fog, as soon as you put it in your mouth. One end of the metal pick is misaligned, tilted to one side. The tip of one of the metal pick has a very small (less than a millimeter) bent, likely damaged, not safe to use. One of the side surfaces of the scrapper is not flat, likely manufacturing defect, not usable.
See detail on Prepared-Threaders-Toothpicks-Instruments-Stainless

BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer – White/Black

Looks comfortable.
We tried it on couple of toilet seat and it fit on each one so far. Looks comfortable.

Perfect size for little butts and perfect shield in front …
After training 3 boys and trying countless potty seats….this is the one!!!! Perfect size for little butts and perfect shield in front so they don’t pee all over your floor! Little handle to hang or carry so you don’t get your hands dirty. Easy to clean. Get it. Seriously.

See detail on babybjorn-toilet-trainer1