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DorDor & GorGor Toddler Pillow, Organic Cotton, Ivory, 13×18 in

super comfortable
Boy did I make a good choice with this pillow. We all love it and will get each of our kids one now.

Bad Quality
I extremely did not like this product. First, the cover wasn’t smooth or soft like I had hoped and was rough. Second, the inside of the pillow was bulky, and there were noneven clumps of their "cotton." Most importantly, the pillow was of really bad quality to me. After receiving and examining the product, I immediately thought of returning the item. I am unhappy and not satisfied with this product. I hope you will not make the same mistake of buying this product.

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This is a great phone, it does met my expectation
This is a great phone, it does met my expectation. I would urge anyone who needs a inexpensive and simple phone, this is a good deal.
The phone arrived brand new but the serial number was …
The phone arrived brand new but the serial number was invalid. Could not activate. Had to return after purchase. I also was responsible for shipping cost and shipping materials.
… got this phone for Christmas because I wanted a smart phone. Now
I got this phone for Christmas because I wanted a smart phone. Now, I had a flip phone and was looking into something that was better than a flip phone. I did not want to go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars on a phone. With that being said, I’ve had the phone for a few days and I can say it’s pretty cool for what I paid. You can access your emails and google voice is awesome. If you get this phone and want to save stuff you’ll end up needing a memory card because the internal space is limited, after all is 1g. If you want a basic smart phone this is the way to go. The camera is decent it 5 mg, so you won’t be blown away but does the job it is 3g so it’s not as fast as the newer phones.
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Hotest peppers live up to their name
These were the best since ghost peppers, even hotter. Husband finally happy with his peppers been searching for hot ones forever. These made the grade.
Fun gift for people, or just make them dinner 🙂
Gave 1 of these to each of my family members to do what they want with them. Can’t wait to see their creations :)! I’m also a little scared because my brothers can be a little cruel sometimes, but so can I, haha! What a fun gift!!
Don’t believe the one star reviews.
The one star reviews that say ‘these aren’t hot’ or ‘not real Carolina Reapers’ or whatever are one of two possibilities: 1. People who are trolling and just want you to burn your face off without expecting it or…. 2. Competing companies who want you to buy peppers from them instead of from here. These are absolutely the real deal. DO NOT eat an entire pepper. I have a lot of experience eating spicy foods and these things are absolutely insane.
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Philips AVENT Powder Formula Dispenser and Snack Cup, Grey

Easy to use, open and close!
This one is SO much easier to open than the Parent’s Choice brands I used to buy. I love that the divider insert comes out easily to turn it into a snack cup. My son is still strictly on formula, so that’s the only thing I’ve used it for so far. It stays closed, even when I’m digging through the diaper bag looking for something else. It’s super easy to clean. It does take some shaking and jiggling to get all the powder out, but that’s not really a big deal to me.

Formula doesn’t come out easily; clumps and sticks oftem
Doesn’t work nearly as well as a green formula dispenser I bought a couple years ago. This pink one doesn’t empty the formula easily or completely every time. Formula often clings to the inside walls. I find the need to have to wash it frequently as in worried that the remaining formula has gotten slightly damp somehow.

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This is a nice looking holder
This is a nice looking holder, however the arm moves around. Even if you tighten it, it will loosen quickley so it "swings" your toilet paper will not be on a firm/unmoving arm. Not a big deal, but did annoy me-I wanted it to be steady, not swing.
Installed easily. Looks great
Installed easily. Looks great. So glad to have one you can just slide the tp on & not have the spring to take off & put on.
Look great!
What a great deal on these! They look beautiful. Got all 3 at an amazing price because boxes were damaged but all hardware was included..easy to install. Thank you Amazon❤️
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I love that These do have the same fabric top like …
Bought 2 of these. I love that These do have the same fabric top like a sheet but there’s no skirt on the front end. The quality is good – thicker & stronger and cost more than the sheets I bought. Would have given 5 stars but my husband just pointed out a rip today 🙁 I think it must have gotten caught under the bed frame when I was moving the bed to clean under it.
I like it
No complaints, fits just fine. I got dark gray, just what I wanted. Have had trouble finding twin size in stores, they focus on queen and King
Great value.
I just received the bed skirt, I don’t know if this is normal, but it’s super soft. I thought it would be stiffer but that might be a good thing. And the bed skirt is the same fabric across the whole thing, unlike some sets where the past under the bed is different.
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Love this gun
Love this gun. Easy to use with good results using latex paints so far. Also relatively quick and easy to clean. The gun also doubles as an airblower which is really handy for getting rid of debris before painting.
Homeright Finish Max saved me thousands of dollars for my DIY remodel!
This little guy saved me thousands of dollars for my DIY remodel! This is based on quotes I received from local painters. After seeing it recommended by several DIY blogs, I was scared to use a sprayer and after watching youtube videos and seeing how easy it was to use, I took the plunge! It took some practice but it cut my time in half if not more. I used it for bifold closet doors, bedroom doors, kitchen cabinets, drawers, baseboards and trim, window trim. Yes, my whole carriage house was a honey oak dream! It’s worth the price. Just make sure you keep it clean, I used Q-tips in between breaks every 10-15 minutes and wiped off the sprayer hole where the paint builds up and clogs. Trust me, if you don’t keep the sprayer clean and wash and scrub it throughout the day, you won’t get a good spray. It’s also very important to do the paint test. You don’t want it too thick. Check out before and after photos. Everything you see painted white, was oak and I used the sprayer and a roller on some.
Best bang for the buck… here is a tip…
I love this paint sprayer… I was considering buying a much more expensive sprayer however opted for this one based on other reviews… I’m so glad I did. It lays on chalk paints and latex with ease. I have refinished about 15 pieces of furniture with this so far. I also purchased the wash out kit for 6 bucks and it makes cleaning it out easy. Here is a little trick I discovered… the hose on the clean out kit is plenty long… I cut about an inch off the hose and put it on the end of the sprayer hose that goes in the paint container… this way you can use almost all the paint in the container.
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Simple Wishes Hands Free Breastpump Bra, Black, XS to L

Must have if you plan to pump at all
I have no idea how I survived my first child without this bra. I even exclusively pumped for a few months. I’m now pumping with my second due to work. This bra could prob fit any size person. It came with an extender band as well. It is easy to put on, easy to place shields in, and keeps the shields in place. Very satisfied and would recommend!

Incorrect brand sent
I bought this bra and loved it. I recently returned to work and bought a second bra to leave at work so I would have one less thing to remember. I did NOT receive the Simple Wishes brand although the plastic package stated that it was but instead some other brand which I found to be $19 online. The quality of the two were completely different…the version I just received was lower quality: zipper was stuck, material was too stretchy and the flange holes were loose…please make sure you are getting what you actually ordered.

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Evenflo Big Kid High Back Booster, Naperville

Nice booster and easy to install.
Very nice, my grandson loves his own chair. I feel the construction of the chair is very well done. Easy to install, the extra head height and protection for side impact makes this booster seat my pick. I got the bright green and it’s his favorite color and came looking just like the picture.

Easy to clean
Easy to clean, seems comfortable and safe. Love the side cushions. We did add extra cushion on the bottom for extra long car rides.

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Let me say that this is an excellent introductory Cake turntable
Let me say that this is an excellent introductory Cake turntable. Wilton offers three, Trim n Turn plus, Trim n Turn Ultra (this product) and then the Tilt and Turn Ultra. This product falls in the middle in terms of price and ability. For that reason I would say it is good for late beginners/early intermediate bakers and it won’t break your wallet.
Reviewed just to attach a link to the turntable expander.
Haven’t received this yet as I just ordered it the other day and shipping to Afghanistan takes a bit. I’m just posting this now to attach a link for this turntable expander for those wanting to do larger cakes or 9×13 for people like me. I’ll mod my review later on if I don’t like the beast. Should work just fine but I’ve noticed some 1 stars saying this doesn’t rotate smoothly. Has anyone tried cooking oil or Crisco shortening as a lubricant? I don’t think synthetic engine oil would be a good idea. LOL data-hook=”product-link-linked” class=”a-link-normal” =”/Innovative-Sugarworks-Turntable-Expander-for-Rotating-Cake-Decorating-Stand-Expands-from-12-34-to-20-34-Light-Gray/dp/B00WQUODB4/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_rvw_txt?ie=UTF8″>Innovative Sugarworks Turntable Expander for Rotating Cake Decorating Stand, Expands from 12" to 20", Light Gray
Great for decorating cakes, I definitely recommend it
I was looking for a cake Turner for a very long time but they were always a little too expensive to justify. This may be made out of plastic but it is designed very well. I would definitely recommend this.
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