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They’re light bulbs
What else can I say about these besides that they work. These light bulbs have the amber colored glass Instead of the amber coated bulbs which the coating flakes off. I have used these for a few months now and they work. I’m sure these will outlast the car since the ones I removed all still worked
Excellent, low cost brake lights.
I installed these brake lights in a 2008 Pontiac Torrent. They went in extremely easily (from a non-auto guy) after watching a quick youtube video of how to install them. Have worked for numerous months since install and with no problems.
One light bulb DOA. Let see how long they …
One light bulb DOA. Let see how long they will last on my motorcycle.
See detail on SYLVANIA-7443-Miniature-Contains-Bulbs


Must have kitchen gadgets
Awesome. A must have kitchen tool. I have so many oranges and lemons I wanted to try zesting, without grading my fingers. Also its impossible to get the stuff of the cheese grader. Man what a difference. Thanks so much.
Sharp and Sturdy
Sturdy handle, sharp grating surface. Works wonders on fresh ginger. Seems lightweight and durable.
Zester in Her Stocking
Exactly what my "personal chef" wanted in her stocking for Christmas. Quality appears to be good. Handle is comfortable.
See detail on Zester-Raniaco-Stainless-Plastic-Ergonomic


Wife is happy
Wife asked me to buy it. I think she uses it now and has been very satisfied so I gave this 5 stars
Bummer- these unravel and have no density or strength
Stick with the pricey Dremel brand- these are a waste of money. ..
A win for the lapidary artist and for finishing corners
Nice really solid felt for using diamond paste to finish off lapidary stones or for finishing jewelry pieces in those hard to get to areas A win.
See detail on uxcell-Mandrel-Mounted-Polishing-1-85-Inch


Durable and easy to carry
Durable and easy to carry. I like that it holds all tools I need while at the same time it looks good.
Such a great bag and they’ve yet to rip with the amount …
They go anywhere and carry anything really. Such a great bag and they’ve yet to rip with the amount of sharp tools I’m using daily!
Perfect for my Tools.
Perfect to replace the plastic box that my little tool kit came in. It makes me feel official, sort of – it’s black and gray and not pink. 🙂
See detail on Stanley-STST70574-12-Inch-Soft-Sided


Just ok, unfortunately, not enough light power for craft work or gem
OK for cheap lamp. Not enough light power.
Great for making sure things match colorwise
right size and compact to use in crafting. Great for making sure things match colorwise.
I’m using this as probably the worst possible reason to buy this lamp
I’m using this as probably the worst possible reason to buy this lamp, but it appears to be keeping my only Carolina Reaper pepper to continue growing. This also works great as a desk lamp as I am growing it on my desk at work.
See detail on Sunlight-Spectrum-Simulates-Daylight-SL5720RS

Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Nantucket

Would recommend!
Super easy to put together. No tools needed. Does collapse for storage. A great no fuss walker.

“Music” makes terrible noise. Customer service unresponsive.
The walker is fine, does it’s job. But the song that plays from touching the button ended up not working and now makes a terrible sound. This walker was not built with the ability to change the battery, directions are to email the manufacturer. I have sent several emails with no response. They should just sell as a walker, eliminate the music which turns into a terrible sound that can’t be repaired because their customer service is unresponsive.

See detail on safety-1st-ready-set


Decent, healthy food in a slightly annoying package
Though the package is hard to open and usually the resealable feature is shot (partially because it’s poorly designed and partially because it often is right where you’re supposed to cut), my rats eat this and there is no filler left behind.
Our rats give it a thumbs down!
We have 4 rats and purchased this to mix in with the Kaytee Fiesta blend. I think it’s like the granola/tofu of rat food. They did not like it and specifically ate around it leaving these in the food bowl consistently. Even when we didn’t replenish the Fiesta blend, they still wouldn’t eat it. It might be our fault for spoiling them and introducing the "healthy" food into their diet about a year into owning them, rather than from the beginning. Shipping was fast with prime and Kaytee seems to make quality products so we may just have spoiled, diva rats.
I think it’s a really good deal when comparing prices to Petco
I think it’s a really good deal when comparing prices to Petco. The bag comes with the food pellets and also some blue and green slim pellets that I think might be for their teeth health, but I’m not sure. My hamster enjoys eating both types.
See detail on Kaytee-Forti-Health-Animal-5-Pound


Misleading Dimensions
FYI, the dimensions provided are for the OUTER edge of the item, not for the corkboard part itself. I was searching for something on which I could put a large map of the world – the kind you pin the places you have been on. This was listed as having the proper dimensions for this map. However, I was disappointed to learn that the frame cut into an inch of the space, which I needed, unless I want to cut Antarctica and the tip of Argentina off. And I was hoping to one day visit at least that part of Argentina… *Sigh.* The search continues.
Came broken, huge crack in the side of the …
Came broken, huge crack in the side of the board and lots of little chips in the frame. Packaging was not damaged whatsoever
This bulletin board works great and is very attractive
This bulletin board works great and is very attractive. It keeps the counters much neater by giving us a visible and sturdy place to keep important items.
See detail on Board-Dudes-Black-Framed-Cork


Great snack.
These are great to have in my purse or bag. They taste good as well! Diabetics might want to check them out for those times when good food is not available.
Great on the go snack.
Continually subscribe to these bars. Amazon subscribe and save is the best price I’ve found. These are delicious and I feel much better about snacking on these than most conventional granola bars. My 2 year old love these and I feel good that I’m sneaking in some protein and omegas instead of just straight sugar.
Good but small.
These bars taste pretty good. They need to be offered in full size, though. These are just bite-sized and leave you wanting more.
See detail on Health-Warrior-Chia-Coffee-Ounce


Good kids helmet for Halloween
Was perfect for a 7-year-old girl’s Halloween astronaut costume. Relatively sturdy and lightweight. It does fog up, so visor needs to be kept open a bit.
great item! a little wobbly on the head
my boy loves this thing! i gave it four stars because it sits really wobbly on his head. needs some kind of chin strap to stay in place
Go for it!
Such a bargain! My boys have had tons of fun playing with this. Lightweight for the head.
See detail on Aeromax-Youth-Astronaut-Helmet-movable