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Great gift card.
Nice way to give a gift card for the holidays. You might as well give something better than just a plain gift card.
Really Nice Gift Card Holder
My daughters loved it and so did I….awesome gift card holder….should have them for other occasions as well, like birthday, anniversary, etc…..
festive presentation
Cute packaging and easy to open. There is a place on the back to write who it is to and who it is from without revealing the dollar amount of the gift card before it is opened.. Everyone I gave the gift card to commented positively on the presentation. I would definitely purchase this design again.
See detail on Amazon-com-Reveal-Jingle-Classic-Design


Good product worth the money but it was missing a …
Good product worth the money but it was missing a wall been waiting on a wall spacer for quite some time
Instructions Please
As far as quality goes, I’d give it a five star. However, the so called "instruction Manual" that accompanies the hardware is One star. It’s a one sheet pictorial with no written instructions. Pictures do not accurately portray actual set up. Be careful before drilling. Also, their website has no information to assist the do it selfer. But, otherwise a good value.
Small space saver
I like it but it was not easy putting up. I did give four stars and wish I could do 5 but they were not easy to put up. First the instructions were nothing more than pictures. Easy right? No. these with a door are very heavy so putting them into dry wall will NOT work you will tear down your wall. They have to go into a stud. most studs are 16 OR 24 inch center spaced. The holes in the bar are 17 1/4. Thus you must re-drill so I hope you’re handy. FIRST put the stoppers on before you hang the bar. The instructions showed it as the last step. If you do this you will have to take out the two end bolts and put in the stoppers and re screw the bolts. In our case we had to take the whole bar down as the end was at the wall. The door bars do not screw tight but they don’t give a reason why, we discovered it’s because if the door slides hard it has to have some give so don’t tighten them all the way. This will keep your door from breaking. And, the door can come off the top bar if the it is slide to hard. The door can bounce and cause the wheel to jump track. There is little round spacers to place on top of door but the instructions don’t tell you what they are for. this again is a take a guess what this is for. Because they are small it didn’t work in our case and my 5 year old grandson was trapped in the bathroom while I tried to pick up a solid wood door by myself. We added a larger spacer so the door can’t jump. Over all it looks very nice and the price is great. Our local hardware stores were selling these same kits for hundreds more.
See detail on TCBunny-Country-Sliding-Hardware-Antique


No horror story .. yet! 🙂
Writing this using the Favi as main screen. I dont even have a projector screen yet, its on some green wall , painted concrete, and still is usable and then some. The unit sets up easy, you need to explore the settings using the remote. There was something rattling around inside the casing but I couldnt get whatever is loose into view and i didnt want to open the unit. I turned it on anyway and it works fine so far. Not sure what the loose part is inside but it works so not going to return it unless it breaks. 2014 and a good start… projector technology is finally affordable, HD, portable and on better value than a TV. Can’t wait for 2020.NO serial number on this product, keep your warranty card as it must be included in a repair/return. —- EDIT FEB 9th 2014: Been two weeks, still loving projector. Playing games, watching movies. Color is great, manual focus requires attention and patience. VIDEO REVIEW HERE:
picture quality
Screen resolution is not the best quality. By dimming or having minimal light in the room it works. It used by an art teacher in the class room and lights need to be shut off for best quality.
The first one I got was supposed to be new, but it the power button didn’t work at all and the remote didn’t work at all. I returned it for another and everything is absolutely wonderful! The picture is still great, and all of the complaints I had with the first one are gone. The fan is louder than the first one I got, but it is worth it! It’s definitely a good piece of equipment.
See detail on FAVI-LED-3-SVGA-Video-Projector


Very good and ships well by Amazon
Very good and ships well by Amazon. No crushing of cans. Quality lentil soup is often made better by adding a can of lentils to it. Lentils are the highest protein/fiber combination bean, and the lowest in carbohydrates, making them ideal for many diets.
Caveat Emptor! Seriously!
Ordered 10 cans and wound throwing out six of them out because of ruptured seals from dented cans.Looks like someone had anger issues when they packed the box and just threw them in piecemeal along with the other products. Cans should be plastic wrapped together to avoid that but I guess that’s too much trouble. One actually broke open and the contents were all over the box. Just one big stinky mess. I’m on a fixed income and this was a total waste of tight resources.
My disabled husband loves this variety of soup. I have mobility issues myself and it’s difficult to do marathon shopping trips to the large store near the house. Being able to get these online is wonderful. I can always have some on hand when he wants one with his meal. Update: 4-5. This was the third time I ordered six cans. They arrive in the Amazon carton in a plastic bag….loose. This time three of the cans were damaged, but not leaking so they were still usable. Previous ordered were packaged in he same loose plastic, but we’re not damaged.
See detail on Progresso-Vegetable-Classics-Soup-Minestrone

Gerber Graduates Soft-Bite Infant Spoons, 6 count

I liked the idea of these classic metal spoons until my …
I liked the idea of these classic metal spoons until my child grabbed one. A little worried he’s going to poke his eye out, but I think that might be an issue with every spoon. I like the coated spoon end as he often bites down while eating from these. It is nice to know his brand new teeth are safe.

I do like the handle
The handle is a nice improvement and they were a dollar cheaper than the stores but they seem cheeply made. I’m pulling of extra rubber and don’t like that

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Good product….
I really believe these vacuum devices extend the drink-ability of a bottle of wine… This product works well and is very well constructed, but I miss the "click" my other similar product produces when the full vacuum has been attained.
“Failure to Suck”
Rubber ring seal broke on pump shaft after limited use, no longer "sucks", so it "sucks"
It doesn’t always work. I realize it doesn’t make …
It doesn’t always work. I realize it doesn’t make the sound my previous preserver did to indicate a seal, but it clearly doesn’t always seal the bottle. I suspect it may be linked to the stoppers with some being defective and others not, but I definitely would not purchase this again.
See detail on Proimb-Preserver-Vacuum-Bottle-Stoppers

Lab Tested Amber Teething Necklace by Little Willard (Lemon Raw)

its super cute on her when we had it on her …
we haven’t noticed any difference with the necklace unfortunately and I worry that it could be a chocking hazard. its super cute on her when we had it on her though!

Beautiful color
I love it! I purchased this one as a replacement for my 11 month olds last one. She was super fussy from the time her old one was taken off (it was getting too small) until just a couple hours after the new one was placed back on – about four days. She still gets a little fussy but you can definitely tell the pain is not as bad with the amber.

See detail on tested-teething-necklace


No more burnt fingers when the potholder slips off the …
No more burnt fingers when the potholder slips off the handle of my hot pans. It works on my Lodge cast iron pan, as well as my oven safe Cuisinart anodized frying pans. They have a flat metal handle, and even though the potholder does not fit them completely snug, the silicone grips the handle and doesn’t slip.
Cover for lodge iron handles that would burn your hand otherwise
Good cover for your red hot iron skillets so you don’t burn your hand on the handle
For slim handles only.
I’m guessing this is a very good potholder for skinny-handled pans, but this potholder doesn’t fit any of my pans. The opening is just to narrow, I’m sorry to say.
See detail on Sunsella-Silicone-Potholder-Skillets-Griddles


Gluten free and tasty
Good quality and tasty. Trying to eat gluten free and this quinoa is one of our main grains.
Not my taste
It just wasn’t my thing I didn’t like the taste. So I will try to find someone to give it to that likes the flavor.
Quinoa All Day, Every Day!
Healthworks has some great organic products. I already finished this bag and purchased a 4lb bag. I can’t get enough of this quinoa. It’s a great value for the price.
See detail on Healthworks-Quinoa-White-Whole-Organic


I bought this to replace a cliplight which was great for taking the dogs out in the dark to …
I bought this to replace a cliplight which was great for taking the dogs out in the dark to avoid stepping in poop. Great light with nice wide pattern. Worth it! As for sliding in and out don’t c a big deal with complaints
Perfect lighting. Bought for my daughter’s first year of …
Perfect lighting. Bought for my daughter’s first year of college….she is pleased.
Works Great
Very bright. So comforting to know if there’s a power outage we can light up a whole room with this flashlight.
See detail on Tactical-Flashlight-Handheld-Adjustable-Resistant