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I found the eraser to be espcially good. Thanks
Exactly what I wanted. I found the eraser to be espcially good. Thanks!
Pretty good!
I can’t say that it’s completely "dustless" but the little dust it does put off wasn’t too bad. My kids loved it and loved the colors.
What I expected it to be
First of all, in light of the negative reviews on here I would like to point out that yes. There is dust. Because dustless chalk is not really a thing. This does however have less dust than some I have used, I guess it’s not as soft or something which must make that possible. It actually arrived with no broken pieces, which surprised me quite a lot, didn’t think it was possible to ship something like chalk and not have at least some of it broken. As for use, it works great. I use it on some chalkboard contact paper and it goes on smoothly and erases cleanly. The colors are all nice too, they look like what they should instead of being pale imitations of the color like some colored chalks I have tried out. Overall, very pleased with the product and will totally order again when this is all used up.
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Very good Quality Product !!!
Worked very good, and did scan documents and pictures very clear. Directions could be a little clearer for the novice. First time using the scanner for about 5 days straight and once set up was complete, it was smoothe scanning. There are some software issues that could be incorporated to make the unit be more efficient: such as being able to scan the many boxes of pictures and documents at one sitting, and then being able to go back & crop, fix the color, contrast, brightness, etc. at a later time. This I found would have been of great help in completing the job, but I was not able to finish because I had to fix the pictures/documents then or accept them as they were when scanned. All in all I was very happy with the product and would recommend it.
This is a fantastic scanner. We have a scanner at most desks …
This is a fantastic scanner. We have a scanner at most desks in our office to scan in for EHR (electronic health record). We scan documents, lab results, notes, etc all day long on these scanners. We then shred the documents for privacy. These scanners are amazing. I loved it so much that I bought one for my home as I am always searching for important papers, warranties, receipts, etc. Really easy to use. Once you install the software, you just load a piece of paper in the scanner and press the button. You can then store the document in any folder on your hard drive or you can make new folders to keep organized. I have recommended this to friends and family and they bought it too!
So far, so good 🙂
Unpacking, setup, and first scans: letter size duplex, simplex, long supermarket receipts, bank checks inserted portrait and landscape, invoices of different sizes — scanned all at once? check! … plastic ID cards, thick business cards? check! … thin business cards? almost check! So far, so good 🙂 I’ll update later as we use it further.
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The wife thought it cute and then she made me breakfast. A hit!
The wife thought it cute and then she made me breakfast. A hit!
Thankfully, I received my gift cards today, May …
Thankfully, I received my gift cards today, May 23rd. I saw the post woman coming and met her at the door. Thank you for re-issuing the cards and canceling the ones that were stolen. And thank you for your diligence and understanding. Appreciate your customer care, Marshall
He has a soft padded inside. It looks very fancy! And with the free shipping, it’s a win-win 🙂
It was a gift for my girlfriend, and it really is nice. The way it is designed, it lets them know that you care. Even though it’s just a gift card 🙂
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Jammed the very first time with granulas and no it …
Jammed the very first time with granulas and no it won’t spin on the second time using…. not impressed
cheap, hard to crank the handle after a while …
cheap, hard to crank the handle after a while. I ended up distributing the seeds by hand after a while…
Bad Design, Terrible Quality, Look elsewhere.
Terrible, terrible, terrible. The design is uncomfortable and of such bad quality that it broke on my first use. The plastic gears just aren’t strong enough to broadcast much of anything. Amazon was amazing to deal with and refunded me as the unit was defective.
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Train was a lot bigger than I was expecting. …
Train was a lot bigger than I was expecting. My son loves it. He is 8 and put it together in one day.
Great lego investment!
This set has given us the most hours of fun. Our little guy is 4 so I am not entirely sure if this was him or for daddy. 😉
love to play with “Daddy’s” train
My kids, ages 2, 5, and 8, with older girls and a little brother, love to play with "Daddy’s" train. I didn’t want them adding the pieces to their lego bucket, and it is fun for adults too. It has enough track to get started, but you will find that you need a lot more for additional fun. We bought the Christmas train ($100) and a set of flex tracks, but still crave for more track. Well thought out train. My 2 yr old Godzilla’s the whole thing, but it puts back together easily. Batteries last a decent while, but rechargeable is probably the way to go.
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Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula, 12.7 oz. (Packaging May Vary)

My Baby Loves it
So far this is the only formula that has NOT caused my 5 month old to spit up. Also, he enjoys the taste of this particular organic formula. He turns his head and tries to hide when I attempt to feed him leading non organic formulas found in grocery stores, etc. but this he greedily devours :).

Great choice after switching from the (not so) Honest company …
Great choice after switching from the (not so) Honest company formula. Baby has much less gas, reflux, and constipation now. Wish I switched earlier!

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Baby Magic Calming Baby Bath, Lavender and Chamomile, 30 Ounces

Better than Johnson’s!
We LOVE this stuff! Calming Baby Bath is still working magic for us and our daughter is 3! I think the scent triggers something in her mind which tells her its bedtime, and she instantly winds down. This has been our bedtime solution since she was an infant, and it really does work. Aromatherapy works on me, so I figured it would work on my baby (its not for everyone, but seriously do try it!) so I bought the Johnson’s brand when I was pregnant and I used that for a while on my little girl. But then a friend of mine told me that Baby Magic had less harmful ingredients so I decided to check it out. The scent is pretty much the exact same as Johnson’s but without dyes and it’s hypoallergenic. The ingredients list is almost exactly the same as Johnson’s (does contain sulfates and some other not so nice things…) but usually this brand is less expensive than Johnson’s in the stores I typically shop. Now it’s about $2.00 cheaper per bottle because I use Subscribe and Save. When my daughter was having trouble sleeping, I used to bathe in this stuff and then slather myself in the lotion that goes with it, then do a nice bath for her in tepid water (for some reason a tepid/lukewarm temp is more soothing for sleepytime somehow) and it worked like a charm. I’d do a baby massage for her with the bedtime lotion, rock her and sing to her, and she would sleep so great. If she woke in the night to feed, I’d put a tiny bit of bedtime lotion on my arms as I fed and rocked her. Not only did it relax her, but it relaxed me too. Even during my pregnancy I’d just open the bottle to smell it, and imagine bathing my sweet baby. It really helped me get through those last horrible weeks of discomfort. I am trying to steer my family toward more natural bath and body products, but this scent literally triggers a Pavlovian response in my daughter that tells her its time to wind down and go to bed. Along with her normal bedtime routine, this scent is what she associates with bedtime. Sorry, but I’m not going to let a little bit of soap keep me up at night. I’m just not. At this point, I pretty much feel that her not being able to sleep at night (harmful for her development and my sanity) would be worse than her being exposed to sulfates, parabens, etc which are then rinsed right off her skin. As health conscious as we are in almost every other respect, I highly doubt a bit of soap is going to send my daughter on a downward spiral toward disease.

Love it!
I loved the smell of the chamomile and lavender!… The bottle last enough and is very gentle on skin! I have this product on my subscribe and save list!… Last month i had a problem with the product that spill inside the box and they refund very fast. I am a happy customer and will keep ordering this!

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The weights were perfect for building my own mini gym
The weights were perfect for building my own mini gym, but they were a bit scuffed up. It’s not a big deal for me, but for some people it would be.
Great product
These are great. I love working out with them. There are so many different movements that can be incorporated in a workout just with these dumbells. The grip is perfect, no slippery fingers. The rubber is solid and steady when doing push ups.
Here come the biceps!
Excellent set of 10lb dumbbells. Very comfortable in my hands and they fit my hands just right. Nicely balanced when working out with these weights. Great way to get a quick workout for the arms. Very cool looking as well.
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For the price it’s amazing. Wish it had a storage bin under the …
For the price it’s amazing. Wish it had a storage bin under the seat but good quality and won’t tip easily when my child at 18 months gets on and off.
My 1 yr old loves it
Best Buy for keeping our 1 year old entertained. He loves it and I love the bumble bee song.
Great starter bike for a child.
This was for my nephew and he loves it. It was a bit small then expected but still works great. Safety first so make sure it is in base of the home and on the carpet surface area is best just in case the baby tips over.
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Great Firewall, does require the Unifi software
The USG is great at what it does: The firewall has great throughput, has great visibility through the Unifi interface, and has (so far) had perfect reliability. Having said that, anyone expecting to jump straight from the web interface of a residential or SOHO firewall right to the web interface of the USG is going to be disappointed. If a buyer goes in knowing that the Unifi software is required, setup is a snap.
Mixed emotions
Let me preface this with the fact that I’m a bit of a router junkie and have never really been happy with consumer based router/AP combos. I buy at least one a year and typically flash it with DD-WRT or Tomato (AdvancedTomato…awesome…btw…). I have a ~2500 sq. ft. home, so getting ample coverage to all the corners usually involves multiple WiFi APs connected with Cat5E/6. After setting up one router as a router/AP and one as simply an AP I got tired of fiddling with them and decided to look for a more reliable/integrated solution with some smarts. Enter the world of SMB network equipment… First off, I looked into the idea of an open source platform that would control multiple DD-WRT / OpenWRT APs, but came up short. That’s when i found Ubiquiti UniFi… For a reasonable price, this product line seemingly provided all of what I was looking for. Pros: – Asthetically pleasing box with metal case that at least makes if feel like an enterprise grade product – Easy to setup if you follow the directions – Solid performance for a low price – UniFi interface is pretty awesome when compared to other consumer routers Cons: – VERY lite on features exposed in the UniFi software at the moment. When compared with the feature set of the AdvancedTomato (Shibby) router I was using it’s embarrassing. Supposedly you can get to the more advanced stuff via SSH, but if I wanted to learn CLI commands I would’ve just bought the EdgeRouter Lite. – Requires a server to run the UniFi controller software. This can be a serious barrier for the average consumer. I started off using my Win10 PC and immediately ran into a port conflict with HP software already installed. – Discovery and adoption of the USG from the UniFi controller is cryptic and can be problematic if you want to use anything other than default network. – Seems to run very hot – I would have expected that one of the features that would have been exposed via the UniFi interface would be the firewall as this a "security gateway"…alas, you currently have to do that from the command line. Ending thoughts: For the average consumer, look elsewhere. An off the shelf router will include more features and will be easier to configure. For the enthusiast that doesn’t care about the UniFi interface, I would recommend buying or building something based on OPNSense/PFSense or finding an off-the-shelf router that you can install AdvancedTomato or DD-WRT on. You’ll get a lot more features. I would recommend this device only if you’re willing to to invest fully into the UniFi ecosystem (which I have). When the UniFi devices are all humming together the UniFi controller software is truly something unique for the price and gives you a taste of an enterprise-class implementation, without getting a PhD in command line lingo.
Decent product but still not complete.
Decent product but still developing. Only in the recent beta did they get actual firewall rules exposed in the GUI. Has a lot of promise but expect a bumpy ride right now.
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