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I really liked the peanut butter ones
I really liked the peanut butter ones. They are a little sweet for my tastebuds, but I keep a stash in my bag for low blood sugar emergencies.
These are really good! The price is good too, and they’re high in protein too. I particularly liked the chocolate chip crunch.
I like Pure Protein bars
I like Pure Protein bars, though they might not be for everyone. My only concern with these is that the bars have clearly partially melted at some point, and given that it’s the end of October, I would be surprised if they melted in transit.
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I’m a side sleeper and have been having trouble sleeping …
I’m a side sleeper and have been having trouble sleeping. This pillow has made a big difference! I no longer wake up with hip or knee discomfort. This pillow is just the right size and contours perfectly to me. Fast shipping too!
No return policy
I was hoping this would help my back but I think it made it worse. I wanted to return it but apparently the seller has, no return policy.
Would recommend for bed bound individual to keep alignment of the legs.
It is a great pillow, it is a little large for my mother. It does the job.It is soft and gentle to the skin. I also use for float her foot. I think I might need to purchase another one.
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Great carrier oil for all essential oil users
As an essential oil user, a good carrier oil is a must. Fractionated coconut oil is my general go to for most applications. I love that this comes with a pump that makes it easy to dispense a little or a lot. Since it is fractionated, it stays in a constant liquid state and makes it good to use in roller ball essential oil blends. This coconut oil makes my oils go much further and saves me money. I can add a drop or two to my hand with this oil and it goes on smoothly and easily. And even though it is coconut oil, it does not give off a strong scent so you don’t smell like the beach. As far as other uses, I have only used it on a cotton ball to remove eye make-up. It is gentle and good for your skin. This oil from Pure Body Naturals has been a pleasure to sample. I will definitely continue my use of this product.
Wonderfully fragrance free and light-weight
I LOVE this carrier oil! I love being able to dilute my oils for skin application without having to worry about the scent being affected by the smell of the carrier oil. This is wonderfully fragrance free and light-weight so it really allows my essential oils to work well. I had been looking for a carrier oil for a long time and I’m so glad I found this one! It has been great as a massage oil for my husband after he works out because he can get the maximum benefit out of the essential oil he chooses to use. It’s great for diluting peppermint or other harsh oils so I can use them on my kids to prevent illness or treat ailments of various degrees. For a long time, I kept the little red cap on under the lid because I have small children and they love to "play" in Mommy’s stuff. This ensured that it did NOT get spilled all over the house while my back was turned. Now I’m using the pump which is also great and can be locked after use.
A must~have for beautiful skin
Amazing product .. this oil does the trick , specially after a long day .. great for massage on the feet .
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but the quality looks great. No flaking or pitted metal
Haven’t used them yet, but the quality looks great. No flaking or pitted metal.
Any adapter will break with too much torque especially the …
Any adapter will break with too much torque especially the 1/2 to 3/8 or 3/8 to 1/4, but knowing that you need to exercise common sense when using the adapters. This is a strong set.
Well-built, durable, and no cracks under heavy usage in temperature extremes for indoor and outdoor appliances. No complaints yet.
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Awful Sound Quality, Great Concept.
Great concept. Love just being able to YouTube any song, and sing to it. But… the speaker sounds like it came from the dash of my ’79 Monte Carlo.
Grandkids love it, but has missing microphone
This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my 6 grandchildren, ages 2 to 14. They LOVE it!! They spend hours singing, dancing, and performing. However, I gave it 3 stars as the description clearly stated two microphones were included, however the package arrived with just one microphone. I don’t want to return the item. Would like if the missing microphone could just be sent!
Well – received Xmas present!
This was a Christmas gift for my husband ( the ‘King of Kareoke ‘). He was delighted, but has to figure out the logistics of using it w/ his PC. I offered my iPad, but he’s stubborn. Is there a PDF of the user’s manual he could download? This came w/ no Instructions whatsoever! Other, than that, he’s ready to wreak havoc w/ his new toy!
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Very cheaply made. I should have expected this given …
Very cheaply made. I should have expected this given the price. Wobbles a lot when I have sheet music on it.
and it’s a great height. Just if you try to move the …
Took a little bit to figure out how to set up, and it’s a great height. Just if you try to move the stand it may just fall apart on you, and you cannot angle the part of the stand that holds the music.
Great stand, great customer service that stands by their product.
This is a good travel stand that is sturdy enough for some music and great for the beginner or student. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive stand. Good customer service: I had a slight issue where one of the feet was missing from the package (little black rubber pieces), but I emailed the company and got a prompt response that made things good by them mailing me a replacement. It was here within a few days and I am very happy.
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Purchased this based on a recommendation to help clean stainless …
Purchased this based on a recommendation to help clean stainless steel. I think I will try the powder because this did not work as well as expected.
Love it! Wish I had it years ago!
Took 3 years of buildup off of my stainless steel pan. Took a lot of scrubbing, but, to be fair, I hadn’t used anything but soap and a scrub brush on it for 3 years.
Don’t buy anything else but THIS
I don’t know what is in this stuff, but I love it. I use it for my white ceramic sink and for my stove top (gas, black). It works wonders!!!
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Will buy again!
Looooved this. It was exactly what I wanted, and I had a clean tub, so it didn’t stain mine at all. i only used half of it and it turned my water black, where I couldn’t see my hand on the bottom. So happy, will definitely buy again!(:
I don’t like to post bad reviews but this product was not at all like the photo posted. If you want the effect this bath bomb gives just throw some gravel in your tub… The water was grey and I had to bleach the lovely ring it left in my tub. If you want your bath to turn jet black this product is not the one to do it with.
Smelled like Christmas when I opened it
Smelled like Christmas when I opened it. But once I put it in the water it smelled horrible. I couldn’t soak for too long because the smell was so overwhelmingly gross.
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Order a full size for the money
Read what the size really is, I didn’t….Very small not worth the money….
Good but weak.
The purple one is a LOT smaller than it looks in the picture. The width was perfect (for me at least) and I liked the material it was made out of, but I do wish it was a little longer. It was somewhat quiet, definitely not the loudest one I’ve used but not silent. Also, it was not very powerful, but I might try some new batteries and see if that helps. The little bullet that came with it was pretty nice.
Alright, but not great.
Its very very small, which kind of works out because I bought it to use on my girlfriend, who doesn’t like more than a few fingers… The vibrations are prettg weak but I’m also used to a wand massager which has strong vibrations.. When it breaks I won’t buy again, but for now its nice to have the option of using it for teasing, specially since it has such a cheap price tag.
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