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Buy it for looks, don’t buy it for life.
Very sleek and not bulky at all. Would suggest a screen protector being that this case will leave your screen completely exposed but it fits great. The case becomes part of the phone. Can’t even tell there’s a case on it.It fits that good. Fancy.
Best phone case ever
Will be ordering a new one soon! Best phone case ever! Perfect for my clumsy self
5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
In love with my new case. Love the color and the quality is great. Will definitely be buying more
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Good Product
Just as advertised, arrived on time, works just as expected. Will definitely order again.
My tree is very happy!
I have a brand new lime tree addition to my garden and caring for citrus is new to me this year. In my zone, citrus has to be in containers because we have cold winters and the citrus will not survive if they are not brought indoors. Proper fertilizing for container trees is crucial since they have no way to pull anything from the ground. I decided on the Jobes Organic fertilizer and thus far and very happy with it! I followed the directions and added the correct amount for my little tree. After about 3 weeks my tree has put out tons of new leaves and is loaded with flower buds. I will fertilize again in mid summer when I have tiny fruit. I’m very happy with this product and will continue to use it.
. I’ve only used it the one time about a month ago and the Lemon tree is still happy as a clam on this stuff. I’m looking forward to many lemons! The limes are not dropping and seem to be thriving! Thanks Jobe’s!!
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Tasty sauce
I was pleasantly surprised at the vibrancy and flavor of this curry paste. It works well with coconut milk to make green curry but it is also great for flavoring a simple stir-fry. The sauce comes packaged inside of a plastic bag inside the plastic jar which makes it easy to refrigerate after opening. Be warned, the sauce is quite salty so be careful with balancing the flavors when seasoning. Overall, very happy with the purchase.
It was 1) super spicy, 2) extremely watery
We followed the cooking directions carefully, but the curry didn’t turn out so well. It was 1) super spicy, 2) extremely watery, and 3) no flavor. Quite disappointed. I’m sure we just need to tweak the recipe a little and adjust to taste at our next attempt at perfecting this dish. Despite the disappoint, this paste is really authentic and smells so good. Our entire apartment smelled like heaven as the paste was slowly bubbling on the stove. Also, it’s much more expensive on Amazon – I found the exact same thing at my local Korean market for about $2.50.
I added a little more paste than the directions recommended to achieve flavor I desired but all in all …
This was exactly what I needed it to be. I did not need to make my own paste, it worked well as a base. I had no difficulty working it into coconut milk and have used it both with meat and with just vegetables. It is spicy but not overly so. I added a little more paste than the directions recommended to achieve flavor I desired but all in all a product I would purchase over and over again.
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His brother thought is was so cool he ordered one and it too stopped working in …
My son used his own money to buy one and it will not fly after one day. We think an electrical malfunction. His brother thought is was so cool he ordered one and it too stopped working in less than 24hrs. It is a dollar store quality drone.
Here today… gone tomorrow 🙂
I bought this for my 6yo son and he loved it, although he has a hard time actually controlling it. It will take practice to get used to it. I say he loved it because I took it outside and let it get up to about 20 ft. in the air when a breeze caught it and it was like watching a bird be set free. It immediately flew at least a block away and I couldn’t find it. I would say this is suitable for indoor only unless it is extremely calm outside.
Great product!
Bought this as a Christmas present for my 9yr old nephew. It is small but holds up surprisingly well. Couple good crashes he had i just figured that was a quick 20 something bucks!..Haha. Over a week later he is still flying it around. Impressed!
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Ch ch ch changes!
We bought the enzyme and the probiotics for our elderly French Bulldog and our 2 year old 60 lb. mix. Believe it or not it was the younger of the two who was having skin issues and therefore the reason for our purchase. The effect has been visible to both of them however! Our little old man has so much energy and fire again and her itchy skin issues have mostly disappeared. I truly do think I can credit the powders for these changes! My only complaint would be with the packaging – the little measuring spoons fall into the powder often and it gets all over my hands. Not a huge deal, but something for the manufacturer to think about.
We have replaced the pills the pup used to get with this product. I was not sure at first if it would work, but so far, very good results.
Not Strong Enough for EPI
It is only mildly helping my dog who has EPI and pork allergies. There just aren’t enough enzymes in it to treat his condition.
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Great Buy. Good Price.
Perfect size for our Robo Dwarf Hamster. Great Price. She loves running all around. This is a good brand and packaging is as pictured.
great price
I ordered this as a gift for a friend and Starr the hamster loves the ball. They got it in 2 days I would say get this item if you want your hamster to have fun
Too large for pet mouse
Seems well built! I have a pet mouse and this four inch ball is just a bit too big for him to maneuver. Otherwise great product!
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Love it
I love to bake and I need loads of these, so having a big bag of these always on hand for the price is awesome.
Shorter than you think.
This is more than enough for a few parties. Only thing is I wish the sticks were a bit longer. Would recommend purchasing the longer kind.
Exactly as advertised but too short for cake pops
These are exactly as advertised but too short for cake pops. My fault.
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Great Deal
I love Hershey’s kisses, A 40 ounce bag for 10 bucks is a great deal. It arrived in a box that was insulated and had cold packs to keep the candy from melting, I am very happy with it. The kisses are fresh and taste good, I will use half to give out for Halloween.
Package perfection!!
I did not know how perfectly the kisses would be packed!! Encased in frozen packs and then wrapped in soft foam…very nice! Well done!
We used they at our daughters wedding with a nice bowl titled “Kisses from the new Mr
We used they at our daughters wedding with a nice bowl titled "Kisses from the new Mr. and Mrs." They were a big hit. They arrive in ice!!
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Amazing full of flavour cup of tea
Amazing full of flavour cup of tea! Being British I love a good cup of tea and this sure hits the spot perfectly.
Terrible. Don’t even want to give 1 star
Terrible. Don’t even want to give 1 star. They did not send me southern sweet tea. Just sent iced tea. But my husband didn’t realize and unpacked it and threw the box away. How can people not read your order correctly?
The cups I received did not look like the cups in the pictures on Amazon
The cups I received did not look like the cups in the pictures on Amazon. The labels on the cups I received were blue, not brown, and there was no reference to Keurig on the labels as we see in the pictures. I was trying to order exactly the same thing that I had had in the past. I became concerned that these cups would not work in the 2nd Geneation Keurig coffee maker. My first cup did work in the coffee maker, although the flavor is different than I expected. I will likely not order this particular product again. (To be fair, I am likely going to throw out my Keurig coffee maker as soon as I use up all my coffees and teas. I hate to have to guess about whether it will brew the coffee, or not.)
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