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I prefer real home-made potatoes, but when I don’t have time or energy these are an awesome substitute. Quick. Easy. Tasty.
Good Soft Food and Easy to Make and Eat
Sometimes my wife can only have "Safe Foods" which are mashed potatoes other light items, these are easy to make, and are good if someone just needs a soft food. I only wish they made a true "Gluten Free" label version.
I’m very pleased. The price is perfect
These are delicious. I’m very pleased. The price is perfect. The size makes it easy to grab and go. BUY IT!
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Graco TableFit High Chair, Finley

This chair is sturdy and easy to clean
This chair is sturdy and easy to clean! It’s large and folds up, so I keep it in the corner and pull it out when I need it everyday, but it wouldn’t store well in a small area.

Amazing chair!
This high chair is amazing. Plain and simple. I was hesitant at first because I saw some reviews complaining about the snack tray being mandatory for the large tray, some disliked the fact that this made it difficult to get their little ones in and out of the chair. I have no idea where this comes from. My boy is 13 months old and in the 90th percentile on both height and weight and you can plainly see that there is more than enough room for him to grow. Getting him in and out of the seat is super breezy and he loves the chair! My favorite things so far: The fact that you can raise and lower the chair. I can be in the kitchen cooking and have him raised up to the counter at the bar and he doesn’t feel left out! Or if we are in the living room I can lower it down to where I am and he’s always close ❤️ I LOVE that the main tray has a removable top that snaps off super easily. Kids are messy, food is messy, this feature is amazing. It is really easy to move around the house as well, and closes up to be rather slim and hidden in a closet or wherever. This chair is awesome. I wish I would’ve gotten it way earlier.

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Gerber Cereal Rice, 8 oz

Good Transitional Food
This has been a lifesaver for me and my growing infant. He’s not yet ready for "regular" baby food, so a pinch of this cereal dissolved in his formula has kept his belly full without upsetting his stomach.

Used this with all three of my girls for their nourishment. As a mom I can trust this Gerber product with no issues.

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I like it a lot. But I don’t care if it DOES say pre-washed. I rinse it over and over until the water comes out clear.
This was my first time trying quinoa and I loved it! This was easy to cook and tastes …
This was my first time trying quinoa and I loved it! This was easy to cook and tastes great.
Best Quinoa! And best for a busy bee!
Pre washed – convenient- best price – non GMO . I’ve done my research n this is the best quinoa I’ve found.
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still good to have on hand if you tinker
Lots of repeat springs…. still good to have on hand if you tinker.
Great spring kit
So many needs for a set of springs like this. Next time a spring goes Boing and you lose it, go get the kit and replace it.
Saved My Derrier!
A batch of springs to do just about anything you need a spring for. Box is go enough for storage of the springs, won’t mix! Every shop should have one of these collections.
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Love this Honey Leather Conditioner
I have a dark brown Aniline leather sectional. Rubbed this honey leather conditioner on it, let it set over night and all day the following day. The longer it sat, the prettier the leather looked, and when I rubbed the sofa with my hands, it was softer than when I purchased it about nine months ago. I will definitely be conditioning my sofa with this HONEY! It is great for dark brown leather. I haven’t tried it on any other color leather, but I plan to condition all brown leather coats, jackets, and shoes that I own.
Great leather product!!!!!!!
My first purchase and absolutely love the results. My favorite boots were beginning to look too worn. They look fantastic after using Leather Honey
easy to use
No harsh smell; easy to use; works great! I wished I would have found this product years ago! I am a believer!!
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Go for it
Great price!! I love dawn won’t hurt my hands we don’t have a dishwasher (actually I am the dishwasher) and dawn is very gentle on the hands
… Dawn as a plumber told me it was the best on the market
I always use Dawn as a plumber told me it was the best on the market.
Lifetime Dawn User!!! Nothing Else Beats It!!!
I can’t say enough about Dawn I have been a lifetime sole user of it and will be until no longer here. This dish soap has so many handy uses besides dishes it is amazing yet still being a product that is used to clean up oil spill affected animals. So that means it has to be safe enough to be used on things so important. I was also told years ago that it is used as a fire depressant for fire fighting!! How awesome is that? I have used it for dishes, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, general cleaning, mosquito control, wasp control, clothing and more. I LOVE THIS SOAP!!! There is nothing better…..only thing I don’t like is the pricing is starting to get up there….It used to be a perfect balance of price and value…..The formula has stayed true!!
See detail on Dawn-Ultra-Dishwashing-Liquid-Original


we ordered the wrong kraft paper. this paper is …
we ordered the wrong kraft paper. this paper is not thick enough for the application we are using it for. Can’t return it because roll is too heavy.
Thin but quantity is worth it!
This material is very useful for a variety of things around the house. It is super thin but great for its quantity and price.
Awesome product! Deal!
Amazing product, last forever!!! Will buy from this seller forever!!! that is… if prices don’t change : )
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Really convenient…But…
I thought my torties would go crazy for this, but they seem to prefer the canned veggies. I liked this product for the convenience of just adding hot water and viola…veggies! But I guess when you compare price, the canned veggies win!
my tortoise loves this i use just a little at …
my tortoise loves this i use just a little at t time so it doesnt get all mushy bu twil i put it down he eats it first off before anything
Excellent choice!
Came quickly, and my sweet baby Dori chowed down. She was happy! So I’m speaking happily for my bearded dragon and I, both. Also, is cheaper that was it usually costs in your local pet store.
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