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What can I say?
What can I say? These worked like a charm once I went to the RENOGY site on youtube and learned how to use them.
Do not buy this
The jaws of these things are rounded off plastic. I threw them in the garbage. You do not need these if you have strong hands, and if you do not have strong hands then use 2 pairs of vise grips.
These make working with the solar panel end connectors easier …
These make working with the solar panel end connectors easier but are not totally needed as it can be mostly done by hand.
See detail on Renogy-TOOL-MC4-Solar-Panel-ASSEMBLY


Seen better but not at this price
This kit gives you equal value for the low cost, however, my older – single purchase PC Forstner bits are much sharper. You will have to touch these up if you are looking for strong clean cuts.
Contact any seller first, confirm they are what you want, metric or imperial.
It was advertised as metric, it wasn’t, I returned the item.
You get what you pay for and a bit more.
I have several others that have cost significantly more. These are not quite the same quality, but for the price and number of bits in the set, I think it”s a very good deal.
See detail on PORTER-CABLE-PC1014-Forstner-Bit-14-Piece

Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub – Newborn, Infant, 0-6 Months (White)

Fantastic tub! We used it for our son until …
Fantastic tub! We used it for our son until he was 6 months old. Fit great in our sink and stored flat in our bathroom. The material is soft, spongy, and feels relatively warm to the touch, so it seemed very comfortable. I loved that I could stand during bath time instead of leaning over one of those infant tubs in our bath tub. Our son loves baths so we used it daily and it held up pretty well. Now that our son has outgrown his Puj tub, we bathe him in a laundry basket in our big tub, so we avoided making another baby bath tub purchase. The material seems some what prone to scratches which is why I gave it four stars, but they do not inhibit its functionality and it will work perfectly fine for another child down the road. I recommend it highly to my new mom friends and have purchased a few for baby shower gifts too!

The BEST Baby Bathtub!
This is simply the best baby bathtub. It’s a great design and fits in a kitchen sink really well. I never worry about the safety of my child in it. Highly recommend!

See detail on puj-tub-foldable-bathtub


hot, but still has a flavor and not too …
hot, but still has a flavor and not too hot. I’m a pepper head though, so your results and views on the heat might not be the same.
Holy crap it’s hot!
My husband LOVES hot sauces. He loves pushing his limits on what he can tolerate. And he loves getting other people to try them as well. I knew once he had me order Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce, that I would never hear the end of it until I tried it. And so, with much trepidation, I attempted what I can only describe as a walk through the flames of hell…tongue first. I had, quite literally, a drop of this stuff. And by "a drop", I mean it could have fit on the head of a pin. First, I’ll say that the flavor was actually good. It’s smoky and quite enjoyable…until the donkey kicks you in the tongue and all you can think about it putting out the fire. This hot sauce has Carolina Reaper peppers as the first ingredient and Bhut Jolokia (AKA: Ghost Chili) peppers as the second. This combination of the two gives you a nice slow build in intensity. Like Satan grabbing your hand and leading you level by level through hell. And so, with my tongue ablaze and feeling like it was stomped on by Optimus Prime, I began consuming a bowl of ice cream in an attempt to squelch the pain. A very large bowl, I might add. Not happy with the amount of calories, I consumed, but it’s par for the course I suppose. About half an hour after I finished my ice cream, my tongue finally stopped hurting. Yikes. So, why did I give this product 5 stars? Because it really lived up to it’s name and the description. I was given what I paid for. It arrived when I was told it would. The packaging (bottle label) is really cool-looking as well. As I said, the flavor was great, it’s super spicy and has a great slow build. My husband loves it and is harassing everyone he knows trying to get them to taste it.
I expected more
It has a great flavor, a little sweet, for about the first 15 seconds before the heat kicks in. I’m not an extreme chili-head but I do enjoy spicy foods and to me this stuff is pretty dang hot, but I’ve had much hotter sauces at wing joints before. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hot, but for something made with the world’s hottest pepper I expected more. Still I’d try it for the flavor, if not the heat.
See detail on Reaper-Sling-Blade-Hot-Sauce


Did what it was supposed to do: be a …
Did what it was supposed to do: be a SIM card. As long as you have an active account, service works everywhere.
Don’t bother.
Installs easily enough but their version of 4G LTE is so slow I couldn’t even view a Facebook 1 minutes video. T-Mobile sim card with 4G LTE didn’t skip a beat. I’ve already send an email to H2O customer service asking for a refund. 3 gigs of data has NO value at any price if it’s too slow te listen to Pandora!
I was skeptical at first that we could get cell phone service for this cheap, but WOW – IT REALLY WORKS! We got this and a cheap AT&T pay as you go phone from Walmart for our son for his birthday. All he needed was something to send a few texts and call us if he needed something. (He is not very social.) We got him this and it has worked beautifully! When he calls, it is very clear and we never have a problem with dropped calls. I LOVE THIS PHONE PLAN! We load it with $10 every 2 months and he never seems to use up all of the money. Each text and minute is less then 10 cents. It is fabulous! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
See detail on H2O-SIM-Card-Wireless-BlackDiscontinued


Top notch
Just what I needed.Compression and support right where it counts. And not too stiff. Very comfortable. I clean commercially and I use these. They allow just enough movement to do your job. I love them. My only complaint is I wish there was the option to buy as a pair instead of individually at different prices.
Great for numb fingers.
Works good, had numb fingers at night, now that I wear the brace numbness has gone away.
Possibly the most comfortable wrist brace available
Brace comes in 2 sizes, title says pack of 2. I received only ONE brace SM/MD and it was the one that does not fit my hand I need the large LG/XL. There are no options to chose size so the assumption that pack of 2 means one brace of each size makes sense to me. Very dissappointed. This is Product description from Amazon page "Product Description Fitted Right Hand Wrist Brace. Possibly the most comfortable wrist brace available. Fits even the most slender wrists and hands. Breathable fabric is lightweight and comfortable for all day use Designed for carpal tunnel syndrome and support of weak or injured wrists Two adjustable straps for custom fit Two support stays with padding around spoon FSA Eligible 86271 Right Fitted Wrist Brace – SM/MD 5-8 " Right Fitted Wrist Brace – LG/XL 8-10"
See detail on Mueller-Green-Handgelenkbandage-schwarz-links


They love it. My husband tuned its plastic strings when …
I bought this guitar/ukele in two models, Minnie and Barbie for my 5 and 3 year old. They love it. My husband tuned its plastic strings when we got it. I was worried that they’d snap, but he said they’d be fine and they were. They seem pretty durable. We’ve had them for nearly a month. We are happy with them and were a good price ($15/16).
Doesn’t work well.
The strings do not stay tightened, each time my daughter wants to play it we have to tighten the strings first. It works fine once tightened.
Very cute TOY 🙂
This is beyond cute! I am sure that it has no musical value as it is a child’s toy that was purchased for my granddaughter for her second birthday! She is going to love it because she loves Dory. I read some of the reviews before I purchase this and kind of chocolate from people were complaining that he can’t tune it. If you want to start your child on a music journey by a real musical instrument. They do have starter guitars that are small enough for a child. I know this because I myself am a musician. This is a toy on for it’s purpose is this adorable and will serve the purpose.
See detail on First-TR287-Trolls-Guitar-Ukulele


The birthday girls love them too
My daughter loves to give these away as birthday presents. The birthday girls love them too.
The girl I gave that as a present was amazed by it
The girl I gave that as a present was amazed by it!! She started playing with it right away, and I just had to get the batteries to see her "disappearing" for days and days creating new models and designs. Brilliant!
Great but hotspotting at the top.
Great but the light could be better displaced. Hot spots at the top.
See detail on Crayola-Light-up-Tracing-Pad-Pink

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons 4 Ct

Perfect product – have used for 14 years.
Used these for all my kids – perfect to detect hot spots in oatmeal, pasta, etc. Get 3 sets – put one in each diaper bag, leave one at your mothers and one at your friends where you visit and feed your baby. Nice and soft on new teeth for a biting baby who chews silverware.

Comfortable, easy to use
Comfortable, easy to use. They stand up to biting, they’re small, classic, and the colors aren’t too gaudy. Food won’t slide off, their bowls are a good size, and they don’t take up room in a drawer. All that said, they stain. Instantly, and forever. Pretty much anything orange (a category which you’ll recognize as including about half of the foods you’ll be feeding your baby with a spoon) and most things green will uglify these spoons irreparably and they’ll never look clean again. They do change to white when they’re hot, but they also change to white when they’re lukewarm, which means I use the color-change feature to know whether i need to zap that carrot paste in the microwave for another few seconds, and I actually wait for them to turn white in the food before I even begin testing the temperature. Anything less than white is room temperature or less. But they do the job and they’re sturdy, so hey, they work.

See detail on munchkin-white-hot