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All i can say the campany of this product are excellent they Came on time, as i expected this is hold the memory well. Its compact, opens and closes well. And the cards are snug. Not too tight, not too loose. At more safety because it has zipper Would recommend. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review and opinion
Fits perfectly in my pocket- great for when I’m shooting weddings and need to switch …
Fits perfectly in my pocket- great for when I’m shooting weddings and need to switch cards. However, there are only 4 slots for CF cards- wish there were more.
Love this little case
Love this little case! Did you see the price? Why are you reading these reviews? And if you have Prime, it ships free! Are you still reading? Come on, click add to cart and get your sd cards organized once and for all. Fits into any laptop bag, heck even into your pocket.
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Crusar 2-pack IR Wireless Two-Channel Foldable Headphones for Car

These work great in my Traverse
These work great in my Traverse. I only gave it four stars as they are slightly hard to adjust for little people which can be frustrating when you are driving and they need help lol

I would not recommend this product to be used in a car
The headphones connected w/o problems to our 2016 Honda Odyssey but the volume doesn’t go high enough to allow proper hearing when the car is moving and there’s normal road noise in the cabin (and we are talking about a brand new vehicle). I would not recommend this product to be used in a car.

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Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+, 6 Fl Oz

Excellent Product
I am very pleased with this product. A little goes a long way, but it does require a thorough rubbing to apply product. Pleasant, light smell. Has offered great protection for infant, toddler and Mom, too, and doesn’t stain clothing.

Will continue buying all summer
Easy to apply, doesn’t smell bad and kept my son from getting burned on the boat & beach. This sunscreen is safer than most and great for babies & children. I will continue to buy this sunscreen throughout the summer.

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Nourish Beaute Organic Hair Loss Treatment and Conditioner, 10 Ounce

Love, love this!
Great product. Amazing customer service. I take Biotin, but never thought about what I used ON my hair. Definitely see and feel the difference in the texture of my hair. And it smells great.

Product That Works!!
Love this product!! I could tell after just a couple of washes that my hair felt thicker and stopped thinning. I can already see new growth after only 3 weeks. Absolutely love this product…just wished it was more affordable!

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TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set – 3 Sprayguns with Cups, Air Regulator & Maintenance Kit for all Auto Paint, Primer, Topcoat & Touch-Up, One Year Warranty

Works like it should
Just painted my car with this and after finding the right settings it worked great.

They don’t spray as good as the name brand guns that they compare themselves …
They don’t spray as good as the name brand guns that they compare themselves to. They use way to much paint.

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Car Stereo with Bluetooth,In-Dash Single Din Car Radio, Car MP3 Player USB/SD/AUX/Wireless Remote Control Included by Xshop

Bluetooth car radio
If you’re looking for a new radio for your car I recommend this one. I just bought it for my son and it’s awesome!! It has built in Bluetooth so you can play music right from your phone to your car radio and it comes with a remote!!! It’s really easy to install to if you know anything about car radio.

Car stereo
This car stereo is really nice. I got in installed in my 1998 truck and it worked fine. The installation was supper easy and you can heare it really loud and clear in the truck. I alos thing its a very good price in which i got it for, it is an affordable price that anybody can buy it for. I highly recommend this car stereo to anybody who is looking for one …

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BOSS Audio 610UA Single Din, MP3/USB/SD AM/FM Car Stereo, Wireless Remote

Do not buy.. you get what you pay for
Horrible.. looks great.. installed in my truck and it worked for all of an hour then the screen goes crazy. It will not play MP3 through the USB only through the headphone jack.. sound will only come out of one speaker. Also tried three different adapters and nothing works with the antenna

Blinding bright blue at night
Very bright blue lightning, too bright at night, slow Bluetooth connectivity when turning on, controls are too sensitive, cheap build.

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Snow Cables
These snow cables worked perfectly on our vehicle for ice and snow conditions. They fit perfectly and were exactly what we needed in icy and snow conditions in the Mammoth area.
Not recommended for mountain driving
These broke after two miles of mountain snow driving. The small little cables all got pushed to the outer rims of the tires, meaning that just the link underneath was exposed. This meant that no traction was created. I had to take them off at that point, because the underlying link was probably going to snap and I couldn’t rearrange the metal cables back through the line. The mountain that I was going up was not that steep, either: other cars were zooming by with ease, but I thought the chains would be useful for my front wheel drive vehicle (Ford Escape). Instead, they were an expensive mistake. They were very easy to take on and off, and maybe for non-mountain driving these are useful, but I would not recommend if you are going up an incline.
Well these were completely useless
Bought these for my Mazda CX-5 GT before heading up to Chilliwack, British Columbia from Los Angeles to visit for the holidays. Last night, New Year’s Eve, we got some moderate snowfall and I got stuck on the way up the hill to my Aunt and Uncle’s house. I slowly reversed to the first available side street, got these out and strapped them on. This was not by any means an easy process. You cannot just, as the instructions suggest, sling the cables under the car around the backside of the tire when the ground is covered in snow. And luckily I have good clearance on my tires or I never would have been able to get the inside clip fastened. Also, as another customer reported, a tool for the rivet clips would have been mighty helpful. They don’t snap into place very easily. Nevertheless, I did manage to get them on. I started back up the hill and got stuck in the very same spot. My tires just spun in place. My car is currently parked in a friendly stranger’s driveway until morning and my Uncle had to come down and pick me up. I’m lucky that I was near my family and not left stranded in the middle of nowhere. I got these to ensure that I wouldn’t end up in this situation. They were completely useless. Here I was thinking I’d have them for going up the road to Big Bear when I get back to Los Angeles, but forget it. They can’t be trusted to work. I’m very disappointed.
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INNOVA 3551 Inductive Timing Light

just as expected
Works exactly like I expected. Requires a fairly long storage space, otherwise would’ve given it 5 stars. Great for the price.

For the occasion user you can’t beat this light. I used it the same day it came and was pleasantly surprised at how bright it was. Other’s gave less than good reviews, mostly because it didn’t come with a box!!! I’d rather have a better light as this seems to be than a cheaper one with a fancy box!!! Spend $3.00 and there’s your box! The wire’s are heavier than I expected and it seems pretty sturdy. Don’t hesitate if you need to get your own timing light instead of always borrowing your neighbors! LOL.

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Son was happy to receive.
Sent to son who just started AIT after boot camp. He was delighted today to receive the box. Won’t last long.
I was very disappointed in this order
I was very disappointed in this order. I purchased these in order to give out at Christmas time. When I received them today, I opened the box and the code dates for use are not good. Half of the snacks expired on 11/13/16 and most of the other snacks expire on 12/13/16. The very few crackers and nuts expire in January 2017. I am going to keep the box because it is too big to return but be careful on ordering this box of snacks because you might get old snacks.
Salt alert
I am not into food with a lot of salt. My son is not into cheese. I guess it is okay for others, just watch the salt.
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