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Kano Aerokroil Penetrating Oil, 10 oz. aerosol (AEROKROIL)

You get what you pay for!
Yes, pricey! However, I have used this product for over 30 years…and it is my primary "go to" for any penetrating oil application. Much better than PBlaster, and light years ahead of WD40 and similar oils touted for penetrating…but not truly penetrating oils. The only product that is comparable to this Kano product is Wurth penetrating products. Yes, Wurth is pricey too! The old adage prevails: You get what you pay for!

My friend who turned me on to this stuff wasn’t kidding. It’s way better than anything else. I love that it doesn’t SQUIRT all over. It just adds a drop of liquidity foamy oily stuff right where you want it. Excellent.

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Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel, Nerdy Giraffe

Very cute and usable.
Absorbent, cute, didn’t fall apart in the wash, big enough and soft enough. From the reviews I expected it to be super soft and it wasn’t. It’s soft enough though. I don’t think it’d be as absorbent if it was made out of a softer material really. I received some as gifts and they were too rough so I bought this one. Very glad I did!

I LOVE this towel it is even cuter in person
Oh… my… gosh… I LOVE this towel it is even cuter in person. It is also quite large for a baby towel which I love! The quality of the sewing seems to be very well done and nothing seems like it would fall off. The attention to detail is awesome and overall this is the cutest little towel! Only reason I gave it 4/5 stars is because I think that the towel could have been slightly softer because it is for children skin however it is not super rough or anything so It will still work its purpose! (:

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the way I read it. it was for my …
the way I read it. it was for my 6′ truck bed. today people call there s u v or staionwagen a truck so my mistake and I eat it.
I had no idea something could smell this bad!
We literally smelled the package on the porch before we opened the door. It was a lovely piquant bouquet of kerosene mixed with subtle hints of burning tires and an oaky finish. I’d recommend pairing this with boiled shoe leather soup. Seriously. I’ve had it airing out in my backyard for five days now. FIVE DAYS. And it still reeks of petroleum. The only reason I gave it a second star is because the material feels like it’ll hold up…so long as it doesn’t burst into flames from the vapors. I definitely do NOT recommend this unless you want your groceries to taste like a recycled tire plant.
not too shabby
This is a small budget item that gets the job done. Its pretty thin but strong enough for regular cargo use. Easy to trim to shape. Unless you are a hard core out door hunter or heavy sporting person this should protect you from basic moisture issues like conensation and wet shoes or umbrellas, easy to clean, and light weight. Put mine in a 07 grand cherokee. No complaints
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Very disappointed with the quality of this item
Very disappointed with the quality of this item. Granted, for $40, you expect to get what you pay for, but this really was even less so. I didn’t expect it to be amazing, but did expect it to at least be able to be tuned. Very, very cheaply made and would not hold tune AT ALL. Something extra was wrong with the second string. Couldn’t quite figure out what it was, but it just had a very different dingy sound, on top of not tuning. Popping and cracking. The neck of this guitar is exceptionally thick, more so than a normal 40" guitar. My daughter (and my dad) both could barely get their hands around the neck to attempt a chord. Color is super cute and would great in my daughter’s hands, but just didn’t live up to the need of the item. Will spend a little more for a better quality item.
Returned it already.
Like others said, you get what you pay for. Doesn’t look nice, doesn’t tune well, bag is a piece of junk. Returned already but return was super fast.
… was a gift for my grandson and he absolutely loved it!
the guitar was a gift for my grandson and he absolutely loved it!
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SanDisk Extreme 64GB SDXC UHS-I Card (SDSDXVE-064G-GNCIN) [Newest Version]

Great card.
I love this card. I can’t count how many SanDisk cards I have gotten over the years. I have never had one fail. Good cards.

Use this for my Fujifilm X-T20. 4K video recording …
Use this for my Fujifilm X-T20. 4K video recording never hit a snag. Burst shots also just kept coming, writing to the SD card kept up with the in-camera buffer.

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WD Blue SATA 6Gb/s 2.5 Inch 500GB Internal SSD Solid State Drive (WDS500G1B0A)

First swap for a laptop I did and with the RAM upgrade (4 – 8GB) it makes the laptop run great!
Loving this SSD. First swap for a laptop I did and with the RAM upgrade (4 – 8GB) it makes the laptop run great!

its pretty fast and it is kind of a small hard …
its pretty fast and it is kind of a small hard drive but its fine for now until I can afford a bigger m.2 ssd

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The Seaweed Bath Co. Volumizing Lavender Argan Conditioner

Best. Conditioner. Ever.
I already wrote a similar review for the lavender shampoo, but I thought I’d give my two cents on the conditioner too because it has no reviews as of yet. This product has nothing in it that could possibly hurt your hair, scalp or other systems in your body, and most other hair products do (sulfates, alcohols, formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, the list goes on). I bought this product because of that, and found that it makes my hair nicer than every other hair product I’ve tried, including Aveda, Davines and Sudzz. It also gets rid of itchy scalp and dandruff. My hair is fine and dry. This shampoo/conditioner combo keeps it strong, moisturized and prevents it from splitting, and I don’t have to worry about long-term damage to my hair or scalp. I will most definitely buy this shampoo/conditioner set again.

Applies to hair Smoothly
exhilarating and tingly, freshness on and after wash, on time shipment! my hair is soft, shiny and smooth- my hobby for the year is promoting healthy hair growth, and this item along with its shampoo will definitely be listed in my to get list again!

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