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Excellent Deal on Stanley
What a deal for high-quality Stanley products! Priced at the "big box" stores- 40% higher. Everything I’ll ever need.
Great value
I needed a new set of screwdrivers and this has all the ones I could possibly need. Great price
these are my personal tools and I like them.
I’m keeping these in the house. these are my personal tools and I like them.
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The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock, Red

I don’t expect it to stop thieves from stealing my vehicle but it’s a good enough layer of anti-theft device for its price
Works well with my Nissan Rogue. I don’t expect it to stop thieves from stealing my vehicle but it’s a good enough layer of anti-theft device for its price.

Perfect fit and works as advertised
Perfect fit and works as advertised. This is my second club item. I can say from experience that they work. I lost my keys to my first club. I spent 2.5 hours with a Milwaukee Sawzall trying to remove the club without removing my steering wheel or my legs!

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Only 1 jar! NOT 12!
This is NOT a set of 12 like it says, it is only 1 jar!! Very upset! False advertising!! I ordered 4 sets of 12, or at least I thought I did. I got 3 individual wrapped jars in a small box and one solo jar in a giant box. Makes no sense!!
home made – healthy – To go
It is amazing. So easy to use and clean. I use this to store Indian spices and home made pickles and chutneys. I also use it to pack salads with lunch. Its a good bargain too.
Not a bulk deal
The description made it sound like this would be a bulk order of 9 cases @ $4.44 each totaling $39.99 when actually only one case came for $39.99. Not a deal at all. Product returned
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Febreze Car Vent Clips (Pack of 4, Midnight Storm)

I love the smell of fresh linen
I love the smell of fresh linen! I love the scent, but minus one star because two of them came in only half full.

Easy to use and pleasant air freshener, just doesnt last as long as they say.
The vent-clip is easy to use, and works pretty well. You just click and attach to the vent, and it freshens you air in the car. The aroma is pleasant, but not overpowering, so its a well balanced freshener in my mind. The only drawback to me is that they dont last as long as they claim. The package says 120 days, but I think 60-90 is more realistic.

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… other seed for my birds and they have always loved it. Of course
I have always used Zupreem in combination with other seed for my birds and they have always loved it. Of course, this is secondary to an actual natural food based diet.
My parrots love these pellets
This is the only pellets my parrots eat (I have 4). Price is much better than in stores and delivery is fast
Fantastic food, hardly any waste and no mess
I have Cockatoos and they have been on Zupreem’s fruit blend for a couple of years now. I normally bought my supply from another company but someone hacked my account so until they get this straightened out I can not use my account. I was running really low and then ran out and had to do something fast. I don’t know why I didn’t think of Amazon to get it, it is a little more expensive and I did have to go to the post office to pick it up which is 15 miles each way but its an hour to get to a store that sells Zupreem so boy was I in a pinch. I bought them some Parrot seed and they thought I had killed them and screamed all the time, they do get fresh fruits and veges and birdie bread too so they did manage to eat some seed till this came. It was fast shipping and now my Cockatoos are very happy birds again. I will never run out again. I got the med/large for them cause they don’t like the really large one and there is hardly any that they won’t eat. They go through stages on which colors to eat first but usually they manage to eat it all. Try this for your birds, it does come in all sizes so there is a size that your bird would like. I paid full price for this but glad that I did for my parrots
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Waterless Car Wash and Wax Kit – Concentrate Lasts 40 Washes — Clean and Protect Paint of Truck, SUV, Boat, RV or vehicle with one Quick Application. Concentrated formula for best value. TriNova.

Great kit! Waterless is my “go to” unless it …
Great kit! Waterless is my "go to" unless it needs a water wash.

Great product, found it on line and had to …
Great product, found it on line and had to give it a try. Don’t understand why it’s not in all the local car parts shop here.

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Arris TM822g DOCSIS 3.0 Telephony Cable Modem [Bulk Packaging]

Only good for Internet and TV if you’re with Comcast
I bought this TM822G to replace the one I’m currently renting from Comcast TM822G/CT. After online activation with Comcast, internet and TV came up fine but not voice. Called Comcast and was told that this model TM822G is only for rental and they would not activate the voice service. They said to buy either TG862G or TM722G so I’m returning the unit.

modem works as it should, with comcast/xfinity. I contacted support via chat and asked them if this router is supported and they said yes. I saved that transcript and ordered this modem. Then after it arrived, I connected everything and went to comcasts activation website (it is easier if the activation website is loaded which you have internet with existing modem, or here it is […] ) and then I activated my own equipment and it is working flawlessly. I took the rental back to comcast store and the guy asked me if I have another one from comcast or my own, I told him my own and thats why I am returning the rental, he was surprised and pointed out that I have a landline and wanted to make sure my own modem supports that, I told him it does (I did do a test call before returning it) and with the surprised and doubtful look on his face – he went ahead a returned it.

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… Whole30 compliant but that’s not the reason for the bad review. Guys
The cranberry is not Whole30 compliant but that’s not the reason for the bad review. Guys, I’m not a picky eater but I couldn’t get these down. Neither could any of my friends and they are all health food junkies. These ended up being super expensive dog treats. Do yourself a favor and just go with some quality jerky.
These taste just like high quality summer sausage
Wow! These taste just like high quality summer sausage. I’m a happy girl right now!
NOT jerky………
Interesting stuff. A bit too soft, a bit too smokey, a bit too much lactic acid and has a taste slightly reminiscent of leather belt (you HAVE chewed on a leather item at some time in your youth, right?) Perhaps a non greasy slim jim filling? Does have a nice spicey bite and it IS grassfed beef…
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Had a small amount of trouble assembling, otherwise it …
Had a small amount of trouble assembling, otherwise it seems ok. Actually took 3 hands, as the struts had to be held on the long screw with two hands, while a another person threaded the nut onto the screw.
Lightweight, 3 screws (allen wrench included) and it is …
Lightweight, 3 screws (allen wrench included) and it is ready to go from box to raking roof. Im not sure why it is so cheap when it performs as well as any other roof rake.
Works great and had a long sturdy reach! happy i had it for last years BIG SNOW..worked 100%
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