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APC RBC2 UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge for SC420 and select others

Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing….
Great stuff, Maynard! APC brand replacement battery for le$$. Can’t beat it.

Item received was a genuine APC RBC4 battery
Item received was a genuine APC RBC4 battery. I had read on other website that 3rd party batteries may not fit in the APC UPS I have, this battery fit as tightly as the one it replaced. I charged the battery and ran my laptop off it for a while as a test, runs as per expectations..

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Genesis Cable Bleeder Bottle

Ideal for european brake flush.
Enables brake bleeding solo w/o help of another person. It catches the old fluid without letting air back into the brake system. A must have at a decent price. A good quality tool. Happy happy happy.

Works well and is pretty cheap. You could build one yourself for a …
Very handy brake bleeder. Works well and is pretty cheap. You could build one yourself for a little less but much easier to fork over the extra $5

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Great car care tool for your interior!
Nice and soft and the brush is curved in all the right places to clean your car upholstery!
This is a great brush for use on car interior
This is a great brush for use on car interior. It’s bristles are really stiff therefore I would recommend it for use mainly on the carpet and not so much the actual upholstery. You may want to use it for severe stains, but I think it is a little rough for the actual seats. It is hard to get in to smaller places with it and especially hard to reach where the carpet reaches the plastic door lining.
Easy to grip and use (I have small arthritic hands)
Easy to grip and use (I have small arthritic hands). Cleans up nicely. Side note: Keep it away from chewing pets! They love it too and I don’t think it is especially good for them. It has been sturdy enough to not take any damage after our large dog thought it was for him.
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Micro TagBand Skin Tag Remover Device for Small to Medium Skin Tags

Best thing is I can do 1 at a time
I’ve tried other products. with this product i’m 3 for 3 on removing the tags. Best thing is I can do 1 at a time. so if there is any discomfort,it’s minimal and controlable. THANKYOU…….

It works. See details below.
I got the Micro version, which says small to medium – This actually works on some I would consider large. basically, if you can work the tag into the cone with your finger tip the micro band will work. Observations: 1. Having used the dental floss method and this thing, I would say that the dental floss works faster, but this is easier to apply. 2. You CAN use it 1handed to apply to an underarm area. 3. Usage: Get the tag into the cone with a fingertip. Then first press down holding the cone part but only loosely holding the l-shaped part. Then press hard with your thumb on the lshaped part between the cone and the crook of the L. Once you have that pressed as hard as reasonably possible, use 2 fingers from same hand, or other hand if free to pull back on the cone until the band pops off the end. After the band is on the tag, press the tag between finger and thumb and use your thumbnail to work the band as far down onto the tag as you can, this cuts down on that "bump" effect to minimize the tiny rough spot left when the tag falls off. 4. If you have many of them to do, I recommend doing groups together which can be covered by a single bandaid. Bandaid Toughstrips will stay on even in armpits that sweat. Other bandaids, not so much. (never try to take off a toughstrip when it isn’t soaked wet. Not fun.) 5. It can take 7-10 days for them to fall off. Don’t plan on using the bands twice. They often fall off unnoticed, even with the bandaid covering them. 6. If you miss getting a band on correctly, so long as it isn’t on the tag, you can retry. 7. If you drop a band on the counter or floor and can’t find it, use a LED flashlight if you have one. These bands are slightly florescent under LED light. 8. If you have a tag which is easy to reach, use the dental floss method. These bands are expensive, and dental floss works fine too (touch first three fingers together and loop floss over that. grab tag with fingers, slide floss on, tighten floss until it pinches and then stops pinching. Repeat process with second loop. Use waxed floss, unwaxed loop won’t stay put) 9. While you can reach more places with this tool than with the floss, there may be still be places hard to get without help with this. 10. I have yet to try these on the REALLY tiny type. But honestly, that type you can also just remove instantly with nail clippers if you want. The bleeding will stop within a minute normally and you dont have to waste bands on them (if the tag is thinner than a strand of dental floss, snipping it is an option. Particularly if it’s somewhere a bandaid can’t go (warning, I take no responsibility for mistakes made in sensitive areas, but I HAVE done this for an eyelid)

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (SM-T280 ONLY) Screen Protector, OMOTON Tempered-Glass Protector with [9H Hardness] [Crystal Clear] [Scratch-Resistant] [Bubble Free]

Perfect! Mistake proof installation and wonderful protection
Perfect! Mistake proof installation and wonderful protection. Would buy it again!

Be careful when taking the dust off.
It was a great fit. After reading the instructions and watching the video the written instructions left out the step with the drying cloth. They skipped right to the micro fiber cloth. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars was because they tell you to clean off the dust with the special sticker they give you. Trust me, you don’t even want to get near the screen with that sticker. First of all it grabbed the screen like a magnet and I almost couldn’t get back off. I was pulling so hard that I thought that I might separate the face plate from my new tablet. It stuck so hard that I thought I would need a razor blade to get back off. After a long careful pull it finally came off. By that time, I had finger prints all over the tablet and had to start over again with the cleaning process. This time I tried to use only a small part of the sticker and just try to dab on the screen. But, it just kept getting stuck and each time I got the sticker loose, it left a line of sticky adhesive on the screen. This time, it took a lot of cleaning to remove the adhesive. After that, I just skipped the step using the sticker. I just made sure that when I used the micro fiber cloth, that got all the dust off. If you are not sure you got all the dust off, you might try using a "Dust Off" air can. The rest of the installation went well. However, I never got a chance to start the adhesion process by touching the middle of the screen. As soon as the protector touched the screen on the tablet, at the back edge, it started to stick. So, make real sure you do some dry runs first before doing the final installation because you won’t get a second chance.

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Very study
I’ve had a few glass ones that eventually broke. This thing is sturdy. I’d never recommend anything else.
Great french press
Perfect size for our family; would definitely buy again. (Slight rattle as if there’s a loose piece of metal in the double wall)
and a great buy. Very pleased
Keeps the coffee warmer than the glass ones, well built (I broke the glass on my last one!), and a great buy. Very pleased.
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She loves it and her music teacher has not said anything bad about it
Bought this for my daughters beginner music class a few months ago. She loves it and her music teacher has not said anything bad about it.
Great flute at a great cost!!!
I play the clarinet in my school band and I was thinking about learning the flute on the side, but since I wasn’t going to play it in a band I didn’t want to spend too much money on one. This flute is perfect for a beginner (like me) it has some limitations like in the very beginning it is hard to play g and f sharp but that might have just been my fault. To anyone debating on buying this, I would say that you should, but only if you aren’t looking to use it in a band/ensemble. When I first got the flute it looked great, I would recommend getting a new set of gloves because I didn’t use the ones it came with because they didn’t fit me and it ended up discoloring my instrument, but that was totally my fault. If your child is young and doesn’t need a very nice flute yet, I would highly suggest​ you get them this one.
Ignore my prior feedback. This is NOT worth buying!
This instrument unfortunately only lasted 2 months before a small critical pieces of metal snapped off making the instrument unusable. This occurred as my daughter was playing the flute. My daughter had only used this for a month and a half – never dropped it and was so careful to take care of it. I’d also like to mention that whatever "metal" this company uses tarnishes. The mouth piece looks horrible just after a month of use. Discolored metal. They say you get what you pay for… unfortunately we did not even get that.
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BABYBJORN Smart Potty – White

Great size, easy to clean
We love these potty chairs, and have two (one upstairs and one downstairs). We have a cheaper one (IKEA) that is all one piece and it is awful to dump. We started early (13mos) and this was the perfect size. Now at almost 23mos it still works great!

… just as it looked and it’s simple for my great niece to use
It came just as it looked and it’s simple for my great niece to use.

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