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… supports but this one fits my back and provides excellent support. It is a little wider so that …
I tried out a couple of lumbar supports but this one fits my back and provides excellent support. It is a little wider so that I do not have to keep moving it around to stay in position.
Good stuff. I use this along with the “Cush …
Good stuff. I use this along with the "Cush Comfort Seat Cushion – Non-Slip Memory Foam – Spinal Alignment Coccyx Chair Pad for Relief from Sitting Back Pain", and together they are fabulous, though crowded on the chair. Usually I’ll switch between the two. This feels good, and makes a difference in alleviating my lower back pain.
This pillow is a must have!!!
I’m a bus driver, so lumbar support is a must for me! I’ve used this type of pillow for years now & this is definitely my favorite! I love the color & the oh so soft cover. Most comfortable back pillow ever!
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and one tablet loved to lock up doing simple tasks
One surface is struggling more then the other. Overall what I expected with a surface tablet though. There are cases when you receive a tablet thats utter brilliance, then there are times where out of the box, the surface has some odd issues. I started both up at the same time, one was a faster then the other, one had the phantom touch issue, neither tablet allowed youtube to work properly, and one tablet loved to lock up doing simple tasks. I don’t know if this is a break in thing with these surfaces but the issues after a good 4 days of use practically vanished. Its really bazar, but not enough to make using these tablets a turn off. I owned a Surface RT and was afraid this would be similar, fortunately its not. The Surface 3 does circles around the RT tablets day and night. Windows 10 Home isnt as annoying as one would suspect with those automatic updates. You do get a Windows 10 Anniversary update right out of the gate, without doing it you cant install certain apps from their store. And one of my favorite functions of this tablet yet is the "conserve power when away" function. After lets say 3 hours of not being touched the tablet will go into hibernation mode and then requires you to press the power button to turn it back on. The Surface logo will greet you and you will be met with your routine login page and come to see everything you had open is still as you left it. In 4 days thanks to this, I have gotten 11+ hours out of the tablet. I dont have to charge it every day, I let it go to 10% then plug it in. Sometimes 50% just because I know im going to use it for a lecture. So the writing experience with one note… Its ok, I wouldn’t personally replace writing with pen and paper just yet. I found the palm rejection to be iffy at times. Keep your tablet in desktop mode or the keyboard will continue to pop up… also put one note in full screen mode so your task bar is hidden, your palm will select things when you lift off. For those who draw, I suggest getting a drawing glove. Overall Im liking the surface so far, both tablets are being used very differently. I will update this as time passes.
Handy and useful in lots of places.
handy and wonderful. Worked well for two long trips in China and another to Australia. Great to have in the bedroom when I’m too lazy to go down to my computer. Great with a keyboard and even a mouse (yes I like a mouse on the nightstand. I have old fingers). I also got a red cover with a back stand to sit on knees. Also easy to stuff in my purse, take to dog shows. Love it as my "trip" and "nightie night" computer. Prefer a regular computer with a regular keyboard and big screen for work and serious writing.
Fantastic device. Resolution is exceptional
Fantastic device. Resolution is exceptional. Being a Microsoft user, the process to relink Office 365 and set up preferences was easy.
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BTECH QHM22 Platinum Series IP54 Rainproof Shoulder Speaker Mic for BaoFeng, AnyTone, Kenwood Radios

Works great with baofeng radios
Works great with baofeng radios. Great audio reports and nice loud and clear speaker. Worth the extra money if you want an external mic. Pretty solid build, seems durable. No complaints.

Great speaker mic
I have the baofeng bf-f9 v2+ and this speaker connects fine with no issues at all. I recently used while on a camping trip while driving. Sound quality was superb. I couldn’t tell the difference between the speaker mic or regular speaker on the radio. Great purchase and price.

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Xprite Gen 3 Amber Yellow 36 LED 18 Watts Hign Intensity Law Enforcement Emergency Hazard Warning LED Mini Bar Strobe Light with Magnetic Base

Great light! I love it
Great light! I love it! I would give it the 5th star if it was a little brighter during daylight. Other than that, it’s a great light for the price.

Nice and bright with lots of different patterns for your …
Nice and bright with lots of different patterns for your choosing. The only thing I would change, put a 10′ cord on it.

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ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 BLK DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem – Retail Packaging – Black

Good connection, stable
Good connection, stable, strong signal. Do read instructions and make sure the isp follows the instructions even if they say they know better. Cox tech wasted an hour of my time, because she did not follow simple instructions provided in the package

Great for small families with 3 to 5 WiFi devices
Great for small families with 3 to 5 WiFi devices. This is a good modem/router combo. It does not handle multiple devices at the same time, with the age of WiFi TV’s(streaming), phones, tablets and computers, this combo can not handle it, although it says it can handle the traffic, when you get to much traffic it bogs down. A modem and separate router(s) is whats needed with a family of 4 or more, to handle the traffic from multiple devices, not to mention if you want a guest network. 🙂 Just not the right equipment for the job.

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Good for the price
Good price especially if you buying on amazon pantry. My wife love this ones they are tough and durable
Scrubbing pads.
Excellent scrubbing pads, for scrubbing anything to get those stubborn stains off of pots pans anything in the kitchen.
Unsurpassed Value and Durability
Accept no substitutes. Some things are worth spending the extra scratch. This is one of ’em, kids. Careful shopper that I like to think I am, I always check prices at my neighborhood D.G. or Famdoll before I check the box on Amazon. You’ll save a little bit on these puppies at Amazon, but hey, if shelling out more money for convenience’s sake, then that’s on you. 3M has always made top-drawer products that, yes, cost a bit more. But if function and durability resulting in superior value rate high on your list, pass those cheap-ass wannabe scrub-pads up and throw these in your basket. They easily last twice as long as anything else pretending to be just as good (compare to such-and-such comes immediately to mind) and handle the most severe use and environments with aplomb.
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Iomega Zip 100 Portable USB Drive (PC/Mac)

Product saved my life!
I had backed up a legacy computer on ZIP disks and stored them away. (I now use thumb drives and CD-ROM.) When I needed some old material from the old computer, I could not read the ZIP disks without getting a new drive. This convenient USB ZIP drive was just what I needed. It was shipped promptly and in excellent condition. It saved my life on this occasion.

Can still manage old storage formats
The Zip drive worked fine on my Mac PowerBook G4 running OS 10.4. I didn’t want to try it on my iMac until I had transferred all the old files from the Zip disks and burned them to CDs. And though I’m trying to get rid of all the old Zip disks, this will come in handy for a few years yet.

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