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better than fumbling for matches or striker
Been using this to light my pellet stove for several months. Works every time. Nice quality
Wish I bought it sooner…
This was a great deal for the money compared to other manufacturers. If feels well built has a good gas adjustment valve and lights almost every time.. Very happy with my purchase… Who wants to hold a tank when you are laying on your back under the house, this gives me the freedom to get a better angle on what I am soldering.
Very efficient, nice small project torch
A smaller torch with a lot of kick to it. The heavy, sturdy valve makes a great seal (safe, efficient). I’ve used this for minor metal repairs with mostly propane gas. Works well with MAPP too. I’d rather not have an electric ignition in the future, but this makes an excellent small propane torch. It has a good reach for as small as it is and it puts out a good swirly flame
See detail on Mag-Torch-MT560C-Self-Lighting-Tradesman-Regulated

OTC 4503 Stinger Double Flaring Tool Kit

Works Great
Nice product that’s easy to use. Just make sure the line is tight before screwing down flaring tool and all your flares will look great. Read reviews on that so I did the first one and all the others perfectly. Great product for the price.

NOT for Stainless Steel Tubing!!
Bottom-lie up front: If you are an occasional user of mild/light steels or metals, this kit is okay. If you are dealing with Stainless Steel tubing, this is NOT what you want. I bought this tool to repair a blown-out brake line on my 14 year-old truck. I also purchased a spool of zinc-coated steel tubing and fittings to do the job. Anyhow, I was able to make decent flares with the mild-steel tubing. One problem though is that when you gronk the clamp down onto the tubing, the two halves of the clamp piece are not exactly lined up perfect, which can affect the accuracy of the flare. After completing the repair, I ordered SS replacement (pre-bent) lines for the whole truck. One of the lines simply would not feed through the little nooks and crannies in one piece so I decided I would cut it at a convenient spot, feed it through, then splice the ends together with my flaring tool. The flare tool did not work, and after removing the tubing from the clamp I realized that the SS tubing flattened all of the gnurling on the clamp such that it will no no longer hold even mild-steel tubing tightly to make flares. So now the clamp is trash, at least for 1/4′ tubing. I will note that the box does say inside (very small print) that it is for mild/light metals, so it is pretty much my fault. Otherwise, this is a pretty decnt tool. It got me out of a jam, so I was pretty happy, just perturbed that it wasn’t strong enough to do stainless.

See detail on otc-4503-stinger-double12

WD Blue 1TB Internal SSD Solid State Drive – SATA 6Gb/s 2.5 Inch – WDS100T1B0A

What a difference!
This drive saved my Lenovo Q150 from the scrap heap. I was looking for a solution for a tiny home theater computer and had this old computer stuck in a drawer because it was so slow. I tried upgrading the RAM but that was only marginal improvement. When I cloned this drive from the original 5400 rpm Western Digital Blue in the Q150 and installed it, it breathed new life into little PC. It is now quick and responsive and allows me to stream blu-ray quality movies from my NAS. Is this the fastest out there? No, but you will definitely see a difference from any spinning drive.

I really WANTED to like this. See footnotes and UPDATE
I really WANTED to like this. I intended to install it via PCIe with an adapter card. ASUS (my motherboard) said it would be just fine and to ask Western Digital which MKEY adapter they recommended. Called Western Digital and was told "we don’t make recommendations for adapter cards." I returned the drive and won’t recommend Western Digital ever again. Pretty simple, huh? MIGHT be a good drive, but I’ll never know because of an arrogant bonehead in their customer service. They lost a LONG time customer forever. Went to Crucial who was VERY helpful and am extremely happy with their product. I guess Amazon customer service has spoiled me. Go figure . . . UPDATE: It seems as if Western Digital DOES actually care about reviews. I was asked to call them, and did. I spoke with a girl who put me on 2 LONG holds, then connected me to her supervisor. We discussed my issues and he said he would escalate this to someone who may be able to further help me. I received a call the following day from someone in another area of the company with whom I reviewed this issue. After several apologies, he asked if he could call me again the next day (yesterday). When he called me, we agreed on an acceptable resolution with which we’re both satisfied. Because of this resolution, I will again consider Western Digital products as my first choice. Hopefully, others won’t need to deal with issues similar to mine after this situation. Good recovery Western Digital!!

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great shower cap
wear size 8 hat and lots of hair, fits really nice and band is better then average and you can feel it is secure, will definitely bug again in the future.
Medium, NOT extra large
Study enough but barely fits my head and thin shortish hair. Definitely is NOT extra large.
Waiting to receive. It’s suppose to be Prime. …
Waiting to receive. It’s suppose to be Prime. It’s disappointing since I wanted a black cap to henna my hair. Well, I have the henna but not the cap.
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I was very skeptical about these working based on the …
I was very skeptical about these working based on the reviews. Even though the red light is always blinking, I haven’t seen a mouse since I plugged it in! Very impressed. Also I have a cat and she didn’t even notice so it is very pet friendly.
It works
If I leave the back door of my house open for 5mins I would get a mouse running into the house. 2 months after install Cravgreen Pest Control, I left the back door to the house open for about a hour by mistake. When I came to close the door, I saw a mouse out side the door. The mouse wouldn’t come into the house. So it works.
Not a silver bullet, but it seemed to help
I got the four pack and distributed these around the house. We did still have a few appearances by our annual visitors (large spiders that are either Giant House or Hobo). I think that the number of these that I had to hunt down was less than last year. One of them actually showed up in the same bathroom that had one of these devices, so I am still a little skeptical about the efficacy. I’ll keep them in place this next year and see if the downward trend continues.
See detail on Cravegreens-Pest-Control-Ultrasonic-Repeller

Otterbox [Commuter Series] Samsung Galaxy S5 Case – Retail Packaging Protective Case for Galaxy S5  – Black

Worth the price with some minor flaws
After over half a year of using this case it has still held up quite well with a few exceptions. Immediately out of the box I tried putting on the screen protector and messed up so that was a throw away, but those flimsy plastic films barely protect at all anyways so I wasn’t too worried about it. After a couple of months the bottom of the plastic part of the case near where the charging port is cracked and eventually broke off entirely since it was pretty thin but the case still stays on sturdy enough that it wasn’t even an issue and if anything made it easier to get the cover that protects the charging port easier to open when needed. One gripe I do have about this case is that the bottom of it near where the home button on the phone is gets in the way if you are trying to use the fingerprint detecting as you need to swipe your finger downwards along the button for it to read the print and I would often get errors as I could not fully swipe down with the rubber in the way. Overall good case and I would recommend it if you don’t plan on using fingerprint detection on your phone.

You get what you pay for
Great product! My wife had a cheap-o imitation of this case, and it was always difficult to hear her over the phone, especially when she was on speaker phone. These are well-designed, and those issues no longer exist.

See detail on otterbox-commuter-samsung94

JR Products 160-85-A-26-A Polar White City Water Flange with 1/2" MPT

Much better than the stock city water connection that came with …
Much better than the stock city water connection that came with my travel trailer. High quality and easy to install and use. Unscrewing my hose at the end of a trip is incredibly easy.

Perfect brass valve replacement
This city water inlet is made from brass and is far superior to the junk plastic OEM inlet. Perfect match to the existing mounting holes. I had to replace my OEM because the check valve would not seat and leaked when I turned the pump on. Highly recommend!

See detail on jr-products-160-85-polar94

TEKTON Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set, Metric, 13-Piece | 25272

I am surprised at how much I like these. I bought them for occasional use
I am surprised at how much I like these. I bought them for occasional use, so was willing to buy what I though was a lesser-quality item. It turns out they are at least as good as my good sets (older Craftsman). I also like the case, which fold open so that it is easy to remove and reinsert the wrenches. Highly recommended.

Good ball wrenches.
Great set of wrenches. I have had ball tips before but never a set that was this precise.

See detail on tekton-wrench-metric-13-piece97

SOLICE New Laptop Replacement Battery for A1278 A1322 Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch (2009 2010 2011 Version) Series, fit MB990LL/A MB991LL/A MC374LL/A MC375LL/A MC700LL/A MD314LL/A [10.95V 63.5Wh ]

Great replacement battery
Great replacement trackpad for my 13" Macbook Pro 2011. Very easy to install with the correct tools.

Bad Battery but replacement was sent
Worked well for about 15 days then the battery would completely drain at about 50% then need to be recharged. Went to 2135 mAh as new Max. Update: Was contacted by Solice after posting that the battery was failing and they sent a new battery! Updated to 4 stars will update to 5 if this battery works out better.

See detail on replacement-battery-macbook97


If you want the tent with a good base you probably need a minimum of 300 balls
I guess I thought 100 balls would fill the tent more. If you want the tent with a good base you probably need a minimum of 300 balls. The balls themselves are good, just not enough of them.
I honestly think these are over priced considering the quality, you can easily push them down, and the amount you get isn’t good because the balls are small (I wanted small though) you can get the same thing for half the price of you look, I only got these because it had Amazon prime and had about the same reviews as the others for this price. I will say I love the different colors of these!
May need more than you think.
Not enough for a ball pit… would need at least 500 to fill a space the size of a pack n play. Though the kids have a lot of fun throwing them all around the house and they are not too hard which lessens the risk of breaking things like windows.
See detail on Click-Play-Phthalate-Crush-Plastic