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Kitchen bags
Great bags for your kitchen trash. They are strong and have a oder shield scent that really locks in oder. I like the size packaging too. I don’t like to have to buy bags weekly.
I love Glad febreeze scented cash bags
I love Glad febreeze scented cash bags. I use them in the kitchen and also have a box next to my cat litter boxes because I use them when I scoop out the litter. Really cuts down on the odor in both places. These are my go to bags, I look for them when I am shopping and purchase them all th time. Great product.
I really like these kitchen garbage bags with febreeze. They cost a little more, but I feel they were worth it. I would buy these again.
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Difficult to read these test strips
These seem to work ok but for viewing the PH it is rather difficult to read the colors as compared to other test strips I have used. I am not colorblind but it is not easy to match up the colors to the chart on the side of the bottle. Other test strips I have used show a much bigger difference in color and are much easier to read.
These are completely useless, I bought these to replace my test kit that uses the drops, for my hot tub- I thought it would be much more convenient to use a disposable strip. I did exactly as directed, it kept telling me my chlorine levels were too low so I kept slowly adding chlorine, checking again in 5 mins, the last time I opened the hot tub cover I could clearly tell by the smell that it was more than adequately chlorinated, so I checked with another strip and nope still showed a low reading so I got out my trusty but less convenient drop kit and bam the chlorine levels were bright yellow through the roof. These are completely useless for their intended purpose and I’m so sorry I wasted my money on them.
I am told they are wrong for spas? Not …
I am told they are wrong for spas? Not sure who to believe but they do give a rather high ph+ reading.
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3" Party Pack Emoji Stress Balls – Stress Reliver Party Favors, Toy Balls, Party Toys (12 Pack)

Cute but too hard to squeeze as a stress ball
We got these as stress balls for a group of kids who love emojis. Alas, they are too hard to squeeze. They are cute as regular balls but the name stress ball is a misnomer.

Good balls, easy to squeeze or toss
Good balls, easy to squeeze or toss, good color and graphics. ..only drawback is a bad odor for all of them. We washed them and they still stink. Otherwise just fine but like I said, very bad smell.

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Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease – 1lb (VV986)

Buyer beware: It does separate and make a mess.
Like other reviewers, mine separated and a bunch of oil leaked out of my grease gun. Fortunately it didn’t leak in my tool box but rather as I picked it up to use it. This grease only sat in the grease gun for a month from the time I received it to the time I used it. The lubrication properties of this grease may very well be excellent but I threw the tube out after one use and will be using something else. The oil separation is unacceptable.

Great quality grease for a great price.
I have been using this and the semi-synthetic Valvoline blend to grease my stern drive points and my Mercruiser’s gimbal bearing for years. Also for the suspension grease points on my SUV. A couple quick shots while the boats running at the beginning and then again at mid season is all it takes.I have never had any issues with separation like I have with regular marine greases. At one time I could find it locally but now its very hard for me to find. Amazon has it for a pretty decent price and I with Prime it’s here in a day or two.

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Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, Relax & Relief With Eucalyptus & Spearmint, 3 Pound Bag

It works great and has a nice smell
I bought this to make home made Bath Bombs. It works great and has a nice smell. I use it as a detox when I soak in the tub.

Will actually sooth muscle pain
Tried a few different types of blends and brands, but this is still my favorite. Must be the menthol. *Updated – the pre-post workout blend is fantastic. I can’t live without these Epsom salts. I have endometriosis and fibromyalgia. My pain flare are ALL OVER, with alot of focus on aching breasts, pelvic area and irritated nerves shooting down my limbs. I take my two Tramadol’s, and three ibuprofen, but these rarely scratch the surface of my pain. … But if I take my meds, then shower bath into the pre/post work Epsom salts, my pain is assured to melt away within ten minutes. I let myself stew for 20-40 minutes (depending on how long I need a rest), then come out feeling fresh and with considerably less pain. It must be the menthol that’s the secret ingredient, because these work like Epsom salts are advertised to, remove pain. Every other espom salt I’ve tried does not quell my pain.

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Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch

Very Crumbly!
I actually like the fact that they crumble – my terrier is very picky and I crumble two treats over her dry food and she eats it ALL.

Still the favorite
We found these several years ago at a pet store in the mall. They stopped carrying them, and my picky little dog favored them. So I did what people do these days and searched the internet for them. I also feed my little dogs the food by this manufacturer, exclusively. They are both healthy. He’s had an earache, that’s it.

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303 (30320) UV Protectant Gallon for Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberglass, Leather & More – Dust and Dirt Repellant – Non-Toxic, Matte Finish, 128 Fl. oz.

This product is the best. New Subarus come with a weird rubber type interior that is hard to even wipe with a cloth without it skipping across the surface. After applying 303 uv protectant it feels like butter. Very smooth to the touch.

What? No sprayer??
Pictures show a sprayer, there wasn’t one in the box. Was it forgotten? Couldn’t be that expensive to include. Won’t order again

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Best lavender oil ever!
This lavender oil is the best! I am a lavender connasieur and this is among the best there is. Highly recommended!!!
60 gallons per minute? 🙂
It smells ok so I can’t fault that, but when I try to shake out a few drops, a third of the bottle pours out. I have used it three times and have less than a quarter inch left in the bottom of the bottle. What’s the point of having a stopper in there at all? Maybe I got a dud, but I’ll never know, cuz I refuse to get another bottle to find out.
The quality is great and I would definitely buy more from this company
I have used significantly more expensive oils in the past, and I can absolutely tell no difference. The quality is great and I would definitely buy more from this company.
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