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Camco 55312 125V 30M/30F Amp Dogbone Circuit Analyzer

Make sure you understand how this thing works
I’m giving this a two star rating for a couple of reasons. The first one is because I can’t find anywhere in the description where it says, be aware, this item will not work if attached to power that has a GFI. Why would this be? Not really sure but I contacted customer service because I could not get this to work at all in the state parks of Michigan, at least the only two I have been able to try. I thought something was wrong with the unit so I contacted customer service and was told you cannot use it with a GFI protector already in place. So, Now I question what good is it then? Almost everyone now has the ground fault interrupters on anything that been replaced in the last 10 to 15 years or so. The other reason, and not such a big deal as it not working is it is so big and bulky not only does it lay on the ground, you cant close the lid to even lock it in place. Of course it has big beautiful bouncing lights that flicker on and off and back and forth in a steal me fashion. Maybe this is something that will work for you, Thank goodness this is amazon because its going back. On a better note, Customer service was pretty fast at getting back to me via email so that was a plus.

Good functionality for the price.
I had to exchange one of these. I have since found out that you do not want to have multiple ground-fault interrupters on a circuit. Apparently, they will conflict with one another. I say this because this product seemed to prevent the ground fault interrupter on the circuit for the house from resetting. The one in the camping trailer had no problems. I mention this not to fault Camco, but to make others aware of the situation. I have had several opportunities to use it away from home, and it seems to work well. I plug it in and check the lights before connecting power to my R-Pod 179. If the correct lights are lit, I can be pretty sure that the power going into the trailer is correct.

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Holmes Humidifier Bacteriostat, H1709PDQ-U

I have no build up what so ever in the …
I have no build up what so ever in the humidifier. Its a big deal because I have a hard water problem.

OK to breath in?
Only concern… chemicals in the air? so I run it through in a separate room once, then take it into the bedroom and run without the chemicals. I didn’t feel assured based on the instructions that it was a safe chemical to breath in.

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Cobra 19DXIV 40 Channel Mobile Compact CB Radio

its ok
for the money and if your just trying to talk to your buddies while trail riding its a good unit but I wanted a better signal and able to get my signal out further it could’nt do it but the screen you have to view directly in front witch I didn’t its hard to see I had it mounted on my cousel next to seat in my JK by your knee

Not fancy, just a small compact 40 channel cb radio that basically fits anywhere you need it to and work’s the way it should , I would recommend a Wilson antenna and upgrade to a power mike

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Chemical Guys BUF_HEXKITS_8 Hex-Logic Buffing Pad Kit (6.5 Inch) (8 Items)

Recommend going to YouTube to review the video on the …
works as advertised. Recommend going to YouTube to review the video on the various pads and their use. The cleaner was the biggest surprise – literally returned the pad to as new condition.

Easy for beginners, quality foam that won’t fall apart!
The hex logic pads are great. They did exactly what I was hoping for, they didn’t mar the surface and my vehicles look excellent. This was a first time job for me, and I ended up doing a few more cars with the same results. Just buy the pack of the pads with the cleaner, it’s better than pricing them out individually. I have used the pad cleaner as well, it works great.

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Dynatrap Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap

So many bugs!
If you’re wondering if this really works, the answer is YES. If anything, you’re going to be disturbed by the number of little insects it traps that you had no idea were sneaking around your home. Just think, you were probably swallowing them in your sleep and didn’t know it. While you might have needed the protein, go eat some meat instead and catch those bugs with the help of Dynatrap.

Won’t work for no see ums or tiny bugs
It’s pretty small, quiet, easy to set up. Just got it so we’ll see how it performs overnight. I may return because I got it for a swarm of no see ums like it said it catches but the netting is clearly too big for these buggers to not escape through. Maybe it’ll keep back a large gnat.

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New Uncut Blank Transponder Key for Toyota Camry Highlander RAV4 Matrix Tacoma Tundra

NOT a programmable key with marking on the bladeas shown in the picture
This key is not a programmable key as advertised. The picture shows the marking that a programmable master key would have, but the one that was shipped is NOT that key This will not work on an 05 Camry.

2004 Toyota Camry xle
It worked. I was able to get two of these keys to work with onboard programming (master in out, open close door, etc…) After programming myself, had both keys cut at local hardware store. End result was two for $20.00, not bad considering dealer/locksmith fee. Minus 1 star because the casing material is less appealing than master key.

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Colore Watercolor Painting Kit, 24 Colors

Good for the price.
Relatively new to watercolor so I was looking for decent watercolor that won’t break the bank. These are a good enough for what my current project is (handmade MTG tokens). These aren’t Windsor and Newton quality, which was my first watercolor purchase; however for the amount of shades and color $10 a tube is a little much. The set came with plenty of shades in each primary color plus browns, which are not fun to mix from scratch. All in all I recommend these.

Great quality paints
This is a really good watercolor set. I’m not a watercolor expert but I’m way beyond a beginner and the quality and color range of these paints are excellent. My first set was a set of 12 Royal and Langnickel Essentials paints (which was a good beginner set) but my new Colore ones are definitely an improvement.They are very pigmented, they dry down well, and they blend very well. Before you buy this product you should know that the colors on the packaging and on the tubes themselves do not exactly match the color of the actual paint. For example, the rose color comes out more like a magenta color but it can be watered down to the color on the packaging. Another thing is that some of the paint will have settled in the tubes and may look watery when you first open them. I just squeezed it out until I got real paint at the top. Also, do NOT squeeze the tube before you open it. If you do, paint WILL explode out when you puncture the tube . Just ask my poor bed sheets. Overall, this set is great and I love it.

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I used a small pair of fine pointed tweezers and it was super easy versus using …
Works as advertised. the backing is a little difficult to pull off. I used a small pair of fine pointed tweezers and it was super easy versus using your nail to peel it. Happy with the results
Sticky, keeps your rugs in place – it just works
Double sided sticky tape to keep your rugs in place. It works with all kinds of surfaces – haven’t had a problem yet. Recommended!
Perfect for foam panels and rugs
This was perfect as compared to a two inch roll I purchased at ACE Hardware this blew it away in both ease of use as well as quality of material. Cuts with regular scissors with very little issues with stickiness as youre going to have with other two sided carpet tapes.
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UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Stroller, Denny

Brakes don’t always work????
The brakes on the back always seem to have an issue.. The current one I have is a replacement because the first had a similar issue. I like the brand.. But, safety first. I plan on sending this back as soon as I can.

Great travel stroller
We were looking for a lightweight, umbrella stroller to take on vacation instead of our heavy, traditional stroller. I didn’t want to spend too much since our daughter is already 2.5 yrs old. My husband just wanted it to be small and lightweight since he’s usually the one trying to cram it in the car with the luggage. I was initially disappointed that most umbrella strollers don’t recline, but then I remembered that my daughter NEVER naps in her stroller! My husband did the initial research and I realized that in order to meet both our needs, lightweight plus features such as ample storage basket, large canopy/sunshade, cup holder, etc., we’d have to pay more than I initially wanted to. Ultimately, we went with the G-Lite since it was mid-priced compared some others we considered. My husband was very happy with the size and weight. The stroller easily fit into the car with all of our luggage. Since I tested the stroller out at home, I knew that if the canopy/shade wasn’t in the right position (slid all the way up), the stroller wouldn’t always fold completely and latch closed (which is a little annoying). This also makes it a little frustrating that you have to use two hands to close the stroller especially when you’re hastily trying to fold it up and gate check it at the airport. Other than that, the stroller is great and meets all of our needs. It’s light and easy to carry around (nice carrying strap too); it maneuvers well; my daughter seemed to be comfy; love the red color; etc. Thanks to the mesh seat back and the extra large sunshade, my daughter stayed nice and cool while we were out and about in hot, sunny Cabo San Lucas. The storage basket was great too; especially while trying to go through the airport with a diaper bag, purse, etc. Since the max weight on the stroller is 55 lbs, I think we’ll get good use out of the stroller for at least a couple of years. Although we mainly purchased this stroller with travel in mind, I think this will become our regular stroller for trips to the mall, museums, etc.

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