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I love the way this smells and it leaves my skin …
I love the way this smells and it leaves my skin looking and feeling amazing. The only downside is that it doesn’t seem to hold up in the extreme for long wear.
This product has a lovely scent (although some reviewers dislike it), it dries into a matte surface and …
This product has a lovely scent (although some reviewers dislike it), it dries into a matte surface and turn the face into a smooth canvas. It also contains collagen, and I can feel the tightening effect!
Cheaper than in stores
Great product for your skin as a primer. The only thing it is is obviously sticky and you have to wait for this to dry before putting on foundation or it will just dilute your foundation as you use it. Smells great but leaves random gold flakes on your face. Wish the flakes were blended better.
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ASUS ROG STRIX Z270G GAMING LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 mATX Motherboard with onboard AC Wifi and USB 3.1

Great boad
Works and has lots of Over Clocking capability. wish it had thunderbolt in addition to the usb 3.1 type C

The truth about Asus and prebuilds…
The truth about building your own computer is that they make a HUGE difference in the performance of many software programs today. But I had no clue what was available for my first prebuild, so I researched EVERYTHING. Asus got great reviews and I wanted the best. Well, Asus has outdone themselves with this motherboard and I couldn’t be happier! It was easy to install, easy to connect all the peripherals and even simpler to set up and use. If you are a gaming fan or graphic artist the right hardware and compatibility can make or break you. But after years of poor performance from my prebuilds, I finally have the hardware that put my woes to rest. Better quality, speed and all around performance for my demanding graphics software means I can finally utilize all the tools my programs offer and turn out awesome product in record time. I have the best CPU of my life and I look forward to many years of great performance!

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Didn’t increase my supply. But everyone is different. Ifor you don’t like black licorice, don’t buy!
Works great to keep up supply
Second baby and second time using this tea. Works great to keep up supply! Whilst exclusively breastfeeding I’m drinking 1-2 cups per day but will likely increase that to 3-4 when I got back to work and am pumping more frequently.
Not sure if it works, but will continue to drink it.
Bought the Mother’s Milk tea in an attempt to increase what I felt was a low milk supply. While I am not sure that it has increased my supply, it certainly has not hurt it and the additional fluids recommended by consuming an additional 3-5 cups daily is good advice no matter what. Although I am not a fan of the herbs included in the tea in general (I have a particular aversion to anise-flavored anything and fennel), I found the tea to be very mild in flavor comparable to a camomile and not objectionable. Unlike other reviewers, it did not alter my scent or taste strongly of anything. I will continue to drink this while nursing.
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but this is easy and pretty good
It’s pasta. Not big on pasta, but this is easy and pretty good. Usually add some sauce and veggies to it for a quick meal.
Recent Delivery Was Damaged
This product is excellent, but the most recent delivery was damaged by water and some of the boxes were moldy.
A nice chance for a change from Kmart Mac and Cheese
Our family loves to have these noodles with pork chops. I purchase them through the subscribe and save. I found them because we would order the Kraft mac and cheese which we would go through very fast. Now there are several kinds so we switched to the Pasta Roni. There are other flavors but this is the best one that we like.
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iPhone 7/7S Plus Armband – LOVPHONE Sport Running Exercise Gym Sportband Case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus/7S Plus/ iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus, with Key Holder & Card Slot, Water Resistant (Gray)

Just arrived today. It holds my iPhone 7 Plus …
Just arrived today. It holds my iPhone 7 Plus which is in an Otter Box Commuter case.

I am very pleased with it
The product has worked well for me. I am very pleased with it. I would recommend it to others. I give it 5 stars

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They are great. Clear
Bought them for class. They are great. Clear, light weight, and so much more comfortable to wear than the regular bulky ones. Will use them outside the classroom as well.
Good fit, full range of vision
These glasses fit very well and give me a full range of vision. The only small drawback is that the legs seem a bit rough. They could be a bit smoother. These are definitely better than the safety glasses I had and I will have to hide them from my coworkers!!
Fit big heads, almost no fogging
Way better than expected. Feels like I’m not wearing glasses, perfect clarity and comfortable on my big head. They fog alittle , but its about 90% less than my safety goggles fog. I’ll probably order another pair or two so I have them around when I need them
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Lisle 22850 Hose Pincher

Only did that because i always end up needing to use them in pretty awkward places
they work well. I put a spring in mine to help push the clampy part back out as I unscrew it. Only did that because i always end up needing to use them in pretty awkward places, makes it a lot easier to tell when you’ve backed it out far enough. much much kinder than using vice grips, especially on older hoses that are more delicate

Great quality! I use these on machinery that utilize 1/2in glycol cooling hoses. These eliminate the mess & loss of expensive glycol when replacing a broken/worn cooling line. Highly recommended….

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