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Akro-Mils 10144REDBLK 44-Drawer Hardware & Craft Plastic Cabinet, Red & Black,

I returned it for a refund.
I have a bunch of Akro-Mils products, but this item does not work well. It is flimsy, doesn’t hold its contents very well, and is not worth $30 bucks.

Get Organized!
I totally love this contraption! I am a teacher and I am able to get all my paper clips, rubber bands, staples, etc…in here and it’s in its own compartment!!! Great buy!

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Seagate Backup Plus 5TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0, Black (STDR5000100)

I have had it for about 3 months or less …
I have had it for about 3 months or less. Last week it started beeping and the drive is not accessible. I did some research after the fact and this appears to be a common complaint with the Seagate models. I will attempt to get it replaced, and if that is satisfactory, I will up the review depending on how it goes.

seagate is my favorite hard drive
seagate is my favorite hard drive. i thought the price was awesome for 5 TB i can literally put everything and anything on here. would definitely recommend to any student looking for a proper drive to keep notes and files.

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IRIS Large Photo Keeper With Small Photo Cases

My mom asked me to organize all the family photos… I have boxes full of pictures for the last 40 years! I sorted all the pictures first then put them in the photo cases by event/person and labeled them. I bought several of these initially to see how they would work and they are so perfect for what I am trying to do that I just ordered more. These cases are the perfect solution for organizing all your photos. The only downfall are the really old pictures that aren’t the same size and don’t fit in the cases, I need to find a way to organize them. I may just put those in photo albums.

Wonderful product at a fair price!
This product is a fair price and is wonderful! It will hold a ton of single pictures neatly and even has enough separate interior containers that you can sort your pictures by subject, date, etc. and store then that way. Very awesome! I took a huge tote full of loose pictures and negatives and fit everything into one case with room to spare! LOVE IT!

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Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce (Pack of 2)

Our Family’s Favorite Hot Sauce
We keep a bottle of Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce on the table all the time, and it goes fast! It’s our family’s favorite hot sauce. The flavor is great, and we particularly like the fact that it’s not vinegary-tasting as many popular hot sauces are. It enhances the flavor of food without making the food sour. We also like that it’s hot without being overwhelming. You won’t ruin a dish if you add a couple more drops than you intended, but if heat is what you want, you can certainly get plenty. It’s good stuff.

Great Belize Hot Sauce
Was introduced to Marie Sharp’s during a trip to Belize. Now, its all that the family uses for hot sauce.

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Midland 1001LWX 40 Channel Mobile CB with ANL, RF Gain, PA, and Weather Scan

I like this. It feels sturdier than my others I …
I like this. It feels sturdier than my others I have had from other companies. For everyone that says you can’t change the weather channel because it autoscans you can change the channel. To change the weather channel all you have to is click the mic button until the desired channel is hit. Set up was a breeze and sounds awesome

good price like weather function don’t plan to reduce dead …
good price like weather function don’t plan to reduce dead key power easily but fairly easy to increase power and modulation great for first timers.

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Doll Dress Form of Foam & Muslin for Display or Sewing with a Perfect Fit, Sized for 18 inch American Girl Doll Clothes, Doll Accessories

great product for a young sewer.
Got this for my 9 year old daughter for her birthday. She loves sewing and this is a perfect dress form for a young child. It’s very sturdy

Worth the Cost, Wish Base Was More Sturdy
The body of the form is of good quality and well crafted. It will work beautifully for making dresses that fit American Girl sized dolls for a beginner sewer using it for practice and is definitely worth the money. The only thing I would change is the quality and sturdiness of the base. The base is a little flimsy compared to the quality of the actual form and arrived in two pieces. It would be much nicer if it was metal or came in one piece. I will update in time as to how it has held up to a newbie abusing it.

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Baby Bandana Drool Bibs By Daulia, Unisex 12-Pack Absorbent Organic Cotton, Cute Baby Gift for Boys & Girls

cute but okay functionality bibs
These are really cute, and of high quality. However, I would have preferred to feel dry even after hours of wearing them. I also have to sometimes change multiple bibs in a day, when I was hoping to just leave one for the entire day and get by the week with these seven. I agree that the inner layer stays dry, so my DD’s dress is also dry. But she chews on everything and I don’t want this wet front side all the touching her face. One other problem I found was they get in her face, essentially covering nose and sometimes eyes and she does not like it.

Too heavy for warm days…
…but serves its purpose while being fashionable and cute. Fabric stays soft after multiple washings.

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